The King

Chapter 63: Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared

  Chapter 63 Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared

  The higher-ups are playing games, and the lower-level ones are not idle either. After clearing the rebels in the area he was in charge of, Hudson also followed the crowd and joined the event.

  At this time, the favors sold earlier began to play a role. They all hang out in the aristocratic circle, which one doesn't matter at all?

   Followed by the door, Hudson got a familiar face in front of most of the powerful nobles in the Governor's Mansion.

  The King of Hades is not easy to mess with, and so is the imp.

  Suddenly occupying a high position is the most likely to cause envy. I don't dare to hope that I can get the help of these people in one visit, at least reducing the probability of being put on small shoes.

  The main reason is that the family network is not in the hands of Hudson, and when they go out to socialize, they can only represent themselves, not the Koslow family.

  To be precise, Baron Redman can only represent the branch of the Koslow family. If you want to represent the entire family, you must hold a clan meeting.

  Who let the lineage of the patriarch unfortunately cut off the lineage in the orc invasion hundreds of years ago, and didn't have time to designate an heir?

  The blood relationship is too far apart, and it is really hard to figure out who should inherit the position of patriarch. All the branches want to compete for the orthodox position and refuse to give in to each other.

  The most important thing is the ancestral land, which was also lost. At that time, it was in a time of war, and the various branches that were in dispute simply made an agreement, and they would discuss it after the ancestral land was taken back.

  Unfortunately, until the end of the war, the ancestral land of the Koslow family could not be recovered, and the position of the patriarch was also vacant.

  Blessings and misfortunes, the Koslow family without a patriarch, although each branch fell into a state of silos, it also avoided being feared by others.

  Distance creates beauty. After the children of each branch have developed independently, there is no conflict of interest, and it is rare to see each other for several years, and the relationship between everyone has improved.

  Prospered by relying on the number of people, spreading branches and leaves everywhere, and even developed outside the kingdom. In the circle of the kingdom's nobles, he gradually gained a considerable reputation.

  Noble family never lacks bad things, and the situation of the Koslow family is considered good. The ancestors made a good start and left everyone with the best solution to deal with internal conflicts - points.

  The later ancestor of Frederick went a step further and directly set the rule: the eldest son inherits the family business, and the second son leaves his hometown when he becomes an adult and establishes a new family.

   Seeing that the effect was good, all branches followed suit. Since then, there have been few major internal disputes in the Koslow family.

  Even if the children are unworthy, the tossing is at most at the level of Laisul. Those with a little bit of brain don't know how to do things at home.

  Successful experience, it is not that no nobles want to emulate. It's a pity that the premise of success is to have enough sons, and the population is not prosperous enough to play like this, and it is easy to have extinct heirs.

   After all, there are not many other things in the continent of Aslante, but there are many wars. The lives of nobles who have not experienced ten or eight wars are incomplete.

   The busiest ones are not the nobles like Hudson who have clear military achievements and only need to implement the fiefdom. What was really lively was the gang who lacked combat achievements but were able to be related to the extinct nobles of Wright and Wyton counties.

   Around the dispute over the right of inheritance, that is the real show of their own talents. Not only the nobles in the southeastern province, but even some nobles outside the province joined the battle circle.

   Fighting for ancestors, contacts, and military exploits, some of them rushed to the doctor in a hurry, and gifts were sent to Hudson in order to just gain the support of public opinion.

  In order to make up for the huge cost of gift-giving, those who come to these door-to-door windfalls are welcome, but the support is limited to not making trouble.

   There is no way. Although these guys are casting a wide net, the things they send out are too shabby, even more stingy than Hudson.

   You must know that in order to get a good fief, Hudson has distributed gifts worth thousands of gold coins, and even the Governor's Mansion has prepared generous gifts to visit once.

  It's a pity that Earl Pierce has a high threshold. Although he met face to face, he was received with dozens of nobles.

  Obviously, he, a valiant little knight, still failed to make the big shots treat him differently.

   Being able to take time out of the daily schedule to receive reception is because the earl needs to be approachable recently. At another time point, at most a member of the Dalton family came out to receive them.

  Those who can walk have been walked once, and the rest are out of reach.

  For example, the special envoy of the king, Hudson failed to find the way, but just sent the gift over.

  Experience told him that giving gifts may not be noticed by big shots, but there is a high probability that people who don’t give gifts will be remembered.

   The territory has been unable to settle down for a long time, and Hudson is also idle. I either go to a banquet all day, or I am on the way to a banquet, and occasionally I have to hold one myself.

  The communication between nobles is so simple and unpretentious. It's a pity that they are all a group of big men, and there are no seductive noble ladies, which makes the banquet dull.

   At midnight, Hudson, who had finished a day of entertainment, had just returned to his residence when he saw the cub enjoying his collection of World of Warcraft jerky.

   "Hudson, you've done a good job! I didn't expect you to be favored by the Earth Bear because you have such a relationship with monsters."

   Baron Redman's words instantly extinguished Hudson's rising anger. Originally, he thought that some daring guard who dared to curry favor with the cubs with his monster jerky was preparing to make an example of others, but now he didn't need it.

   Most of the team members were brought from their hometown, so how could they not know Baron Redman? Compared with the commander Hudson, this one in front of them is their real master.

   "Father, are you here so soon?"

   Hudson said in surprise.

  Although he knew that Baron Redman would come over to act for him, he was still a little moved by rushing over so soon.

  Looking at the exhausted look on his face, he knew that Baron Redman had rushed over quickly. Obviously, he attaches as much importance to this matter as Hudson himself.

   "Of course I have to hurry up for this kind of thing. If you come late and someone else takes the opportunity, wouldn't you regret it to death!"

   Tired after tired, watching his son soar into the sky, as a father, Redman is really happy.

   While speaking, he opened a box, carefully took out two pieces of parchment, and handed it to Hudson.

  Looking at the dense lines and small notes on it, Hudson's expression lifted. The above content is actually a map of the two counties of Wright and Wyton. Even some important resources are marked with the code words of the Koslow family.

   "Don't be surprised, nobles with a deep heritage will have these things. Although the Koslow family is not a big family, it has been passed down for thousands of years.

   Besides, the family also has roots in Wright and Wyton. It's a pity that the two unlucky Garrett and Weber lost their lives in this war.

   Fortunately, they all had sons away, and they were not handed over by the rebels, so they finally kept their foundation.

   Adrian and his son have worked with the Dalton family for two generations, and have accumulated a lot of credit. If there is no accident, there is a high probability that they will be able to get a fief this time.

   I just don’t know what’s going on with Leicester and Crohn. If they can also obtain the fief, then the family's right to speak in the two counties will be guaranteed in the future. "

  After listening to Baron Redman's words, Hudson suddenly realized that his family seemed to be the big winner of this war.

   "Don't worry, father. Knight Adrian is in good condition. He is guarding the gate for Earl Pierce. I visited yesterday.

  As for the Knight of Leicester and the Baron of Crohn, I met them face to face at the just-concluded banquet. It's just that they are very busy recently, whether they can get what they want depends on the upcoming activities. "

   It's easy to say, but deep down, Hudson is not optimistic about their plan. There is no way, the Koslow family has gained too much in this war.

  If the knighthood is based on military exploits, then even if someone is upset, it is hard to stop it due to the rules of the game.

  It's a pity that they are not very lucky and have not gained enough military exploits. It can only be the idea of ​​extinct relatives, and there are more people with inheritance rights. This is a muddled account.

  If the Adrian Knights don't get the fief, maybe they have a chance. I just listened to what Baron Redman said. Adrian's father's generation had been with the Dalton family, and there was no credit but hard work. There was no reason not to give him a fief.

   A knight's collar + a barony's collar is already dazzling enough among minor nobles. If you want to get the third fief again, what do the nobles who got nothing think?

   Maybe they can't accomplish anything, but they definitely have the ability to do bad things.

  (end of this chapter)

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