The King

Chapter 65: Salam Mountains

  Chapter 65 Salam Mountains

  With the arrival of Baron Redman, Hudson's public relations activities officially kicked off. The action before this can only be regarded as a warm-up.

   It was also a door-to-door visit, and Hudson clearly felt the difference between the two visits. It's not everyone's snobbery, but mainly because of the debt of favor.

   Either take back the favor that was sold before, or owe the other party a favor on behalf of the family.

  Of course, everyone is aristocratic, so it must be shameful. On the surface, the two sides are simply talking about the old days, and all transactions are unspoken.

   Compared with simple gift giving, this kind of favor transaction within the circle is undoubtedly more in line with the appetite of nobles.

  Yesterday I helped you, today you help me, and the day after tomorrow I will help you again... After repeated cycles, you gradually become family friends.

   Now Hudson and his son are visiting family friends of the Koslow family, and at least three generations of ancestors have started to have relationships.

  Even if the relationship is close, there is no guarantee of success every time. The premise of helping is to first protect your own interests.

   Whenever the owner expressed embarrassment, Baron Redman would decisively change the topic, and then quickly said his goodbyes and left.

  Hudson’s mentality is very good throughout the whole process. It is a kindness to help, and it is also a duty not to help. Family friendship does not mean that you must help unconditionally.

  Relying on their personal connections, the Hudsons also inquired about a lot of news, the most important one being the king's ruling.

this point is very important. If Earl Pierce's proposal is passed and enfeoffment is limited to the baronial level, then there is a high probability that there will be no direct descendants of great nobles among the northern Xinjiang nobles who go south.

   Qianglong is not strong enough, which means that local snakes like Hudson can compete with it. This kind of situation is what Earl Pierce wants to see the most.

   There was a conflict in the feudal scramble, and the Dalton family provoked a little from behind the scenes, and the local nobles in the southeastern province would inevitably have conflicts with these outsiders.

  Hudson was not qualified to participate in the high-level game. Taking advantage of the time before the fiefdom competition, after visiting all the old friends, he immediately appeared in the Salam Mountains with the cub and dozens of guards.

  To say it is a mountain range is purely flattering. In the southeastern province of Yimapingchuan, the so-called mountains are small soil bumps, and the same is true for the Salam Mountains.

  It is composed of more than a hundred hills of different sizes, like giant steamed buns placed on the ground. It took more than two hours for Hudson and his party to choose the highest mountain from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain.

  The relative height of most of the hills does not exceed 200 meters. They are obviously hills. Calling mountains is the last stubbornness of the nobles in the southeastern provinces.

   Arrived at the Salam mining area, there was only one word on the scene - chaos. Production had stopped long ago, the site was a mess, and the miners were nowhere to be found.

   Picked up a stalactite-shaped iron ore from the ground, swayed it around in front of the cub, and said in a bewitching tone: "Bear Stearns, it's time for you to perform.

  Whether the future will be animal milk + honey every day, or poor enough to eat dirt, depends on today's wave.

  It is this kind of stone, how much is buried in the ground, how deep is it from the surface, give me an approximate data. "

   The bewildered brat looked at Hudson with resentment on his face. Since signing the contract, it has been cheated more than once.

   Not only did the food standard promised in advance fail to meet, but they were also forced to come out to work. If it hadn't been for the accelerated speed of training with Hudson, and the temptation of animal milk and honey, it would have gone on strike and run away.

   Shaking his head for a while, pointing his bear paws to the front, he led Hudson and his party through the mountains and forests.

   Turning over one hill after another, if the cub hadn't repeatedly ensured that he didn't go to the wrong place, Hudson would have suspected it was playing a prank.

  The extension of the veins is wider than that marked in the Hudson data. It is no wonder that the grain production in this hill is low. The ground is full of iron ore, and there is only a layer of soil above.

  There are ores exposed on the ground in many areas, and large-scale mining has not been carried out. It is estimated that the unlucky Viscount did not pay attention.

  Since the smelted iron cannot be forged into weapons, it loses its strategic value. Just producing pots and pans, farm tools, etc., is not worth the trouble of the noble master.

  Crossing the hills all the way, before finally coming to a swamp, Hudson decisively stopped the cub from moving forward.

  Earth Bear can walk on the ground in the mud, but it doesn't mean he can too. In case of sinking in, if you die, you will lose face to the traverser.

   Smelling the fragrance of the soil and looking at the boundless swamp, Hudson was very puzzled. How could such important information not be marked on the map?

   Think there is no development value? Or were the ancestors negligent and did not investigate deeply?

  After hesitating for a moment, Hudson finally gave up the idea of ​​in-depth exploration. Anyway, the swamp is here, and he won't run away, so there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.

   But this also intensified Hudson's determination to seek this place. Hilly areas are not suitable for agricultural production, not to mention swampy land.

   Perhaps because it is not conducive to food production, except for the mines, most of this hilly area is not on the map, which means that it is not registered by the kingdom.

   In the land of no man, whoever develops it belongs to him. If he becomes the southernmost fief lord in Wright County, no one will compete with Hudson at all.

  Although the development is a bit difficult, the corresponding benefits are also great. Especially the swampland in the south, once developed, it will be a natural granary.

  The most important thing is that there are hills ahead, which can be regarded as a rare and dangerous place in the southeastern province. Even if a war breaks out, it is possible to use the hills for defense.

  Powerful enemies may not be able to stop them, but chaos at the level of the Skull and Bones rebels can still be defended with a high probability.

  In these years, everyone is using serfs to play farming, and the population cannot flow without the approval of the noble lord. If the news is sealed well, the outside world may not know about it after ten or eight years of development.

  No time wasted here, following the pace of the cubs, Hudson and his party continued to determine the distribution of the veins.

  In fact, it can also be roughly judged from the vegetation. In the area where the ore is relatively shallow, most of the plants growing are trees, and a few old trees are crumbling and not tall.

  Out of the mining area, or the area where the ore is buried deeper, the vegetation will be much more lush, and the signs of wild beast activities will be more obvious. If it is for food production, the output will look much better.

  What delighted Hudson the most was that along the way, he also found many mountain people and miners who had avoided the war. Labor was at a premium in post-war Wrightshire.

   Didn't bother them, now is not the time to accept younger brothers. The task of Hudson is very heavy, and the inspection of the Salam Mountains is only the beginning, and several other candidate areas also need to be checked.

   After all, no one knows when an accident will happen. Before the dust settles, no one can guarantee that there will be no moths.

  In case the plan fails, there must always be alternatives. As a cautious owner, Hudson doesn't want to be in a hurry when things come to an end.


  (end of this chapter)

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