The King

Chapter 67: involuntarily

  Chapter 67 Involuntary

  It was a good start, which did not affect the fierce competition behind. From the start of the fight for the second territory, the scene has never been more harmonious.

   It's not that everyone doesn't want to coordinate, it's really impossible to coordinate. Once the fief is determined, there is almost no possibility of replacement. If you take a step back now, you may regret it for a lifetime in the future.

  It is also a barony, the best fiefdom and the worst fiefdom, but the annual income gap may be as high as tens of thousands of gold coins.

  Of course, that is a theoretical number, and the current two counties must not reach it. Without ten or eight years of hard work, it is impossible to return to the peak level.

  The Salam mining area selected by Hudson almost monopolizes the supply of pig iron in the whole county, and its products also have a high market share in the surrounding counties, which is a proper high-yield area.

  However, the labor cost of mining is high, and part of the charcoal used for smelting needs to be purchased, and the local food production can only meet part of the demand, which also dilutes the mineral income.

  The most important thing is that the mine will eventually be mined one day, but the food production can be infinitely recycled, which invisibly reduces the value of the territory.

  However, this is the view of the outside world. For Hudson, industries that can be realized in a short period of time are the best industries.

  It takes too long to complete the primitive accumulation of wealth by farming. For most aristocrats, the first twenty years of landholding were poor.

  Of course, both Wright and Wyton counties are well-developed lands, and the situation is much better. As long as the labor force is supplemented, it will soon be able to recover.

  Especially for the local snakes, after decades of peace, most of the aristocratic territories have a certain amount of rich labor force, which undoubtedly reduces the difficulty of developing new territories.

  The outsiders are more tragic, and they can only purchase slaves on a large scale to serve as labor. As for the migration of people from the northern border, the kingdom was the first to refuse.

  For the sake of national defense and security, the kingdom exiles a large number of criminals to guard the border every year. It has always been that only the inflow of people is allowed, and the outflow of people is not allowed.

  The provinces have the task of forced population transfer every year. If the number is not enough, a group of nobles will have to spend money to buy slaves to make up the number.

  Including the captives captured in the suppression of the Skull and Bones rebellion not long ago, they were escorted to the northern border in batches. Later, there are orcs responsible for pulling hatred, which can be regarded as solving the conflict once and for all.

  The Alpha Kingdom is relatively peaceful, because it shoulders the important task of resisting the invasion of the orc empire, and dare not have too much fun in internal and external fighting.

  It would be different to have a multi-ethnic country without the threat of foreign races, how happy it is. A small battle in three months and a big battle in five months, war is the mainstream of the mainland.

  In every war, a large number of captives are produced. According to the rules, they will be released after paying the ransom. After a certain period of time, if no money is paid, they will be sold as slaves.

   Watching everyone arguing, Hudson has become a spectator. In the middle and later stages of development, not only the parties involved came out to fight each other, but even the supportive relatives and friends joined the battlefield.

  The scene was extremely chaotic. If Earl Pierce was not pressing on it, it is estimated that these guys would be able to stage a full-scale martial arts on the spot.

  The ruling of the noble council is also full of gunpowder. The huge disparity in strength between the two sides is okay, but the most fearful thing is that their own strength and network of connections are evenly matched.

   If no result can be obtained from the quarrel, then vote. According to the kingdom's "Aristocratic Act", all nobles who own fiefdoms are members of the noble council.

  According to the rules: one vote for a knight, three votes for a baron, ten votes for a viscount, and thirty votes for an earl... With the accumulation of multiple fiefdoms, the voting will be conducted directly on the spot.

   At this time, the benefits of a large number of people are reflected. Including a few nobles who did not participate in this war due to special reasons, the Koslow family has two barons + nine knights who have the right to vote. The total number of votes from their own members is as high as 15.

  It's a pity that Hudson, Adrian, and the other two clansmen who inherited the title, because they haven't completed the legal procedures, don't have the right to vote for the time being, otherwise they can add another eight votes.

   Eight votes were missing, and the most direct consequence was the plans of the Knights of Leicester and Baron Crohn, who lost by two and three votes respectively.

  Looking at the annoyed two, the Hudson father and son didn't know how to comfort them, so they could only pretend not to see it.

  Failure is an inevitable result, even if there are eight more votes, it will not change anything. The difference in the number of votes is small, it is Earl Pierce who is leading the situation.

  As the vote king of the southeastern province, Earl Pierce, who holds multiple positions, has fifty-four votes alone. With the nobles influenced by him, the number of votes he can control is even more.

   Due to the need for political balance, the thing that fell from the sky is destined not to fall on the Koslow family this time.

  If you can’t participate by yourself, you can only watch others perform. Hudson had personally seen Baron Redman, and filled in different names on the three ballot papers.

  Looking at my father's calm expression, he seems to support multiple candidates at the same time. This kind of coquettish manipulation is nothing new in the aristocratic circle.

   They are all friends of my family, or they have received multiple gifts. For the sake of peace of mind, such a scene usually occurs.

   Only family friends and relatives will everyone vote for all the votes in their hands at once.

  The seemingly funny scene is not a kind of political wisdom. Hudson, who thought he was already a qualified nobleman, suddenly found that he still had a lot to learn.

  The noisy banquet lasted until the next morning, and finally completed the carve-up feast.

  The final result is that some families are happy and some are sad. As one of the victors, Hudson is in a good mood.

  On the carriage, looking at his energetic son, Baron Redman instructed earnestly: "Hudson, determining the fief area is only the first step, and the next step is the key.

  I got a piece of news from Adrian just now. Your Excellency the Governor is in a hurry to implement the fief matters, mainly because of the group of outsiders.

   It is said that this time the governor’s mansion and the capital were very tense. Although the king agreed to Earl Pierce’s proposal that the highest canonization be limited to barons, he gave the city of Dardir and the city of Harvest to other people.

  The three children of the Dalton family who served in the Northland only won one barony and two knights, which made Earl Pierce very dissatisfied.

   Being preyed upon by others, the Dalton family will definitely not let it go. A counterattack is bound to be launched next, and what exactly will be done is unknown, but the high probability is related to the fiefdom.

  The Koslow family is not ranked among the kingdoms, unable to participate in the battle of the big forces. If a conflict breaks out next, you must be careful not to get involved in the vortex of the storm. "

  Nodding his head cautiously, Hudson immediately assured: "Don't worry, father. It's too late to hide from this kind of thing, how can I take the initiative to participate.

  The nobleman who can jump out of the quagmire in the Northland and **** food from the Dalton family's tiger's mouth, has definitely not a simple background.

   At the risk of offending the No. 1 nobleman in the southeastern province, a mere baronial land will definitely not satisfy their appetite, and there will be another battle between dragons and tigers in the future.

  But they are outsiders after all, and the power of the family in the two counties is not small. As long as our territories keep watch over each other, self-defense is enough. "

   It's easy to say, but Hudson's heart is actually not peaceful. Although he knew that there were northern nobles going south, he didn't expect that this group of powerful dragons could directly take food from the Dalton family.

  The county city was taken away by these guys, so the next battle for the head of the county will probably not have any suspense.

   It is clear that the big reshuffle of the two counties has just begun, and they plan to use this as the foundation of the county to slowly plan.

   Next, it depends on how strong the support of the forces behind them is, and whether they can withstand the counterattack of the Dalton family.

   No matter who wins and who loses in the end, the little nobles in the two counties will have a hard time for a long time to come.

  Although the Koslow family has four fiefdom nobles who can form a group, two of them have been seriously injured in the previous Skull and Bones rebellion, and the other two have just set foot in this place.

   What worries Hudson the most is Adrian Knight. He has been hanging out with Earl Pierce, and the imprint of the Dalton family on him is too strong.

  If there is a conflict between the two sides, everyone else can find a way to avoid it, but Adrian cannot back down.

  Once the situation expands, maybe I will be passively involved. However, Hudson still has no choice. If he wants to gain more in the division of fiefs, he cannot do without the support of the Governor's Mansion.

   Trouble is in the future, but benefits are within reach. I have truly experienced that people can't help themselves in the aristocratic circle.

  (end of this chapter)

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