The King

Chapter 69: good lord hudson

  Chapter 69 Merciful Lord Hudson

  The team wobbled forward, and Hudson sat on the carriage while stroking the bear, while admiring the "creak, creak..." sound made by the carriage.

  The road was still as bumpy as ever. In order to ensure the smooth passage of the convoy, they had to stop to level the road from time to time, but these small episodes did not affect Hudson's good mood in the slightest.

   After several months of trembling, I finally got a piece of land of my own. Hudson now finds everything pleasing to the eye.

   "Get out!"

   "You idiots, with a few broken logs, dare to rob like others. If you run into the great Hudson, you will definitely..."

  Hearing the voice coming from ahead, Hudson got out of the carriage full of anger, and someone dared to rob him, it was simply bullying him.

   After getting out of the carriage, Hudson realized something was wrong. The so-called robbery is purely a farce. It is more appropriate to say that it is a refugee than a robber.

  The soldiers mainly reprimanded them, and did not directly kill them. The main reason was that most of the people blocking the road were old, weak, women and children, and only a few were young and strong. They really didn't look like bandits.

   "Tom, what's going on?"

   "Who are they?"

   "Why intercept the convoy?"

  Hudson asked three times in a row, Tom was about to answer, but the crowd on the opposite side spoke first: "Dear Lord Hudson, we are all the subjects of Viscount Alphonse.

  Unfortunately, I encountered a military disaster and was robbed of food, and now I can’t find the lord, so..."

   "Enough, I know what you want to ask! Unfortunately, Viscount Alphonse was in trouble, and his whole family was lost at the hands of the rebels.

  The new lord is from the Northland, and it will take another month to arrive if it is as fast as possible, and it will not exceed three months at the slowest, and it will naturally arrange for you when the time comes. "

   Hudson said pretending to be indifferent.

  The former statement that Viscount Alphonse’s family suffered is true, but the latter statement is pure nonsense. When the northern nobles will be able to arrive, we will only know when they arrive.

  Nobility is not only an honor, but also a responsibility. Different from idlers like them who are ready to take office at any time, the nobles who hold military positions in the frontier, even if they get a fief, they have to complete the handover with the substitutes before they can leave.

   If wars and conflicts break out, it will be even worse. Whether he can leave alive is still unknown. Even the children of big families cannot slip away during the war.

  After hearing the bad news, the crowd quickly fell into a panic, all of them looked ashen, as if the sky had fallen, and two of the old men even passed out directly.

   They have always depended on Viscount Alphonse for their survival, and they never thought about how to live without the lord.

   Serfs basically had no private property, and all production tools belonged to the nobles. The corresponding clothing, food, housing, transportation, birth, old age, sickness and death are naturally also the responsibility of the noble master.

   The food and goods of the noble lords have been robbed by people, and everyone can support them until now, they are all relying on wild vegetables, grass roots, and bark to make ends meet.

  Don't say it's three months, even if it's a month, they won't be able to survive. When the new lord arrives, it is estimated that it will be difficult to collect their corpses.

   Seeing everyone crying and crying, Tom, who lost points in front of Hudson just now, hurriedly stepped forward and reprimanded: "The benevolent Master Hudson has told you, why don't you hurry up and get out of the way!"

   Perhaps it was because of the flashing sword, or perhaps because of the natural fear of the nobles, the terrified crowd led the two old men who passed out, and silently moved out of the way.

   Certainly not the remnants of the rebels, the benevolent Master Hudson also came up with sympathy, and said generously: "For the sake of your loyalty to Viscount Alphonse, I will not care about you.

  Tom, leave them a pound of bread each. Whether you can survive or not depends on your good fortune.

   That's all, who makes me kind! If you want to follow and leave, just follow behind the convoy! As long as you come to my territory alive, I will take you in as citizens. "

   After speaking, Hudson got into the carriage without looking back. A nobleman must look like a nobleman, and playing courteous corporals to serfs will only frighten them.

  Although they want to win over this group of low-quality labor, the aristocratic attitude of the nobles still needs to be grasped.

  Leaving the right to choose to these refugees, even if it spreads out, people will only say that he is kind, instead of spraying him for robbing other people's territories.

  These people were all refugees and fled from the famine. Even if the new lord arrives, it is not easy to entangle in this issue.

   Sitting in the carriage again, Hudson's thinking became active again. The war caused a significant reduction in the population of the two counties, but in the end there were still lucky people who recovered their lives.

  The fact that the local aristocrats can't be touched doesn't mean that the outsiders can't move either. As long as he fools people over, he will be his leader.

  Although there are very few young and strong men inside, most of them are women and children, but they are still laborers after all.

  Mining is indeed a bit difficult, but it is not a big problem to follow the fire to cook and farm the bastard.

   Especially women of the right age among them can also marry bachelors in their own army to stabilize the morale of the army.

   After making a decision, Hudson immediately summoned his knight servants and assigned the task of fooling people.

  This kind of technical work can only be done by the group of teenagers who have studied with him for a few months. The remaining big soldiers are basically boring gourds. It's okay to let them go into battle to kill the enemy, but it's too embarrassing to inspire people.

   are all karma planted by Hudson himself. Before setting off, for the convenience of command, a group of simple and honest soldiers were specially selected from the territory.

   On the battlefield, this group really did well. Hudson is what he says, and he doesn't have many ideas of his own, so it's easy to manage.

  The general environment is like this, and the serf soldiers who joined the group later were also affected. Especially after Hudson fiddled with the continuous sitting system and cut off a few uneasy guys to stand up, those who had ideas had no ideas.

  I've been busy fighting the war, so I don't have time to think about it. So much so that now, Hudson realizes the lack of talent in his hands.


   As soon as this thought arose, he was decisively suppressed it. Those who can dig are not capable, and those who are capable cannot afford to dig people.

   It is not only Hudson who lacks talents, but almost all minor nobles are facing the problem of lack of talents.

  Knowledge is highly monopolized, leading to the concentration of talents in the upper class. Everyone is aristocrat, how could they be moved by three melons and two dates.

   Ask the tribe for help?

   Just think about it, as an adult, you should know that there is no free lunch in the world. Brothers have to settle accounts clearly, let alone clansmen.

  The two unlucky children in White County are an example. How much help they get now from various sources, and how much debt of favor they will have to pay in the future.

  Even if their generation is not up to the mark, when the next generation grows up, they have to continue to pay back. In case of an accident, it will be paid by their successors.

   Among other things, the kingdom encourages the responsibility of guarding the land, and takes care of the nobles who died in battle. The purposely increased exchange quota for life essence is estimated to have been paid out as wages.

   There are comings and goings, giving and returning are equal, and it is also one of the important reasons why the loose Koslow family can maintain centripetal force for a long time.

  If you don’t want to be in debt for favors, then don’t ask for help easily, or you will have no friends.

  Great nobles can also make cakes for their subordinates, but Hudson is not even qualified to paint cakes. If you can't give people what they want most, you can only rely on krypton gold.

  As long as the money is in place, there will still be talents. Among the free people living in big cities, there are also some talents who are willing to accept employment for money.

   It is a pity that the talents recruited by Krypton Gold usually only follow part-time jobs, but they will leave whenever there is a better opportunity.

   Among them, for the sake of profit, there are not a few who betray the original owner, and their loyalty is really worrying.

  As an early entrepreneur, Hudson feels that loyalty is more important than ability.

  Being betrayed by his subordinates in the peaceful world of his previous life would at most lose a little money; being betrayed by his subordinates in the continent of Aslante would cost his life.

  Until he has the ability to resist risks, Hudson is not ready to take risks. If there are no talents available, then cultivate them slowly.

   Anyway, my territory is only a barony, and it is still the most primitive feudal rule. There are not so many messy things, and I can be busy with a little work.


  Under Hudson's deliberate manipulation, the change of power at the top quickly spread among the refugee circles. It's just that in the details, there have been so many changes.

  Originally, the nobles from the north came to take office, but they became the new lords and took them to the northern border to be neighbors with cruel orcs.

  Thanks to the long-term propaganda of the Alpha Kingdom, in the minds of ordinary people, orcs are creatures more terrifying than devils, and people are panicked for a while.

   Whenever this time, there will be clever "refugees" who propose to leave the territory to join a benevolent lord.

  Anyway, the whole family of the old lord died, and the new lord has not yet accepted their allegiance, so leaving is not considered a betrayal.

  The speeding convoy quickly attracted refugees along the way. For no other reason than good Lord Hudson's rations.

   Every day when the meal time comes, the food is distributed on time. Although they could barely eat seven or eight percent full, that was enough to make them determined to keep up.

  (end of this chapter)

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