The King

Chapter 75: big fat

  Chapter 75 Big Fat Meat

   Early the next morning, everyone began to measure the land. The kingdom has clear regulations on the territory area. According to different natural conditions, the area of ​​the noble territory is also different.

  An ordinary barony has an area roughly between 120 square kilometers and 300 square kilometers. Under special circumstances, there will also be thousands of square kilometers of giants, or tiny territories that are small in size.

  Generally speaking, plain areas with fertile land and easy irrigation, and commercial and prosperous places located on major traffic routes, have relatively small areas.

   However, in mountainous areas where cultivation is difficult, irrigation is difficult, and transportation is inconvenient, the territorial area is larger. The northern land, which is threatened by orcs, has a slightly larger territory.

  If it is a desert area, only the area of ​​the oasis is counted, and the desert is a bonus, so the territory of every desert lord is a giant.

  The southeastern province is dominated by fertile plains, and the territories of nobles are usually relatively small.

  Theoretically speaking, the hilly area where Hudson is located is between the plains and the mountains. It can get a certain amount of care in terms of size, but it will not exceed too much.

   It was only thanks to the last stubbornness of the nobles in the southeastern provinces that they insisted that these small bumps of soil were mountains, so they became mountains.

  Responsible for land measurement are relatives and old friends. In terms of specific operations, it is inevitable to be rough.

  The undeveloped land not marked on the map obviously cannot be counted, and was ignored by everyone.

  Under Hudson's soft and hard foam, plus gold coin public relations, starting from the mining area and extending from south to north, the top 300 square kilometers of territory, that is without any discount.

   Maple Leaf Town to the north of the mining area was encircled by a third, and the plain area suitable for farming alone was close to 50 square kilometers. Hudson deliberately bypassed the three hills next to the Knights.

   Made the measurement team feel numb. If it weren't for the clear hint above that the local nobles could be taken care of as much as possible, there would be absolutely no room for negotiation in such a division of territory.

  If someone complains, it will definitely be verified after one investigation. 100% of illegal operations, without sophistry.

   "Hudson, isn't this too much? You make it difficult for us, in case someone makes trouble..."

   Baron Sikolari said in embarrassment. They came here to dig pits and mines for a group of feudal nobles, but not for themselves.

   There is no problem now, but it does not mean that there will be no problem in the future. Once the lid is lifted, it is their political stain.

   "Uncle Sikorari, things can't just look at the surface. From the mining area to Maple Leaf Town, there are mostly undeveloped mountains and forests in between.

  In fact, my territory is also the land of Maple Leaf Town, and the enclave of the mining area. In the middle part, only one long and narrow path can be recorded, and the rest can be completely excluded from the area.

  In this way, the area of ​​the registered territory is just over 100 square kilometers. It fully complies with the kingdom's regulations, and no one can fault it.

  If I don’t divide it like this, my territory won’t be enough! You can't let me annex the three nearby knights, can you?

   Now these areas are all owned by the owners, and it is against the rules to ask them to move their places. "

   Hudson said meaningfully.

  The banquet last night was not in vain. I learned from chatting with Hudson that many enclaves were born during this territorial division.

  Many areas can be connected together, but in the end they are separated by artificial boundaries.

  Hudson was not affected. On the one hand, the territory is at the southernmost tip, and on the other hand, it is the result of public relations.

  Perhaps these hidden dangers can be solved by exchanging land in the future, but human nature is greedy, and after all, it cannot satisfy both parties.

   Originally, there was a gap between the nobles in northern Xinjiang and the local nobles, but now it involves territorial frictions, and the relationship between neighbors will definitely not be good.

  Watching Hudson gesture on the map, the paper data of the original 300 square kilometers territory has shrunk by half in an instant, and everyone's faces have suddenly become much better.

  As long as you can't find faults on the bright side, the rest is not important. As for whether someone will attack Baron Hudson on the issue of unknown ownership in the future, it has nothing to do with them.

  In the final analysis, the world still needs to use strength to speak. What's more, even if someone wants to compete with Hudson for the vast Salam Mountains, they have to be within reach.

  The area directly bordering it is separated by Maple Leaf Town and the three knights. Unless one of the knight collars is annexed, the tentacles will not be able to stretch out.

  Although the Alpha Kingdom cannot be said to be prosperous, the basic order is still guaranteed. Under the rule system, it is not that simple to annex the territories of neighbors.

   Except for the five major families in northern Xinjiang, who completed the big merger by killing people with a knife, the rest of the kingdom maintained a balance. If you want to expand your territory, every step is very difficult.

  The rough framework has been negotiated, and the specific rules do not need to be clarified. He was originally responsible for digging the pit, so naturally he would not clarify all the details.

   After seeing off everyone, Hudson sighed secretly while standing by the stream, looking at Maple Leaf Town a few miles away.

   This wave certainly took advantage of it, but unfortunately, the bureaucrats of the Governor's Mansion still had a bit of integrity, and they couldn't let him take down the Maple Leaf Township.

  Once an opportunity is missed, it will never come again. There is no ready-made to pick up, and building a big town by yourself is not a small expense.

  Resisting the temptation, he washed his cold face with stream water. Hudson, who had calmed down, looked even more ugly.

  The interests are touching. I thought I could deal with it properly after seeing through Earl Pierce's plan, but I couldn't help but fall into the pit.

  The land area is limited. If Hudson gets more, it is destined that some people will get less. It is conceivable that the lord who will be entrusted to Maple Leaf Town in the future will have such a heart-fuck!

   It was supposed to be a wealthy town, but one-third of it was taken away abruptly. If there is compensation elsewhere, that's all. If not, you have to be **** off.

   Given another chance to choose, Hudson will still not be soft. The plain of more than 50 square kilometers, based on 80% of the arable land, is more than 60,000 mu of good farmland.

  All are ready-made cultivated fields, as long as the serfs clean up the weeds, they can resume farming. It is far more economically valuable than opening up wasteland in hilly areas.

  According to the farming habits of the southeastern provinces, the system of "cultivation, one rest and two rests" is implemented, and more than 20,000 mu of good land are produced every year.

  The land in the southeast province is fertile. Based on 150 pounds of rye per mu, that is 3 million pounds of output. If we rotate all kinds of miscellaneous grains for another season, it is estimated that the total output will be this much.

  After deducting the cost of farming, the daily consumption of serfs, and the tithe, it is not a big problem for the lord to account for 40% of the income.

   It can be said that as long as there is no war or natural disasters, every noble lord in the southeastern province will have a happy life.

  As long as this fertile plain is managed well, most of the food problem in the territory will be solved. Even if the population explodes in the future, it can be solved by continuously reclaiming wasteland.

   Hudson couldn't refuse such a big piece of fat when he put it in his mouth.

   Don't say that he offended a northern Xinjiang nobleman, even if he fought directly, he would not back down.

  It can be said that as long as the interests are in place, there is no principle that cannot be broken. If so, it is not enough.

  (end of this chapter)

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