The King

Chapter 84: "Soldier of Hundred Battles"

  Chapter 84 "A Hundred Fighters"

  Everything is difficult at the beginning, but the first business deal will make the rest easier.

   I don’t know if it’s a tacit understanding, or I received the message. The next day, two other neighbors nearby also came to visit.

  Like the unlucky Coelho, they also received a friendly greeting from the lord of Maple Leaf Town.

  Different from Coelho’s misfortune from the sky, and also different from a group of nobles who led troops to rob people, they just picked up a few refugees along the way.

  Although the operation mode is somewhat similar to Hudson's previous practice, it is definitely not his fault. The fact that the owner has not come to the door so far has proved his character.

  A sheep is herded, and a flock of sheep is also herded. Anyway, they are just a mediator, and whether they can reach a conclusion in the end depends on themselves. Hudson doesn't mind selling a favor three times.

  As for selling weapons, that's just a matter of habit. It's not that Hudson wants to earn their money, but to take their money and do things for them.

   Equipped with iron weapons, even if it is just a serf soldier who has just put down his hoe, it can still have a certain lethality.

   Attacking in an array with four or five meter spears, even if they can't kill people, they can scare many people.

  If the fight really started, hundreds of serf soldiers could at least achieve a record of 30 to 50 to 1, and if they were lucky, they might even record a record of 10 to 1 or 8 to 1.

  Of course, I am the party with more casualties. After all, the enemy is the elite from northern Xinjiang, and it is not a disadvantage to be able to deal ten times or eight times the casualties and exchange the enemy.

  This is the confidence to go to the negotiating table. If he had the strength to cause dozens of casualties to the opponent on the battlefield, that would be enough to make the Lord of Maple Leaf Town think twice.

  Different from those lords who are mature and overpopulated, they can have a fight with their neighbors, and it doesn't matter if dozens of people are killed or injured.

  As a lord during the entrepreneurial period, every labor force in the territory is precious, especially the elite soldiers who have been painstakingly trained.

   Losing a few or a dozen soldiers in one battle seems to be not a big problem, but the trouble is that this is not the northern border, and they have no ability to replenish in time.

   There are only a few hundred private troops in total. After a few small conflicts, one-tenth of the troops will be lost.

  As a local snake, it is not so easy to give in. Anyway, there are rules in the pk battle between the nobles, no matter what the trouble is, you can't kill the nobles privately.

  Failing once is just the beginning, and then calling friends and finding ways to get back the field are all essential links.

  Once the flames of war are ignited, the only way to end the dispute is to come a few more times to completely subdue the opponent.

  In the world of the aristocrats, fighting and killing are just the condiments of life, and more of it is the sophistication of the world. Smart people know how to weigh the pros and cons.


   Maple Leaf Town, just made an appointment with a group of northern Xinjiang allies, and was preparing to do it at the same time to put pressure on the local nobles. Keitele received an invitation letter from Hudson.

   "Uncle Holman, I seem to have done something stupid!"

   While speaking, Kettler handed over the invitation letter in his hand. The full-bodied sadness raised between the brows seemed to be endless annoyance.

  In the eyes of ordinary people, this is just a mediation document, but in the eyes of Baron Kettley, this is undoubtedly a signal that the three knights of the Salam Mountains are moving closer to Hudson.

   If he can't handle it properly, if there is a conflict between the two sides in the future, what he needs to face is one barony + three knights.

   What made him speechless the most was: this passive situation was actually created by himself.

   Sending a younger brother to a potential competitor, thinking about Baron Kettley, I can't wait to slap myself.

  It was sad enough to be neighbors with the famous mountain baron, and now he sent three knights to him.

  Although judging from the invitation letter, the two parties have not really come together yet, but in Baron Kettley's view, it is only a matter of time.

   "Kately, I can't blame you for this kind of thing. If the territory is to develop, it cannot do without the people. Even if time can be turned back, we must do it.

  The three unlucky knights wanted to form an alliance with the mountain baron, but they had to accept it. There is a huge disparity in strength between the two sides. It is said that an alliance is actually an attachment.

  Strength and geographical location jointly determine that these three knights must choose between us and the mountain baron. With the gap between the northern and southern nobles, even if we are willing to extend an olive branch, they will fall to the mountain baron.

   Now, it is nothing more than advancing this time point. In order to obtain the labor force to develop the territory, this price is worth it.

  The only troublesome thing is that the mountain baron is involved. If we want to blackmail them, I am afraid they will not easily compromise. "

   It is an understatement on the lips, but Holman Knight is not easy in his heart. Originally, the Koslow family was difficult enough, but with the addition of three small knight families, it can be said that they completely blocked their way to develop southward.

  If it's just like this, it's not unbearable. What's more troublesome is that if the relationship between the two parties cannot be handled well, even if the Maple Leaf collar develops in a different direction, it will always worry about being stabbed in the back.

   They were all forced out, and Maple Leaf collar still has several enclaves outside. If it is a big noble, a few more enclaves can also be taken care of. But a small barony is not good, if you want to develop, you must concentrate the territory.

   There are many nobles separated in the middle, and if you want to concentrate the territory, you must exchange it with your neighbors. When it comes to interests, this kind of thing is difficult to negotiate for a while.

   This land exchange turmoil will most likely need to be resolved on the battlefield. It can be said that from the very beginning, a group of northern nobles were dug into a hole by Earl Pierce and forced to war.

  The current burglary is just a reasonable excuse for everyone to fight. In name, they want to ask for the people, but in fact they not only want people, but also want to take the opportunity to force the neighbors to accept the land exchange.

  Relying on the military strength in their hands, most of the northern Xinjiang nobles have the strength to force their neighbors to compromise. But Ketley was out of luck, and a strong neighbor appeared to the south.

  The best way is naturally to defeat the disabled in the First World War, and rely on force to solve this hidden danger. Unfortunately, Ketley's strength is limited and he has no confidence to do it.

  If he was like Baron Sith with 800 soldiers in his hands, Kettley would definitely not be so entangled.


  The soft sunlight swayed down to the earth, and the rushing Huanhua Creek was filled with a different charm under the autumn wind.

  As the dividing line between the Mountain Territory and the Maple Leaf Territory, the two banks of Huanhua Creek can be described as two worlds. On the one hand, the grass grows and warblers fly, birds and beasts are everywhere, and on the other hand, the serfs work hard.

  Although there is not much harvest this season, mosquitoes are still meat no matter how small they are. For serfs who have worked with crops for generations, every grain is precious.

  The most important thing is that after starting to work, the food standard has also followed. Compared with the original minimum living rationing system, it has directly increased by more than 50%.

  The change from 50% full to 80% full was already a remarkable breakthrough for ordinary serfs who had just experienced war.

  Separated by an inconspicuous stone bridge, the five lords gathered together to discuss the future development of southern Wright County.

   Glancing at the team formed by the three knights, Hudson smiled and nodded at them. The mob is also a soldier, and it can scare people without fighting.

  Before actual combat, no one knows how much damage the 800 mob can cause.

  Maybe fifty, maybe thirty, for Baron Kettley, no matter what the number is, the gain outweighs the gain.

  The most important thing is that there is the private army of the Mountain Baron on the opposite side. Just judging from the queue, the 300 troops brought by Hudson are the elite of the kingdom.

  The uniform pace, obviously only 300 people, just stepped out of the momentum of thousands of troops, very shocking.

  In contrast, the three hundred elites of the Northland led by Baron Kettley fell into a disadvantage in terms of momentum.

  Two murderous teams face off across a stream. Under the cover of the murderous intent of both sides, the eight hundred miscellaneous soldiers nearby only felt uncomfortable.

  Seeing this scene, Baron Kettley, who was still somewhat cautious, completely dispelled the unrealistic thoughts deep in his heart.

  This lineup, this murderous look, no matter how you look at it, they are all elite soldiers. Even though such a troop appeared in the hands of a small southern nobleman, it seemed a bit abrupt, but Kettler was still more willing to believe his own eyes.

  (end of this chapter)

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