The King

Chapter 86: New Heights

  Chapter 86 A new height of bad performance

  Under the witness of Hudson, after friendly consultations, the Quartet forces finally reached a verbal agreement on the stone bridge of Huanhuaxi, quelling the smoke of gunpowder in southern Wright County.

  The armed parade is over, and naturally everyone goes back to their homes. With so many mouths, Lord Hudson, who is frugal in food and expenses, will not keep people for food.

seeing is believing.

   Witnessing the military appearance of soldiers in Northern Xinjiang with his own eyes, Hudson finally understood why the guys in Northern Xinjiang were able to steal food from the Dalton family.

  There are only 300 private troops, and there are 50 plate cavalry, and even ordinary infantry are all wearing leather armor.

  Looking from a distance, one can feel the rising evil spirit, obviously killing many people.

   Unlike the elite parallel importers brought out by Hudson, they look like a rainbow in the queue, and their running speed is also top-notch. Anyway, he has no idea about his actual combat ability.

   All infantry, the equipment is only the weapons in hand. The number of leather armors has just exceeded a hundred, and the rest can only be counted with cloth armors.

  Fortunately, the other party is a smart person with a lot of thoughts, and he was bluffed by the magnificent momentum as soon as he came up.

  If you run into a Tie Hanhan, if you don't agree with each other, you will directly fight, the outcome is really hard to say.

  If it weren't for Hudson, a good archer, who could easily break through the armor of the cavalry, otherwise even if he had several times the strength of the army, he would still be unable to fight.

  The three hundred veterans in Hudson's hands are not bad, although there is still some distance from the real elite. The invincible and invincible record along the way still inspired the soldiers.

  Cavalier Coelho, Cavalier Roman, Cavalier Valov, the 800 mob assembled by the three workers were purely funny.

   Less than half of them are young and strong, and the rest are old and young, and there are even women mixed in to make up the number.

   It is only a charge of fifty plate cavalry, which is almost cold, and ordinary archers cannot break through the defense of plate armor. What kind of record can be achieved depends purely on the blessing of the Lord of Dawn.

   There is no doubt that the nobles from northern Xinjiang went south this time, and the families behind them paid their blood. Otherwise, it would not be so easy to come up with these valuable equipment.

   I estimated that from the very beginning, I considered being in a foreign land. Soldiers lost difficult to replace the problem.

   It is conceivable that if all the northern Xinjiang nobles are in this lineup, the local nobles in Wright and Wyton counties may suffer a big loss this time.

   But Hudson didn't panic, the plate armored cavalry was powerful, and it was on the plain of Yimapingchuan.

  Although the Mountain Territory has only a group of small soil bags, it is still a huge trouble for the cavalry.

   It is estimated that no one will be stupid enough to put the precious cavalry under the eyes of the "Knight of the Bow".

  If the number is small, it cannot withstand other disasters; if the number is large, you have to worry about being kited. The speed of the Earth Bear is not comparable to that of war horses.

  My family is fine, but other fief lords will be miserable. The vast plains are simply tailor-made battlefields for cavalry.

   It seems that not only ordinary broadswords and spears will be produced, but also extended versions of spears, war knives specially designed for cutting horse legs, and even war hammers and giant axes must be prepared.

   When encountering plate cavalry, it is obviously more suitable for these heavy weapons to play. Even if you can't achieve your goal all at once, you can do it a few more times.

   Besides, everything has two sides. The elite division is indeed strong in combat effectiveness, but the cost of feeding is also high.

  Ordinary serf soldiers can take care of food, as long as they can eat enough, they can fight wherever the lord directs. The elite troops not only have to take care of food, but also have to eat well. If the nutrition can't keep up, it can't guarantee the combat effectiveness.

  Participating in the robbery has to be shared, and rewards have to be given for military exploits. If these tasks are not done well, there is no way to mobilize everyone's enthusiasm for fighting.


   On the way back, Baron Kettley, who was also shocked, secretly thanked himself more than once for being safe.

   Troops that are uniformly adjusted step by step are rare in northern Xinjiang. The troops that can do this are all the best of the best.

  Although Hudson's command is all infantry, Baron Kettley also dare not underestimate. Because he had witnessed with his own eyes how an elite infantry tortured orc wolf cavalry together on the battlefield.

   "Uncle Holman, we must speed up. Taking advantage of the moment when we have just reached a tacit agreement with the Baron of the Mountain, we will immediately take extraordinary measures against the other companies, so as not to delay too long and cause new troubles.

  The Koslow family can train a super infantry elite, so what about other nobles with deeper backgrounds?

  Perhaps this is not an isolated case, but we underestimated the strength of the nobles in the southeastern province. After all, in terms of financial resources, they far surpass us in the Northland.

  As long as you are willing to pay, spending money can also produce elites. Even if the combat power is not as powerful as the private army in the hands of Baron Hudson, it can still catch up with ordinary elites.

   Don't take advantage of them before they react, and create an established fact first, and then don't know how many people will come out to mediate.

  It is easy to continue selling face, but what about the future development of the territory? We can't even feed our army without enough people. "

  It is necessary to have a clear mind. If you are not in charge of your home, you will not know that the expenses in daily life are high. If you want to support the three hundred elites in your hands, you can't live without three or five thousand leaders.

  This is only a theoretical state. In fact, the expenses of a nobleman are far more than just military expenses. Daily communication and human relationships are all gold swallowing beasts.

  If you have more children, the cost will be even greater. Daily practice, weddings and funerals are all expenses that are not small.

  It’s okay to live together regardless of the family. If the eldest son inherits the family business separately, you can’t watch the second sons go out to eat chaff and swallow vegetables, right?

  Northern Xinjiang nobles keep more soldiers, because facing the threat of foreign enemies, they can only resort to militarism, and they don't care about the so-called noble face at all.

  Everyone's economic conditions are not abundant, so naturally everything is kept simple in daily life. Not only is daily communication and human relationship exchanges compressed, but even weddings and funerals can be saved if possible.

  If the nobles in the southeastern provinces gave up their luxurious and comfortable life and followed the nobles in the northern borders to engage in militarism, it would take a few years for their military equipment to be improved.

  Accidental misunderstandings affected Baron Kettley's misjudgment of the strength of the nobles in the southeastern provinces, and also accelerated the progress of the robbing war.

  Before, the local nobles looted the fiefdoms of the northern nobles, and now the situation is just reversed. The local aristocrats who originally had the upper hand quickly fell into a disadvantage in the head-to-head military struggle.

  For a while, the two counties of Wright and Wyton were full of gunpowder and smoke, and countless local nobles were unfortunate enough to become captives, waiting for their families to pay the ransom.

  Including the Koslow family has also been affected, the unlucky ones are not the Baron Berio and the Guarente Knight who have just inherited the title and are in a weak period.

  They were too law-abiding and did not follow the trend to join the robbing war. Coupled with the strong support of the family, they have not been involved in the storm for the time being.

   Instead, Adrian Knight, who was doing well, was severely beaten by the society and was taught how to be a man by several neighbors. It was all caused by too much tossing around in the past, but now it's just a feng shui turn.

   There is no way, as the younger brother of the Dalton family, the boss has ordered that Adrian Knight must act as the vanguard against the nobles of northern Xinjiang.

  Before, because of the Dalton family, he obtained the fiefdom; now because of the Dalton family, he has been beaten by the cruelest society.

  Of course, if you want to say how miserable it is, it is pure nonsense. At the beginning of the matter, Adrian was ready to suffer the backlash.

  The population that was robbed earlier was not brought back to the territory at all, but was transferred to a family branch two counties away for foster care.

   Not only the population was transferred, but even family members, property, and the army in their hands were also placed outside. After the conflict broke out, only Adrian Knight and a group of old and weak were in the territory.

   Adrian Knight, who was directly rotten, seems to have been beaten by the cruelest society, but the actual loss is minimal.

  Northern Xinjiang nobles came to him, and he consciously became a prisoner. However, Adrian refused to admit the matter of leading troops to rob people.

   Everyone is aristocratic, and torture cannot be used to extract confessions. Even if he becomes a prisoner of war, he must be entertained with good wine and good meat.

  The territory is full of old and weak people, there are only a hundred and eighty people in total. If he said that he led troops to rob people, he had to show evidence!

   No matter how strong the nobles in northern Xinjiang are, they have no way to cross regions and go to other branches of the Koslow family to find evidence.

   However, Knight Adrian has not realized as a captive at all. Not only should he eat and drink, but he also keeps asking the nobles of northern Xinjiang who captured him for an explanation.

   Hudson admitted that he was the one who came up with the bad idea. In order not to involve the Koslow family in the turmoil, and to explain to the Dalton family again, this is the best way.

   I just never expected that Adrian Knight would be so good at playing. Everyone let him go, and promised not to pursue the previous matter, and he still insisted on not leaving, wanting to seek justice for his tragic experience.

   It's true that he lost his face, but he does have the capital to make a fuss now. It was originally the party that made the trouble, but now it has become the victim.

   There is no need for Hudson to worry about the following things, and even the Koslow family can pretend to be deaf and dumb.

   Now all the nobles in the southeast province are watching. My younger brother has been wronged for no reason. If the Dalton family does not come out, how can they have the nerve to hang out in the circle?

  (end of this chapter)

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