The King

Chapter 88: take advantage of the fire

  It is easy to find a problem and analyze the cause, but once you want to solve the problem, it becomes very difficult.

   Fortunately, the nobles in the southeastern province were also divided into several groups, and everyone's interests were not the same.

  Some people want to drive away their group of outsiders, and some people want to use their hands to disrupt the layout of the Dalton family and muddy the water in the two counties so that they can fish in troubled waters.

   Now it is only some of the nobles who want to block them, not everyone. Otherwise, it is not a skyrocketing price, but a more extreme disappearance of business travel.

   It’s one thing not to drive them away, but it doesn’t affect everyone taking advantage of the chaos to make a fortune. The so-called blockade is only because the interests are not big enough.

  When prices soar to a certain level, someone will naturally break the tacit understanding and do business with them.

   Just like the northern border area, Mingming Kingdom repeatedly ordered to impose an embargo on the orc empire, but in the end, a large amount of materials were smuggled there.

  Does the king know?

  That must be known, but the embargo still has to continue. Because under the embargo, the cost of obtaining materials for orcs has been raised many times.

   Strategically, the blockade is still successful. Because the nobles of the Alpha Kingdom do not do these businesses, other countries will do them.

  Back then, when the Alpha Kingdom was fighting against the Orc Empire alone, the material embargo was much more successful than it is now.

   I dare not say that no materials flow into the hands of orcs at all, but the smuggling of strategic materials basically does not exist.

  After all, the military chiefs guarding the border at that time were all fief lords, and no one was willing to hand a knife to the orcs and let them come and chop themselves.

  Now everyone is facing the same situation as the Northland, except that they have changed from the smuggling side to the blocked side.

  Using oneself to judge people, the nobles of northern Xinjiang did not think that the nobles in the southeastern provinces had such high integrity that they did not even make money.

  The crux of the problem is—how much benefit do you need to pay to feed this group of ground snakes.

   This kind of thing, union doesn't make any sense. Everyone is an old player, and many of them have even witnessed the scenes of orc tribes scrambling for supplies.

   As supply and demand shift, allies can also become competitors. As the titular leader, Baron Sith, naturally wanted to change all of this, but he also couldn't change the materials.

  Although Grand Duke Kavadia has a famous name, this is the southeastern province, and the influence is likely to be negative.

   It’s okay if you don’t use this banner, and everyone can still pretend to be confused; once the banner is displayed, those nobles who have enmity with the Felix family may come to the door one after another.

  There is no way. Although the world of nobles is hypocritical, there are still some principled issues that must be persisted.

  Sith didn't want to know how many feuds the Felix family had in the past endless years.

   After all, he is only an illegitimate child, he cannot inherit the glory of the family, and naturally there is no need to inherit the hatred of the family.

   "Let's stop here for today! In a few days, Governor Pierce will come to Dadir City to mediate the dispute between the two counties, and then we can negotiate with them."

   After comforting his younger brother, Baron Sith, who was physically and mentally exhausted, rubbed his forehead helplessly.

  Deep in his heart, he even wanted to give up his position as the leader, but in the end he couldn't make up his mind.

  As the son of Grand Duke Kavadia, while enjoying many resources, he must also undertake corresponding obligations.

   Now retreating, not only loses his own face, but also the face of Grand Duke Kavadia.

   Even if it is only an illegitimate child, since he was pushed out by Grand Duke Kavadia, he represents the face of the Grand Duke to the outside world.

  Sith can bow his head in front of more prominent nobles, but he must not bow his head in front of the retainers of the five wealthy families in northern Xinjiang.


  In the Mountain Territory, Baron Hudson, who had just adjusted his production tasks, received a notification from the Governor's Mansion before he had time to rest.

   Needless to say, the opportunity to make a fortune has come. The gathering of nobles from the two counties was a rare prosperity.

  With so many high-quality customers gathered together, if a market cannot be developed, then there is really no way to mix.

   Especially weapons and equipment must be promoted. Being so stimulated by the nobles of the Northland, if the nobles in the two counties can't roll up, they can really be eliminated.

   "My lord, Lord Ketterley is visiting."

  The maid's voice interrupted Hudson's plan to make a fortune.

   "Understood, take him to the living room to rest for a while, and I will be there later."

   For this neighbor, Hudson doesn't have much thought. Where his strength lies, it is simply not what he can plot now.

  Because of the faction you belong to, it is not appropriate to make friends with it. At least until the Northern Xinjiang nobles and the local nobles eased the relationship, the best way to get along was to stay at a respectful distance.

  The two have never had any friendship. Even if they had a happy conversation during the last mediation, it was just a "business need".

  Hudson needs to be known as the "Knight of the Bow" among the nobles in the northern border; Baron Kettley also needs to brush up his presence in the camp of the local nobles.

  Coincidence and coincidence, the two smart people took advantage of the trend to have a wave of business bragging, and in essence, they each got what they wanted.

   It's over when you blow it off, and it's too much if you take it seriously. This uninvited guest suddenly came to the door now, and Hudson really didn't understand what he wanted to do.

  The visitor is a guest, and etiquette cannot be lost. After a brief wash and a change of clothes, Hudson went to the cabin.

  There is no way, the construction of the castle is far away, so we can only build a few cabins to cope with it. The pioneering nobles are so miserable, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

   Nodding acquaintance, there is nothing to talk about. After a few simple greetings, they began to get straight to the topic.


   "Baron Kettley, if you want to buy food, why don't you go to the grain merchant?

  If you think they are too dark, you can also go directly to the nobles in the neighboring county to buy them. The southeastern province is known as the granary of the kingdom. Almost every lord and noble has a large amount of food in their homes, and you will not be disappointed.

  I moved into the territory more than a month earlier than you. Everyone's situation is similar. Last season's grain harvest was almost complete, and this season has just started sowing. Where can I sell the grain? "

  After hearing Hudson's shameless answer, Baron Kettley almost vomited blood. If the nobles in the neighboring counties are willing to sell grain, will the prices soar?

  In order to raise food, all the northern Xinjiang nobles also showed their special abilities. Some people bribed the grain merchants, some bribed the lords and nobles with a lot of money, and some even targeted the free people, but unfortunately, all of them had little effect.

  Even the food rationing in the provincial capital Beida City has been rationed. Residents, taverns and hotels can buy cheap food according to the quota every day, and there is no extra grain.

   Despite all their efforts, the nobles of Northern Xinjiang were not able to deduct much food. It's not that the merchants don't want to sell, it's because the boss at the back ordered not to sell the grain to the northern Xinjiang nobles.

  The autonomy of the nobles is much higher, but when the northern Xinjiang nobles came, they were so powerful that they made everyone feel uncomfortable. Recently, they have been rivaled on the battlefield, which has even made a group of local nobles lose face.

  The face lost on the battlefield must be found a way to get it back, at least let everyone take a sigh of relief first.

   As for money, except for the nobles who need to open up new territories, and the family's economy is a little bit tight, most of the fief nobles are still not in short supply.

  Those who lack money have no food to sell; those who have food have no money in their pockets.

   It’s not that these feudal nobles can’t be bought, but just eight hundred gold coins is not enough to make them let go of their principles.

   Anyway, food is a necessity. If you don’t want to go hungry, the nobles in northern Xinjiang must buy it. The longer the delay, the higher the food price will be, and they will only earn more, and there is no rush at all.

   "To be honest with Baron Hudson, it may be because of some unnecessary misunderstandings that no one is willing to sell food to us now.

   There is really no other way, so I came here to bother you. If you are willing to help with purchasing, I think everyone will not refuse.

   As for the price, you can rest assured. Just follow the current market price, and I will never bargain. "

  Kately's heart was bleeding when he said this. The current market price has exceeded twice the normal price, and is much more expensive than the grain in the northern frontier.

   But now he took the initiative to deliver it to the door, begging someone to kill him, and worried that he would not do it.

   "I'm sorry, Lord Kettley. As a principled nobleman, I can't do this kind of deceit, so there is nothing I can do about it!"

   If you are really short of food, you can consider buying from outside the province. Anyway, it's only a few hundred miles away, and it won't take long to transport it with my own hands. "

   Hudson said nonsense solemnly.

   It sounds completely fine, but if you really want to implement it, it will break people down. Whatever others might think, Lord Kettley was unwilling to try.

  Starting from the Northland, he dared not forget how many stares he suffered along the way.

  Although the hatred was brought down by the five major families, their younger brothers are also accomplices, and there are many nobles who are unhappy with them.

  If it weren't for the group action, it is still unknown whether they can reach the territory smoothly.

   Going out to buy food at this time is not forcing people into trouble! Anyway, it is all expensive food, it is better to buy it from the local nobles, at least it can ease the relationship.

   If possible, Kettler didn’t want to choose the difficult Hudson as a breakthrough. Unfortunately, among the local nobles, he was the only one who could speak.

  The rest of the neighbors were all offended by him because of the problems of the people. At this time, I went to buy food from others, and I knew the result without thinking about it.

  As for the nobles in neighboring counties, Baron Kettley has already visited them. It's a pity that the ending was very touching. After a dozen rejections in a row, he really didn't want to continue looking for abuse.

  " Baron Hudson joked, even if the food from outside the province can be brought in, it will be too late in time!

  Thousands of people in the territory are now starving for food. Once food is cut off, it will be another human tragedy. For the sake of the Lord of Dawn, please extend your helping hand to save the poor citizens! "

   Baron Kettley said excitedly. It was as if he was really desperate and had to put all his eggs in one basket.

  It's a pity that the Lord of Dawn really doesn't have much face in front of Hudson. Counting on the face of the Lord of Dawn, it would be more effective to throw a few boxes of gold coins over.

  As long as the benefits are large enough, the rations of thousands of people is not a big problem at all.

  Unfortunately, Baron Kettley is obviously not at the end of his rope. Because of the style of the nobles in the north, if it was time to put all their eggs in one basket, they would always lead the army to act together.

  If you can’t buy food, can you still get it? When a person is hungry, he can do anything.

   "Baron Kettley, you don't have to worry too much about the people in your territory. If you can't take care of so many people because of lack of food, you can still ask your neighbors for help!

  Your territory is short of food because of too many people. Let everyone help share a little, and the problem will not be too big. "

   Hudson said without changing his face.

  Although it is a bit immoral to take advantage of the fire and rob at this time; but the current interests, I really can't care so much.

  Even if Hudson doesn't become the villain, someone else will.

   It is now the consensus of all local nobles to weaken the strength of the northern Xinjiang nobles. Until they reach their goals, they can't think of a good life.

  Without the acquiescence of the local nobles, even if they did buy food from outside, they would not be able to bring it in.

  As far as Hudson knows, many nobles have announced an increase in the commodity transit tax. For all commodities shipped to the noble territories of the Northland, the tax will be doubled and doubled. Some lords even directly announced 99% in kind.

  The distance is all confiscated, and it is actually almost the same. If nothing else, many of the products they ordered will not arrive for a long time in the future.

   "Baron Hudson, don't you think it's too much to make such a request to a noble lord?"

  Kately asked angrily.

   If eyes are knives, Hudson is already covered in bruises. It's a pity that eyes are eyes after all. Although Baron Kettley's force value is slightly higher than his, this is a mountain territory.

   "Please stay calm, Lord Kettley!"

   "Everyone is smart, and there's no need to hide it. You probably understand why what happened now.

  When you first came, although everyone didn't welcome you very much, they didn't target you very much.

   There is nothing wrong with taking back the territories that belong to you. But the problem is that your appetite is too big. Not only did you take back the citizens of your own territory, but you also snatched away the neighbors'.

  Not to mention other nobles, the current number of citizens in Maple Leaf alone has exceeded 6,000, right?

  We can do the math.

  Maple Leaf Town is one of the important agricultural towns in Wright County. Before the outbreak of the Skull and Bones rebellion, the population was more than 18,000.

   Maple Leaf collar inherits one-third of the area of ​​Maple Leaf Town, and the population in its heyday is estimated to be more than 6,000 people.

   Don't tell me that the Maple Leaf collar is completely unaffected by the Skeleton Society rebellion involved in the two counties?

  As long as you do a little research, you will know that a large part of them are not locals, but the original lords migrated from neighboring counties.

  As far as I know, a certain unlucky baron has relocated half of the population of the knights, but now there are not many people in the territory. "

   Hudson broke through the road unceremoniously.

  Northern nobles indeed restrained their desires, but only caught the scourge of leading troops to rob people before, and did not arouse public anger.

   But the problem is that they played too hard, and even the root of the leek was planed by others, just like the guys before.

  Double standards exist everywhere. The local aristocrats did it, and everyone didn’t think it was a big deal. The northern aristocrats followed suit, and everyone immediately became upset.

  The combination of many factors has led to the current situation. If Baron Kettley hadn't delivered it to his door, Hudson would not have gone to this muddy water.

  Because these people who migrated from abroad are too difficult, even if they get it, it will be difficult to eat.

   "How many people do you want?"

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