The King

Chapter 9: God assists

  Chapter 9 God Assist

   "Don't worry, this life essence is temporarily loaned out, and it will be returned in a few years.

  Although life essence is precious, it is not impossible to get it. After all, not all nobles are as prosperous as our family, and there will always be surplus.

  You take a good rest first, don't think so much. Leave the rest of the matter to your father, he will think of a way. "

  The baroness said pretending to be calm.

  It's just the scowl between her brows, revealing her inner anxiety. As long as you are willing to pay the price, you can definitely get the life essence, but the time is not certain.

  The nobles are also mixed circles, even if there is life liquid flowing out, most of them circulate in their respective circles.

   After all, this kind of strategic resources, what everyone trades is not only benefits, but also human feelings.

  Leisul, who was already sensitive, became even more ugly when he saw what his mother said.

   "I will come back in a few years", but how many years can people live?

   Calculating the age, when the life essence returns in a few years, the two younger brothers below will also be about the same age.

   As for himself, there is a high probability that he was given up.

  Thinking of this, Lesser's hatred for Hudson surged up again. In his view, it was all Hudson's fault.

  If it weren't for Hudson's previous stimulation, he wouldn't steal the life essence, and naturally he wouldn't become notorious.

   "Revenge, must be revenge!"

   Laisul, who was dazzled by hatred, had only one thought in his mind - to kill Hudson.

  It's a pity that this kind of thing is okay when you think about it, but it's not that simple to implement it.

   It’s definitely not enough to do it directly. The rookie knight is also a knight. Ten or eight strong men are no match for him, let alone a kid.

  Poisoning, assassination, that can only be thought about. No one would go to him to do such a terrible thing. It is estimated that as long as you dare to reveal this idea, you will be reported by the people around you.

  Including the baroness in front of me will also not support it. Once this kind of thing starts, there will be endless troubles.

   No matter how much dissatisfaction there is in her heart, the baroness is unwilling to take risks. After all, Hudson, an eyesore, was about to go out to fend for himself, and he might die outside at some point.

   "Wait, Mother!"

   "Is there going to be a war outside?"

   Called to stop the baroness who was about to leave, Lesser asked a little excitedly.

  The baroness nodded slightly hesitantly. Since the mobilization order was issued, this is no secret.

   Baron Redman stayed up all night, so why not the person next to her?

  Now she is worried about both her son and her husband.

  War is full of uncertainties. If something happens to Baron Redman on the battlefield, the happy life of mother and child will be over.

  Although it is unlikely that he will be kicked out directly, it is inevitable that his status will plummet. Even for the face of the nobility, the stepson who inherited the family business still respected her, but the future of the sons was hanging in the balance.

  Brother and father are completely two concepts. Especially half-brothers have to lean back.

   "Then let father take Hudson, he is already a knight, and it is time to go to the battlefield.

  The battlefield is changing rapidly, and no one will be surprised if there is a little accident. As long as you buy a few people and wait for the opportunity to attack him, you will be able to succeed in one fell swoop. "

  Leisul said viciously.

   This is the only reliable solution he can think of to design Hudson.

   After a little thought, the baroness shook her head regretfully.


   Not to mention, the soldiers who can go out together are all loyal to the Koslow family for generations, and they are not so easy to be bought.

   Even if someone is really willing to do it, acting under your father's nose, it is inevitable that there will be no clues.

   After all, Hudson is a Cavalier now. Waiting for three or five strong men to be opponents at all, it is not easy to plot against him.

  If the snake does not die and leaves clues, it will be a big trouble. Once your father suspects us, the matter will not end. "

   Rejected again, Raisul's heart was bleeding. The strategy he finally came up with was rejected by his mother, which made him very hurt.

  In his opinion, his mother has "long hair, but short knowledge." If he is more decisive, Hudson and the others will not be able to grow up at all.

   The epic heroes that Yunyou Poets sang about grew up slowly after being persecuted. Although I am playing the villain now, the annoying Hudson is obviously not the protagonist.

   Lesul is very sure of this, no protagonist can be so mediocre. He has neither a fiancée who came to divorce, nor a childhood experience of eating bran and swallowing vegetables, and he doesn't even have an extraordinary talent for cultivation.

  Everyone grew up, but he never noticed that Hudson had any shining points. If my mother hadn't looked forward and backward, she would have killed this annoying ghost long ago.

  If the three evils above were killed, the Koslow family would belong to him, Lesur, and there would be no embarrassment at all.


While Laisul was flirting with himself, the baroness at the side said thoughtfully: "It's not convenient for us to take action directly, but that **** Hudson volunteered last night to lead troops on the battlefield alone in order to win favor, but was rejected Your father refused."

   "Let him go!"

   "Mother, let him go at all costs!"

   "The battlefield is changing rapidly, and accidents may happen to anyone. If Hudson died on the battlefield, even if my father had doubts, nothing could be found out."

  Leisul said excitedly.

  The more I think about it, the more I think it is feasible. First design to kill Hudson, and then follow the same pattern to assassinate the other two brothers. He will be the first heir.

   "However, Lesul. The battlefield is changing rapidly. If the plan fails and Hudson makes military exploits, then the loss outweighs the gain."

  The baroness said slightly hesitantly.

   Obviously, Baron Redman did not disclose the details of the conversation to her, and he did not know the "water paddling plan" proposed by Hudson, otherwise he would not be so entangled.

   "Mother, you think too highly of Hudson. Don't listen to the father's bragging. Before each son leaves, he will encourage him, which is not true.

   What abilities Hudson has, can you still not know?

  Even if he is really capable, he has never had any experience in leading troops. If he can hold his ground on the battlefield, it will be fine if he doesn't collapse before the battle.

   Wanting to make military exploits is simply a dream. The other aristocrats are not fools, and they must rush to grab the benefits. Without his father, Hudson must not be able to grab others. At that time, the benefits will not be reaped, and they may become cannon fodder. "

  Leisul's analysis was methodical, as if there was a mysterious power added to him at this moment, which made his thinking extraordinarily clear.

   Tomorrow, I will test the waters, Piao Piao will go, rushing to the first place in the new book category



  (end of this chapter)

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