The King

Chapter 98: brothers get together

   "Master, the Eldest Young Master and the Second Young Master are here."

  Hearing the servant's ambiguous words, Hudson almost thought that two sons had popped up. Immediately, he realized that the "Eldest Young Master, Second Young Master" in his mouth should be his elder brother.

  The appearance of such a messy name is most likely due to habit. After all, it was always called that when I was in my hometown.

   It's just that after coming to the mountain area, Hudson was automatically upgraded to a master, and the servant obviously followed the habit deep in his heart when addressing the two elder brothers.

  I don’t have time to worry about so much, and it’s normal to have a bad brain. Otherwise, how could he be a servant?

  If he had any intelligence, he would have been promoted to a more important position long ago based on his years of following Hudson on the saddle.

   "Arrange the reception first, and I'll go there after I wash up."

   Hudson said happily.

   This kind of joy from the bottom of my heart seems to be an instinct. In the memories left by the original owner, both elder brothers took good care of him.

  As an heir, Hudson does not reject these feelings. After all, human beings live in groups, if they really have no feelings at all, then life is too tiring.

  If it wasn't for some hesitation in my heart, I didn't know how to face it, maybe I didn't even need to wash away, and I would have rushed to meet.

  My brother, in fact, does not need to pay so much attention to etiquette. Faux pas doesn't really matter as long as no outsiders are present.

   The cleansing was completed quickly, and Hudson also adjusted his mentality. It is enough to follow the heart, there is no need to act too much.

  In front of familiar people, the more you cover up, the easier it is to leave a hole. Anyway, we have been separated for several years, and so many things have happened in the middle, it is normal to have some changes.


   "Nelson, Evora, long time no see!

  Last time, my father said that he wrote a letter to summon you two to come back. He thought we should have met long ago, but he didn’t expect it to be delayed until now. "

   Hudson said with emotion.

   I haven't seen each other for three years. I have to say that in the world of nobles, there is really less gathering and more separation.

  If it wasn't for the fact that the Koslow family had gained too much this time, they needed to concentrate their strength to deter the villain. It is estimated that the three brothers still don't know when they will meet each other.

  Not to mention thousands of miles away, often hundreds of miles are two worlds. There is no major business, and few people travel hundreds of miles to visit.

  Even if it is a letter contact, there are very few. After all, the cost of letters these days is also very high. There is no special postal agency, so you can only send someone to deliver it yourself.

   "It's been a while, but Hudson, you've changed a lot!

   That day, when I received a letter from my father, I thought it was a prank. Who would have imagined that in just three years, a young man who used to be lazy in knight training would suddenly become a well-known mountain baron. "

  Nelson responded with a smile.

   It can be seen that he is happy for Hudson from the bottom of his heart. As the eldest son in the family, the baronship has been bound since birth.

  According to the succession law of the Alpha Kingdom, as long as Nelson does not commit suicide and is not a practicing idiot, he can inherit the title smoothly.

  Born with a golden key in his mouth, naturally there is no need to be jealous. The brothers are capable, and the strength of the family continues to grow, which is good for everyone.

   In this regard, Nelson undoubtedly set a good example, laying the foundation of "brothers and brothers respectful" for the family.

   As far as I can remember, Hudson's knight training since he was a child was completed under the supervision of his elder brother. To put it simply, it was a lot of beatings.

  However, in addition to strict requirements on the younger brothers in terms of practice, they are very caring in terms of life.

  As the eldest son in the family and the first heir to the baron, Nelson obviously has more resources to enjoy. Nelson has shared these good things.

  Including after the stepmother entered the door, being able to behave so well is actually due to the elder brother's credit.

  As an heir, there are still many privileges. The servants dare to neglect the second son like Hudson, but they absolutely dare not offend the heir.

  Anyway, in Hudson's memory, before the eldest brother left, he warned all the servants in the mansion.

  Especially those who defected to the Baroness were directly beaten up by him and paralyzed. Hemiplegia in the true sense, he met the Lord of Dawn directly in less than a month.

  The following changes are most likely due to Baron Redman's good move. Sons and servants are obviously not in the same class, and unstable elements are obviously not allowed to stay.

  The effect of Liwei is very obvious. Even after two or three years, the servants in the mansion are still very well-behaved.

  Everyone knows that the eldest young master can really kill people when he is angry, even if it is the baroness's cronies, his death will be in vain.

   "It's really like this. Nelson has been away from home for three years, and I have been away for less than two years. The changes in your boy are really unimaginable.

   But Hudson, you are not interesting enough. If we hadn't returned home, we wouldn't have known so many changes had happened inside.

   It’s just that you are too soft-hearted, right? Raisul dared to steal your life essence, but you didn’t beat him?

   But don't worry, I'm the best at beating up my brother. We greeted Pastor Quinn, and we will not treat that kid, at least he will have to lie down for half a month. "

  After listening to Evola's words, Hudson's expression changed, as if he had awakened an unbearable past.

   "Beat your younger brother as soon as possible, otherwise you won't be able to beat him."

   This classic line is the shadow of Hudson's childhood. If it weren't for this guy who has been heartless and behaved in all aspects, he would have suspected that he was possessed by some senior.

   "Enough, Evola! If you can't speak, don't speak, no one will think you are dumb.

   Hudson, you're doing great. There is no need to argue with a useless person, we are not from the same world, ignoring is the best choice. "

   Nelson reprimanded sharply.

   It is not a glorious thing for one's own brothers to fight among themselves. It's too late to cover up, so how can I take the initiative to mention it.

   However, Hudson still heard the implication. It was nothing more than the fact that Lesur was abandoned by his family, and it was estimated that he would be sent away when he became an adult.

   There is a high probability that Koslow’s surname cannot be used. After all, a guy who is not even a knight can only embarrass himself if he goes out in the name of his family.

  The reason Hudson is very clear is that he has risen too fast, and family members feel that keeping Lesur is not conducive to family unity.

  Of course, it is not ruled out that family resources are tight and unable to support the development of so many children at the same time, so they simply give up the one with the worst character.

   It's all Hudson's fault. In order to support the development of the Mountain Territory, Baron Redman also spent his money.

  In the early stage, for the sake of the territory, the expenses of giving gifts and entrusting relationships were not small, and the support in the later stage was not interrupted.

   None of the serfs who came out with Hudson went back, and even their family members were sent here. Not only was it given to people, but hundreds of thousands of pounds of grain were also delivered one after another.

  The increased overhead is not the only one. The tense situation in the two counties of Wright and Wyton also forced the branches of the Koslow family to expand their armaments in the province.

   Out of concern about the current situation, Baron Redman also expanded the guard to 500 people. Although the soldiers are composed of serfs, which can save a lot of military pay, military expenditures still skyrocketed.

  The ever-expanding expenses will inevitably cause financial constraints in the family. Based on Hudson's understanding of Lesul, the younger brother, who has no winks, presumably ran to his father again to show his negative presence.

  With other family members playing side drums, it is not surprising that Baron Redman, who has many sons, let go in a fit of anger and made a decision to give up his most ineffective son.

  In a sense, this is also the hole Hudson dug before leaving home to create a "stupid" image for Laisuer in front of Baron Redman.

   Once the concept is deeply ingrained, any mistakes will be magnified. Over time, the relationship between father and son is exhausted, and it's time to explode.

   "Don't worry, Nelson. Arguing with a fool will only bring us down for nothing.

  Don't talk about these bad things, it's rare to be able to get together, let's talk about how you have lived these years. "

   Hudson said generously.

  In this wave, he is really not going to care about it. If people are defrauded until they lose their noble status, even if they can survive, they will have to spend the rest of their lives in torment.


  Maple Leaf Leader, in order to complete the autumn plowing task as soon as possible, Baron Kettley was forced to let the soldiers put down their armor and go to work together.

   This kind of thing is very common in the entire Aslant continent. During the slack season, military training is carried out, and when the farming season is busy, they go home to farm.

   There are not no troops that are 100% off-duty, but they are only a very small number after all. Most of the army has a part-time job as a farmer, and everyone is used to it.

   Looking at the busy scene, Baron Kettley was already immersed in the joy of harvest.

   Maple Leaf collars are all good fertile fields in the world, and the grain output can be 70% to 80% higher than that of the land in northern Xinjiang. In terms of "income", one mu can cover several mu.

  But he soon became unhappy. It was just a division of a stream, and the autumn plowing on the opposite side had already been completed first. Only a few scattered women remained in the field, holding baskets and sowing seeds.

  Happiness is all compared. It is also arable land, and animals are not comparable to human power after all. Even the strongest soldier is no better than a poor horse in plowing the land.

  It’s not that Baron Kettley doesn’t have horses, but all he has are precious war horses. He can’t let the horses plow the land, right?

  Although war horses are not completely unable to plow the land, it is just a bit expensive. If he accidentally ruined a horse, he would die of pain.

   Coming out of the Northland, the number of war horses in his hands is constantly decreasing. If the losses continue, I am afraid that the cavalry will eventually become infantry.

   Abandoning this unreliable idea, Baron Kettley frowned and asked, "Uncle Holman, can't you buy farm cattle and poor horses around here?"

  Who cares about who owns the land. According to the current cultivation speed, it would be very difficult for Maple Leaf to complete the cultivation before the seasons change, let alone the enclave outside.

   A season of neglect is a loss. Baron Kettley couldn't bear to watch the wealth that should belong to him go away.

  If everyone is the same, that's fine. However, his good neighbor had already completed the cultivation of the territory first.

   "Don't talk about buying cattle, even if it is renting cattle, no one will agree. Now those who have cattle are all local nobles. Even if they pay a big price, no one will rent them to us."

   Knight Holman said helplessly.

   In order to find the cattle, he really did his best. It's a pity that these means of production are all controlled by the nobles, and they are rarely seen in the market on weekdays, let alone now.

  Local aristocrats can also rely on their connections to find solutions from relatives and friends, and they, outsiders, will be caught blind.

   It is useless to have money, people would rather exchange it for favors than earn their few gold coins.

   "Where's that greedy vampire next door, he does all the business?"

   Baron Kettley asked indignantly.

   Hudson exchanged population for food, but he was miserably cheated. Because he could not hand over enough population, Baron Kettley was severely punished by Earl Pierce.

  The extra fines far exceed the value of the food in exchange. Especially when he learned that the Governor's Mansion was selling cheap food, he was even more furious.

   Regret is useless, business is business. No one thought that Earl Pierce would use thunder to suppress the dispute between the two counties because of the unexpected change in the mainland.

  According to normal logic, as the lord of the southeastern province, Earl Pierce only needs to watch the excitement while fueling the flames behind the scenes, and watching them fight internally is enough.

  Even if a shot is to be made, it will be after all parties have decided the winner. Pick a few big winners and beat them, and you can play nice in front of a lot of losers.

  The misjudgment caused by poor information made Baron Kettley make a loss-making business. Willing to take the bet, Kettley is not someone who can afford to lose.

   It's just too embarrassing for him to treat his good neighbor who cheated him with a normal heart. Acting in front of outsiders is enough, but if you continue to pretend in front of your own people, it will be too tiring.

   "I personally went over and asked. Baron Hudson is busy organizing manpower to open up wasteland, and there are no extra animals to rent out."

  Knight Holman's words made Kettley more envious and jealous. It is difficult for my own family to complete the autumn plowing smoothly, and the opposite party actually has enough energy to organize people to open up wasteland.

   However, it is also true that the area of ​​cultivated land in mountainous areas is small. Just tens of thousands of acres of land on the plain cannot support tens of thousands of people in the territory.

  If you don't want to purchase a large amount of food from the outside world, you can only ask for land from the "big mountain". The endless Salam Mountains are the land reserve of the Mountain Territory.

  Of course, the Hudson family is not the only aristocrat who has the conditions to ask for land from the "Mountain". The three nearby knights are also eligible.

  It is a pity that these three unlucky children have not yet completed the primitive accumulation of capital. The ancestral industry is too busy to fight alone, and it is simply unable to organize manpower to open up wasteland.

   "It's really cheap for him! Nuo Da's Salam Mountains have become his back garden, and he doesn't even have a competitor."

   Baron Kettler said depressedly.

  The territory was the first they chose. If they had known that the Salam Mountains were a treasure, they would have robbed them no matter what! Why did you choose Maple Leaf Town?

  It was all the "mountain range" that misled him. Although he knew that there were mines in the Salam Mountain Range, he finally chose the wealthy Maple Leaf Territory because he could not support himself in food and was afraid of being blocked by competitors.

  Of course, if he really chose the Salam mining area, it is estimated that only the mining area is left in his territory.

  Although they chose the place first, the power to demarcate the specific boundaries is in the hands of the Governor's Office.

  Hudson was able to pick up a bargain because the Koslow family had many relatives and friends, a wide network of contacts, and good public relations in the early stage.

   Switched to Ketley, no one would dare to accept gifts even if they wanted to. Not being deliberately targeted is considered caring, let alone helping him seek benefits.

   "Kately, you don't have to envy them. Count the days, the family should have received news of the situation here.

  In other respects, it is difficult to provide you with great help. But those ordinary orc slaves, the family is not lacking.

  Just say hello to the slave hunting team below, and let them take it with them when they move next time.

   But can you really domesticate these orcs into qualified farmers? If the domestication is not successful, it will be a waste of work! "

   Knight Holman changed the subject. He didn't want to see his nephew in front of him, making himself a powerful enemy because of jealousy, that would only ruin him.

   "Don't worry, Uncle Holman. Not all orc races are stubborn, there are also many timid races.

  When I was in the Northland, I tried to domesticate them. Although most of them fail, there are also times of success.

  If it wasn't too close to the Orc Empire, everyone was worried that it would stimulate the Orc Empire, and I'm afraid there would have been Orc slaves everywhere in the North.

   Don't forget that the Orc Empire also had agriculture. Although the crops they grow are different, that also proves that they have the potential to be farmers.

   Even if farming is not enough, they can be pulled out to fight, and they will not lose everything.

  I have a hunch that the conflict between the Kingdom and the Holy See will not be fought this time. I estimate that after a year or so of heat, the two sides will die down. "

  Kately said confidently.

  Many people turn pale when they mention orcs, thinking that orcs are very powerful. Only those who grew up in the Northland know that the orcs are actually a group with a very severe differentiation between the upper limit and the lower limit.

  A powerful orc race, each member's combat effectiveness is beyond the charts. For example: Beamon family. Anyone who pulls an adult Behemoth is a strong mainlander.

   Weak races, such as ratmen, piggies, goblins, rabbitmen... all of them are as timid as mice, and their fighting power is not as good as that of ordinary people.

  The strength of the orc empire mainly stems from the strength of the five royal families. The countless races below have extremely serious internal strength differentiation.

  If all the orcs were as powerful as in the legend, the Alpha Kingdom would have been destroyed long ago, and it would be impossible to sustain it until now.

   "Well, it's good if you have success in your heart. But those races that are too lazy don't need to waste time. Even if they can be domesticated, they are still wasting food."

   Knight Holman reminded.

   "Don't worry, Uncle Holman. I will pay attention to this aspect. I don't dare to take those wastes that only eat dirt."

  While speaking, Baron Kettley still had some lingering fears, as if awakening some disgusting memory.

The world's great wonders.

  In the orc empire with various races, there are all kinds of messy races. After countless years of survival of the fittest, all races have evolved their own way of survival.

  There are so many tricks, only you can't think of it, there is nothing they can't do.

   Those who make a living from farming and hunting are normal creatures. Those who live on leaves and weeds can only show that they have retained their original living habits.

   But there are always some alternative races that have evolved all kinds of strange talents. For example: You can eat soil for a living.

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