The Kung Fu Baby is Four Years Half and has 17 Pampering Brothers

The Kung Fu Baby is Four Years Half and has 17 Pampering Brothers


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Not long after Gu Miaomiao was born, she was bound to the ancient martial arts system. As a result, she encountered turbulent time and space and went to ancient times. She became a little heroine under the apprenticeship. When he was four and a half years old, he returned to modern times and started a journey to find relatives.

Knowing that Dingliu is going to bring his younger sister to live broadcast a variety show with his baby, netizens expressed that Dingliu’s personality will definitely collapse, and they sympathized with his sister in advance.

Scene 1: The top is lying on the bed, and the dumpling lifts the quilt

Netizen: It’s over, it’s over, Dingliu wakes up so angry, he will definitely curse

Tuanzi: Second brother, Miaomiao is very hungry, can you cook for Miaomiao?

Top stream: coming soon

Netizen: This is not the top stream I know!

Scene 2: The top-ranking grabs the ingredients and falls into the water

Netizen: Top class black history, take a screenshot quickly

Tuanzi: Second brother, don’t be afraid, Miaomiao is here to save you

A simple floating on the water, the dumpling landed safely with the top stream, and the other hand was still holding a vegetable basket

Netizen: Hurry up and take a screenshot of Miao Miao Heroine’s highlight moment!

Scene 3: Children collect ingredients in the village

Netizen: The top class will definitely urge my sister to collect more points and perform well

In fact, a top streamer followed secretly, for fear that his sister would be bullied.

Netizen: So you are such a top class!


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