52 Second Young Master Saving The Situation

“In that case, you didn’t marry Bei Shuo to me because you wanted the 20 million yuan project, right?” Mu Ci asked calmly.

Bei Le looked at Mu Ci, her doe-like eyes filled with sincerity. “Brother-in-law, we only want Sister to be happy!”

The corners of Mu Ci’s lips curled up as he muttered to himself, “Very good. It looks like we can cancel that project now. This way, no one will criticize Bei Shuo for being sold into the Bei Family by her parents in the future.”

Bei Le’s expression changed instantly.

Bei Shuo could not help but laugh.

Shen Yu hurriedly said, “Young Master Mu, you can’t do that! We’ve already agreed. How can we joke about business? You have to keep your word!”

Mu Ci’s expression turned cold again. “Keep my word? Madam Bei, you have double standards. You don’t keep your word, but you want us to keep our word. Why? Just because you’re weak?”

Bei Le and her daughter were speechless.

“Yo! Why is it so lively today?” Second Young Master Mu walked in leisurely with his car keys.

Bei Le took two steps towards Mu En as if he had been pardoned.

“Yo, which family is this little beauty from?” Mu En had his usual gentle smile on his face.

Bei Le stopped in her tracks and lowered her head slightly.

Mu En looked at Song Nan, as if waiting for her to introduce him.

Song Nan smiled. She knew Mu En too well.

“Mu En, this is Bei Shuo’s younger sister, Miss Bei Le. This is Madam Bei.” She had been raised by Duan Si. Due to Duan Si’s selfishness, she had been hesitating between letting her marry Mu Ci or not, causing the relationship between Song Nan and Mu Ci to become extremely delicate. The two of them did not look like siblings, nor did they look like childhood sweethearts. The boundary between them was always at an appropriate distance.

On the other hand, Song Nan and Mu En really had siblings’ feelings. Since they were young, Song Nan had cleaned up countless messes for Mu En, and Mu En sincerely respected his older sister.

Mu En immediately greeted Shen Yu, then said to Bei Le, “I didn’t expect Sister-in-law’s little sister to be such a rare beauty. The water in your Bei Family is probably good for people.”

After praising the beauty, he squeezed to his grandfather’s side and sat down. He looked up and saw Mu Ci. He stood up again and stopped smiling. “Brother? Are you angry? Who provoked you?”

Without waiting for anyone to answer, he smiled at Bei Shuo. “Sister-in-law, my brother doesn’t have a good temper. Did he scare you? Eh? Brother Chen Hai’s masterpiece, right? Brother Chen Hai, you’re still as amazing as ever. You have to help me when I have a girlfriend.”

Chen Hai had seen the entirety of the Mu Family’s farce. He was embarrassed and did not know how to leave. Mu En had saved his life. He smiled and said, “We have to make things clear first. I can only help you once. You have to choose one from all your flowers first. Don’t waste the opportunity.”

“Heh, Brother Chen Hai, why are you in the same tone as my grandfather?” Mu En made an exaggerated expression helplessly.

Chen Hai smiled and turned to Mu Chen. “Old Master, I still have something on. I’ll make a move first. Let Mu Ci look for me whenever you need me.”

Mu Chen nodded slightly. He was very impressed by Chen Hai’s sensibility. Fortunately, with his relationship with Mu Ci, he would not spout nonsense when he went out. “Alright, come and play often when you’re free.”

Chen Hai patted Bei Shuo’s shoulder. “Sister, are you interested in filming a movie? My friend is preparing to film a movie. The female lead is still in the audition. I think you’re the most suitable!”

Mu Ci pulled Bei Shuo closer to him and avoided Chen Hai’s claws. “You have designs on me?”

Chen Hai smiled and gestured for the two designers to follow him. He only nodded at Duan Si and Song Nan. He did not even look at the others.

Song Nan’s gaze landed on his back for a long time.

Mu Ci’s expression turned cold again.

Mu En didn’t seem to feel the change in the atmosphere. He smiled and asked Bei Le, “Auntie and Sister Bei are here to visit Little Sister-in-law, right? Why don’t you stay for lunch? Our family hasn’t been so lively in a long time!”

Duan Si reached out and hit his son’s head. “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Mu En covered his head and felt aggrieved. “Mom! Don’t hit my head. I’m not as smart as my brother to begin with, yet you keep hitting my head! It’s all your fault that I’m stupid.”

Duan Si’s expression softened. Although she looked at his son reproachfully, her gaze was gentle.

Mu Ci looked away.

The corners of Mu En’s lips curled up slightly with a hint of mockery. “How am I talking nonsense? Isn’t this Little Sister-in-law’s family? They’re proper relatives!”

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