The Most Generous Master Ever

The Most Generous Master Ever


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Ye Qiu traveled to the Great Wilderness World and obtained the ten thousand-fold return system.

By teaching or gifting the same thing to the apprentice, you can get a high multiplier crit return.

“Ding, you give your disciple a Marrow Cleansing Pill, trigger a thousand-fold crit, and get a Divine Marrow Pill.”

“Ding, you passed ten years of kung fu to your disciples, triggered a hundred times of critical strikes, and obtained thousand years of kung fu.”

“Ding, you gave your disciple the Zixia Sword, a top-grade treasure, which will trigger ten thousand times the crit and get the Immortal Sword Yunxiao.”

All the disciples: “Master is too generous. He never hides his secrets from his disciples, and he gives everything away.”

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