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He Huahao’s shot had come too suddenly. No one would be able to turn the situation around in such a situation. Logically speaking, Guan Xiaoyan would definitely die.

However, much of what had happened today had exceeded the scope of common sense.

Xue Fanxin had not expected He Huahao to shoot at such a time. In a moment of desperation, she rushed in front of Guan Xiaoyan and used a dagger to cut the flying bullet in half, blocking the shot for Guan Xiaoyan.

He Huahao was not shocked that this shot had failed to kill Guan Xiaoyan. Instead, he looked like he had come to a realization. “So you can really cut bullets in half.”

Hearing He Huahao’s words, Xu and Yang looked at Xue Fanxin in extreme shock. Thinking of what they had seen previously, they had thought that their eyes were playing tricks on them. Only now did they know that what they had seen was real. Someone could really cut open bullets with a dagger, and it was a bullet during the shooting process.

Ignoring the impact of the bullet during the shooting process, just the hardness of the bullet was not something that ordinary daggers could cut open. Furthermore, the bullet was shot very quickly. It was not easy to aim at it and cut it open.

“So you only fired this shot to verify this,” Xue Fanxin replied indifferently. She did not panic because of this and was very calm from the beginning to the end.

“Half and half. I really wanted to kill Guan Xiaoyan with one shot, but after confirming this matter, I realized that as long as you’re around, killing him will be very difficult. Most of my subordinates have already been killed by you. I lost everything in this deal.” He Huahao was also very calm, and his entire body emitted an evil aura.

“You want to take revenge for your subordinates? I’m afraid this will be even more difficult than killing Guan Xiaoyan.”

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“It looks like you still don’t know the consequences of offending the Eagle Sect. From now on, no matter where you go, you will be monitored in real time. Your every move will be under my nose. I can attack you whenever I want. You are indeed skilled, but are you sure you can defeat a cannonball?”

“If you die too and Eagle Sect no longer exists, who will still deal with me?”

“Little girl, you want to destroy the entire Eagle Sect? You’re really daydreaming. The Eagle Sect involves many domains, including quite a few ancient martial families. Those ancient martial families are not much weaker than you. Once they take action personally, you’ll only die. Therefore, I’ll give you two choices now. One is to die, and the other is to submit to me.”

Xue Fanxin smiled coldly and did not answer He Huahao immediately. However, immediately after, she suddenly kicked He Huahao away. Then, she flashed in front of him and stomped on his chest. “Do you think I’m frightened? Those so-called ancient martial arts families only know some mediocre martial arts at most. They won’t amount to much.”

He Huahao had been kicked extremely seriously by Xue Fanxin. His entire body was in pain, especially his heart. It hurt so much that he almost could not breathe. At this moment, looking at Xue Fanxin, he began to feel a sense of fear. “Little girl, do you really want to go against the Eagle Sect?”

“What bullsh*t Eagle Sect? How about the Cat Sect!”

“Cat Sect? What Cat Sect?”

“Meow…” Little Meow suddenly called out, then jumped onto Xue Fanxin’s shoulder and sat there smugly.

Everyone looked at Little Meow. They really could not imagine that this little kitten had heaven-defying ability


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