The Reason I Keep Avoiding My Childhood Friend

The Reason I Keep Avoiding My Childhood Friend

그 영애가 소꿉친구를 피하는 이유

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Arendine is a reincarnator who died miserably in her past life.

“I’ll live a full life this time around!” I vowed. However, an eight-year-old Grand Duke won’t stop disturbing my peaceful life.

Unable to deal with that jerk any longer, I was forced to take drastic measures by slapping him. At first, he was absolutely livid, ordering me to be whipped. But after that whole incident blew over, his reaction was… A little strange.

“I’ll let you hit me from now on. You can hit me as much as you want.”

Why is he blushing and talking nonsense?

I seem to have awakened his secret taste! Gotta get rid of this guy ASAP!


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