Thirty minutes ago…

In the dimensional crack, Lee Gun had found a monarch that looked similar to Hailey. Lee Gun tilted his head in puzzlement when he saw the gorgeous woman.

‘They resemble each other no matter how I look at it. Is she related to Hailey?’

In the past, he had asked Hailey about her parents.

- What happened to your parents? Did they all pass away?

- Parents?

When the other Zodiac Saints had heard the question, they were shocked since Lee Gun had killed her father, Time. They looked at Lee Gun as if he was a depraved person.

‘Time wasn’t Hailey’s biological father.’

Lee Gun had to travel to all kinds of dimensions to kill Time, and in the process, he had read Time’s memories. So he was sure of this.

Time was a huge fraud. He had taken in a young Hailey and pretended to be her birth father; he was closer to an adoptive father.

‘I heard her mother was the Red monarch.’

If Time wasn’t her biological father, it meant her real father existed somewhere else.

‘Who is her real biological father?’

Hailey couldn’t change into her monster form, like the Cluders. In fact, she didn’t feel out of place when she had lived as a Zodiac Saint. She didn’t give off the scent of a monster at all.

The implication was clear.

‘There is a high probability that she’s a mixed-blood.’

It didn’t matter in the end, but Lee Gun had asked her afterward.

- You don’t want to see your mother? Should I find her for you?

The Zodiac Saints had looked at Lee Gun in disgust. Their gazes insinuated that Lee Gun wanted to find and kill Hailey’s mother.

On the other hand, Hailey bitterly relied.

- In my childhood, she lost to Time. I never saw her again.

While serving under Time, Hailey had looked for her mother, but she was never able to find her…

Back to the present.

Lee Gun’s eyes twinkled when he saw the woman that looked exactly like Hailey.

‘Is that person Hailey’s mother?’

That woman was giant in size. Moreover, she was embedded in a large tree and looked buried there. That wasn’t all.

‘It’s a corpse.’

Her body had stiffened like a statue, and he couldn’t feel any life energy coming from her. He had seen something similar to this in the past.

‘The Time-Space monarch was imprisoned in the Devil’s Tower like that.’

Had the same thing happened to this woman? The only sure thing was that she was the source of the power supplying the new Zodiac Saints on the earth.

Lines made out of light extended from the tree that was keeping the woman buried. It looked like a water main transporting light.

[Valhalla’s World Tree Yggdrasil (SSS)]

Lee Gun’s eyebrows twitched. It was to be expected.

‘That’s the one that will cover the entire earth in twenty years…’

He was sure of it. This was the plant that had killed all the humans on the earth.

‘Did it happen because that woman was transported to the earth?’

Well, it didn’t matter for now. He watched as the gods in front of him moved busily.

“Hey, druid! Don’t space out! Keep monitoring it. It won’t be long before we move this too.”

“Ah! Eden found a new land, and we are going to send it there, right? Was it called the earth? Are we sure we should do that? If we move this there, all life on that land will die.”

“Who cares? It’s a land ruled by a nameless Zodiac. We have to move this to a land with a lot of nutrients. If we leave it here any longer, this dimension will get damaged. Also, Eden and Ennead are insisting we quickly vacate this place.”

“Damn it! I know the Divine world would fall if this tree dies, but…”

“Well, that thing is propping up the Divine world instead of the Primordial god.”

“If only the evil gods didn't kill the Primordial god…”

“No, the real culprit is the Endless Change monarch, who weakened him.”

Lee Gun became angry. He could piece together what was going on through their conversation.

‘These bastards are repotting the tree on someone else’s land?’

In other words, Valhalla was growing an important tree, which had a connection to the ancestor of the gods. The problem was that the tree consumed too many nutrients as it grew, so it had to be repotted.

Earth had been chosen as the next land where the tree would be repotted.

Lee Gun had no idea what connection Hailey’s mother had to the Divine world, but it didn’t matter right now.

‘I’ll kill them all and save that woman.’

Lee Gun had never seen Hailey laugh before. However, that wasn’t his only reasoning. What if she really was Hailey’s birth mother? Would she be of help to them?

Lee Gun’s eyes flashed when he had that thought.

“Who are you!’

Lee Gun let out a menacing smile as he disappeared. The next moment, screams rang out from various locations.



The beings protecting the tree threw up blood as they fell over.

“It’s an attack!”

“Protect the tree!”

“Locate the enemy!”

They were frightened since they couldn’t see the enemy. By the time they thought they heard footsteps, a comrade next to them would fall over as he vomited blood. By the time they looked at a fallen comrade, another would die in a different location!

“Who is it? Hurry up and contact the high-rank gods!”

“The lifeline of the Divine world is being threatened!”

[Ah! It’s fine. Just leave him to me.]


Lee Gun furrowed his brows when he heard a shameless voice ring out from the sky.

‘This voice is…’

As expected, a familiar man appeared on the floor. It was none other than Thoth, the god in charge of knowledge in Ennead.

He and Mimir were high-rank gods who were known as the Divine world’s greatest reservoir of knowledge.

“Did the snake god crawl in here?”

“What?! The snake god was the one to attack us?”

“Do you mean the god who took Cycle?”

“How did that crazy bastard find out about this place…!”

“Also, his ranking went up further from the eighth spot…!!”

“It probably has nothing to do with his abilities. It went up because he took the Eden colonies for himself!”

The underlings were foaming at their mouths, but Thoth easily laughed as he looked at Lee Gun. “We've met before, right? It was within the Akashic records— Ahhk!!!”

Instead of answering, Lee Gun cut through Thoth’s throat. “Stop chattering like a bird, bastard.”


When Thoth’s head fell to the ground, his subordinates screamed. However, Thoth immediately reattached his head. “Haha! You do have a temper…! You used the Akashic Records of twenty-five years ago to screw over Ennead and Valkyrie.”

“I have no idea.”

“Uh? Does a snake have a bad memory? Kuhk!!!”

Thoth was decapitated once again.

Lee Gun smirked as he placed Heaven’s Punishment over his shoulder. “The Akashic Records doesn’t sync with the current timeline, so how do you know about that?”

“Really! This is a clone, but it doesn’t mean I feel no pain?! Also, you shouldn’t slight an elder god— Kuh-huhk!”


At this point, Thoth spoke in a resigned manner. “I should have known this would happen since you’re a fast-tempered god. I’ll be direct since you saw this tree. Please act as if you didn’t see this.”

“Act as if I haven’t seen this?”

Thoth looked at the tree as he laughed.

‘That woman used to have relations with the old Great Spirit.’

Moreover, the one she had mingled with was a precious fighting-type god.

‘It was a big loss.’

It was why the gods had been desperate to hold on to her…

“In the end, aren’t you doing this to protect your territory as a Zodiac? We’ll give you a territory with the same specs as the earth. We’ll give you the same number of civilians, and you’ll hold the same authority. We’ll give you everything. In fact, we’ll give you more land as a substitute—”

“Fuck off!”


“I don’t need another land. It has to be the earth for me.”


“It means nothing without the people from there.”

Thoth laughed as if he had learned something very surprising. “Oh… I finally understand. I understand why you smell so much like a human.”


Toth smirked. He was sure that this god had fallen in love with a human before.

‘He doesn’t want to be a god. He wants to live with them as a human.’

Those unresolved feelings had made him smell like a human. It had made everyone mistake him for a low-rank god.

When Thoth realized this, his eyes flashed in an evil and devious manner. 

‘That is his weakness. The Great Spirit of Ennead will be happy.’

They could get rid of the snake god with this knowledge. 

Since he had found out something good, Thoth was about to disappear. He wanted to quickly act on this information.



Thoth became unsteady on his feet. Something had happened to his true body.

“Huh-huhk?! W-Wait a moment!!” Thoth was in pain. “Why would the Great Spirit of Kunlun— Huh-uhk!”

“What? The Great Spirit of Kunlun! What do you mean by that, Thoth-nim?”

Taken aback, his subordinates grabbed Thoth.

Lee Gun also wondered what was going on with him. He tilted his head in puzzlement. A desperate voice rang out in his head.

[Master! Kunlun has gone mad! The Great Spirit of Kunlun has transformed into something bizarre. He went berserk. He’s attacking the gods of the Divine world…!]

When he heard Miny’s voice, Lee Gun smiled like a fox. “Ah! Did it work? I wanted to make a weapon out of a Great Spirit.”

Thoth clutched at his throat. He looked at Lee Gun with shock. “W-Weapon! What do you mean?”

“He dared to try to make me into his wife. I ran away after placing a mechanism that creates the Divine World Great Destruction weapon.”

“What?!! Ahhhhhhhk!”

Toth perished as he vomited blood. 

The other gods were unaware of what had happened. The only certain part was that Thoth’s true body had been attacked by the Great Spirit of Kunlun, and he had been ripped apart.

The underlings screamed, but Lee Gun merely let out an airy laugh.

‘The clothes I made for Sagittarius must have been activated.’

Why had he gone through all the trouble of making clothes for someone like Sagittarius? Lee Gun had placed a skill on the clothes using his Creation Workshop skill. 

He had let Sagittarius carry them in, and when the Great Spirit of Kunlun was swept up by them, his appearance should have changed into something odd.

‘Well… Sagittarius might get swept up in it and get killed, but…’

That was none of his business.

At this point, the gods defending the tree were having a mental breakdown.

“W-Wait a moment. I don’t think we’ll be able to get rid of the snake god—”

They didn’t get the chance to finish their words.


Puh-guhk! Puh-guhk!


Theft is never good, try looking at

[You have acquired data.]

[You have ground them down using Death.]

[By using Creation, you have turned Druid into a filling powder.]

Lee Gun leisurely walked toward the monarch and raised his hand. He wasn’t sure if he could revive her.

She was a monarch, and at a glance, it was clear that she was very powerful. Moreover, he worried a bit that she might not be as harmless to them.

[All Creation Revival (Life 5 star)]

A powerful golden light encircled the woman inside the tree.

The gods, who had fallen to the floor, screamed at this sight.

“Ahhhk! What the hell is he doing?”

Zzuh-uhk, zzuh-uhk!

The stone-like skin of the woman started to crack. Light emanated from the cracks, and something surprising happened.


It was a fierce flame that had never been seen before.

Until now, the tree had been sucking away the life from the flame of Life to live.


The eyes of the burning flame giant flashed. The flame was much stronger than the tree, and it started burning the tree into ashes.

“Ahhhkk! No!!!”

“If that tree disappears…!”

Lee Gun was watching it burn when he suddenly heard a sound. It was as if she was burning the last of her life. Her voice was laborious.

[Child of the Creators.]


[Be careful of Ennead and Valhalla. They are the ones who got rid of the Creators.]

The voice didn’t seem to be hostile toward him.

Therefore, Lee Gun said, “Rest. I’ll inform your daughter about you.”



[For you and my daughter, the monarch next to you…should be done.]

Lee Gun tilted his head when he heard the unexpected words. “Monarch? Next to me?”

He asked her who it was, and the answer soon made Lee Gun narrow his brows.

What? Him?

* * *

It didn’t matter in the end.

After getting rid of the gods and hearing the bizarre story, Lee Gun had returned home. 

“Hey, what the hell are you guys doing in front of my house?”

Lee Gun became angry when he witnessed the scene before him. It was to be expected since he saw Raphael and his damaged house. He also saw Chun Jiwoo in Hugo’s arms.

At a glance, he knew what had happened. Lee Gun’s eyes flashed menacingly.

[As if destroying the playground for the baby wasn’t enough, you attacked a pregnant woman?]

Raphael couldn’t breathe for a moment when he met eyes with Lee Gun. They were far away from each other but…

‘That power is…!’

The power emanating from Lee Gun was Stage 6! There was no mistaking it.


However, it didn’t end there.

“Damn it…!”

[You have switched to the Divine status of Cycle.]

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