The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 21: Trouble Comes Knocking

The second day, Zhuo Fan was meditating in his room at the tavern when hurried footsteps closed in. Captain Pang rushed in with an anxious face.

“Sun clan has us surrounded outside.”

Slowly opening his eyes, Zhuo Fan evoked an odd smile, “They’re finally here.”

“Eh, why are you so calm?”

Zhuo Fan walked outside without a care, “I’ve been waiting for them. Tell the siblings to come out too.”

Captain Pang couldn’t help but roll his eyes helplessly. Zhuo Fan was the official Luo clan steward and called young miss and young master in other’s presence, but when they were alone, he had no such restraints.

If it were the past, Captain Pang would’ve gone the distance in enacting the clan head’s rules. But he got used to the tough-looking but soft-hearted Zhuo Fan. He had the habit of criticizing the siblings on and on, but he was the first to jump in front of them when the need arose.

Just like yesterday, when he rebuked Luo Yunchang for speaking out of place and coming close to ruining their deal. Although wronged at the time, the young miss knew when they saw Long Jiu leaving that Zhuo Fan had done a great favor for the Luo clan.

With how the rundown Luo clan turned in a million spirit stones, they wouldn’t be in the precarious position of living on the streets or relying on others.

What was most important was Long Jiu’s evaluation of Zhuo Fan. As long as the Luo clan had him, it would soar.

“A capable man stands at the top!” Captain Pang rubbed his chin, taking one last look of admiration at Zhuo Fan then went to get the siblings.

Soon, Captain Pang accompanied them to Zhuo Fan in the tavern’s hall. Luo Yunchang still bore the marks of grievance from yesterday’s tongue-lashing on her face.

“Let’s go, young miss and young master.”

Zhuo Fan gestured outside with his eyes and Luo Yunchang snorted as she pulled her brother along.

The tavern keeper opened the doors with a creak.

Luo Yunchang showcased her young miss qualities by shifting her posture and expression to ones worthy of such status. Zhuo Fan even sighed inside that she was a prime example of a clan’s lady.

Thirty Sun clan guards stood outside, Qi Condensation experts. In the lead was Sun Yufei and a tall, dignified young master. He held a fan as his ghostly eyes roamed over Luo Yunchang’s lithe figure.

Noticing his gaze, Luo Yunchang shifted hers to Sun Yufei, “Why has young miss Sun brought so many people to look for us?”

“Humph, why ask when you already know he offended this young miss in the Cai Manor!” Sun Yufei pointed with hatred at Zhuo Fan, “I will make sure to wipe out all of the Luo clan today!”

Luo Yunchang knitted her brows and pulled Luo Yunhai tighter, but a look at the relaxed Zhuo Fan eased her tension.

It was in these moments of extreme danger, that Zhuo Fan dissolved all problems. Be it in front of Cai Rong or even Long Jiu, his cunningness and meticulous planning pulled them through.

In front of those two experts, these people were nothing.

Luo Yunchang knew, as long as Zhuo Fan was calm, the matter was as good as settled.

Seeing Zhuo Fan unflinching, Luo Yunchang began to smile, lifting her chin with confidence, “My Luo clan had lorded over Windgaze City for centuries, you think we’ll bend over just because you say so? Young miss Sun, your clan has only been here for just a few decades, please watch your tone.”

Luo Yunchang had finally recovered the lofty bearing she had in the time of Luo clan’s prosperity. Such confidence left others speechless.

The audience reduced Sun Yufei to a shrew servant while raising Luo Yunchang to a noble lady.

Noticing their expressions, Sun Yufei’s face was inflamed, bursting with Yuan Qi, “Luo Yunchang, I will teach you the meaning of a fallen clan.”

She charged for her and Captain Pang rushed to protect his young miss. But before they could meet, a fan rested between them.

“Cousin…” Sun Yufei watched him with bloodshot eyes.

Without paying her any attention, he showed respect towards Luo Yunchang, “Young miss Luo, please forgive my cousin’s lack of manners. We have come to your home for your steward to seek justice for my cousin. It does not concern young miss. If you hand him over, I guarantee not to harm any Luo clan member.”

“Cousin, didn’t we say we’re going to destroy them, why…” Sun Yufei was panicking, but he covered her face with the fan.

“I could also bring back the glory of old to the Luo clan.”

“No need, Zhuo Fan is part of the Luo clan. If you’re looking to trouble him you’re dealing with the whole clan. If you have any complaints, come to me. I am in charge of the Luo clan.” Luo Yunchang stood fearless before all.

Losing his smile, the youngster shook his head, “I urge young miss to not be taken in by emotions. If you knew who I am, you might not say the same.”

Frowning, Luo Yunchang glared at him.

“I am You Quan, a disciple of Hell Valley.”

“Wh-” Luo Yunchang was shocked and took two steps back, “That’s… Seven Noble Houses…”

“Ha-ha-ha, scared now?” Sun Yufei laughed with pride.

Everyone, besides Zhuo Fan, sported grim expressions. There was no reason to fear meeting Long Jiu since they were negotiating, but in this case, they were at odds with the Hell Valley.

Any from the Seven Noble Houses needed to only lift a finger and a mortal clan would fall or thrive. No wonder even the Clan Head Cai Rong saw the Sun clan girl with importance, her clan had a connection with the Seven Noble Houses.

“Zhuo Fan…”

Luo Yunchang grabbed his hand as her voice trembled.

With a reassuring smile, he stepped forward, “I am Luo clan’s steward, Zhuo Fan. What do you think of fighting one on one?”

“Humph, cousin was right, you are an arrogant slave,” sneered You Quan as he approached him, “All of us against someone like you will smear Hell Valley’s reputation.”

With his last word, a whoosh sound traveled and You Quan disappeared.

Zhuo Fan’s eyes narrowed, somersaulting backward. When he looked forward, a trace of blood flowed down his face.

As blood dripped from his cheek, the youth now occupied Zhuo Fan’s previous position.

“Humph, so you’ve managed to dodge it.” You Quan eyed him evilly, as if he was toying with him.

[6th layer of Qi Condensation, demonic cultivator.]

Zhuo Fan squinted and smiled, “Interesting.”

When You Quan attacked like a demon, if Zhuo Fan wasn’t a veteran demonic cultivator, it would’ve killed him. But this revealed Hell Valley’s nature, that of a demonic faction.

If another met such a problem, he’d have a hard time coping.

Demonic cultivators gained power through any means, filled with danger and ruthless natures. Righteous cultivators took the opposite approach, taking it one step at a time. They weren’t as impressive as demonic cultivation experts, but they hardly encountered problems in cultivation.

And this explained why despite only in his 6th layer, You Quan was far more dangerous. Yet Zhuo was in the 2nd, and four layers difference would make him hard-pressed even against a righteous cultivator.

Luck had it though that Zhuo Fan was an old monster in demonic cultivation, knowing his fair share of its arts and methods. This was his only hope of success.

“Are you alright?” Luo Yunchang was anxious, watching the blood trail down his cheek.

He wiped the blood and showed an excited smile. It wasn’t that he never fought with higher layers before, just that they were all righteous cultivators. This was his first encounter with a demonic cultivator in this situation and began to enjoy the novelty of it.


Even if the Luo clan wasn’t here, it was still important to go through with this fight for the sake of his meticulous schemes. This fight followed no logic, as his boiling blood dictated his movements.

The bloodthirsty look in Zhuo Fan’s eyes caught You Quan off guard.

Common sense told him his first move should have robbed Zhuo Fan of his life, and even if he escaped by some miracle, he’d be scared witless. But instead of fear, Zhuo Fan showed thrill and thirst for battle.

“Can it be…”

You Quan thought of something but was forced to block.


A blood palm exploded in his hand, pushing him back again and again. When he finally stopped, his hand was dripping blood.


“Cousin, be careful. Even Cai Rong suffered from this palm.” Sun Yufei advised.

You Quan frowned, his casual expression turning grave, “This is going to be a pain. Never thought I’d meet someone like him…”

He saw Zhuo Fan sporting a grin and he sighed inside, while also raising his vigilance.

[If I had known, I wouldn’t have caught myself in this…]

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