The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 26: Invitation


With a sudden boom, a figure appeared before the two, it was Long Jiu. His eyes were filled with excitement.

“Who set up the array just now?”

“Uh, it’s…”

The two looked long at each other before Long Jie replied, “Luo clan’s steward, Zhuo Fan!”

“What, him?”

Long Jiu turned to the array and the more he examined it, the more shocked he got, “An array master needs to know each array as the back of his hand and pours years and years into understanding heaven and earth. At my age, I can only set up 3rd grade arrays, so how can a pup set up a 5th grade array so quickly?”

Long Jiu seemed to be asking Long Kui and Long Jie, but it also seemed to be asking himself. The two only shook their heads.

It was unknown what kind of man Zhuo Fan was as he kept doing extraordinary and shocking things again and again. Even the two of them, born in a powerful clan, no longer dared to underestimate Zhuo Fan. They even felt inferior.

“Go and call the kid over. Uh, no, invite him. I want to speak to him.” Taking a look around, Long Jiu grinned.

The two cupped their hands and followed his order. Soon, in a pavilion in the garden behind the courtyard, Long Jiu served tea at a stone table. It didn’t take long before Zhuo Fan came in, followed by Long Jie and Long Kui.

“Ha-ha-ha, brother Zhuo Fan, sit.” Long Jiu laughed as he invited him.

Long Jie and Long Kui were shocked.

Brother Zhuo Fan?

Long Jiu had a high position in the clan, as such, the two of them called him uncle. Yet a proud man like Long Jiu only respected a handful of people in the Tianyu Empire.

But to call this kid ‘brother’ left the two stumped.

Zhuo Fan took it in strike however, sitting without hesitation. In his eyes, this was a world where the strong were respected. With enough strength, even this old man’s grandpa would call him brother.

“Why has bro Jiu called for me?” Zhuo Fan wasn’t a stickler for rules and poured himself some tea. He didn’t seem to know the meaning of shame as he called Long Jiu bro without so much as a blush.

Long Kui couldn’t even react. Long Jie rolled his eyes, cursing him for being shameless and taking advantage of circumstances.

But Long Jiu was overjoyed. Their relationship was now tighter and that was a good thing for him.

“Brother Zhuo Fan, since you called me bro Jiu, I won’t mince words. I’ll be honest with you, brother. For a 5th grade array master to stay in a fallen clan like the Luo clan is a sin. It’s best if you join the Veiled Dragon Pavilion. We will even treat you as a Venerable. Even the Clan Head will have to show you respect.”

Long Kui and Long Jie never imagined Long Jiu wanted to invite Zhuo Fan as Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s Venerable.

That was the highest status in the Veiled Dragon Pavilion, even higher than an elder. How could a kid, still wet behind his ears, receive such honor?

Then again, Zhuo Fan was a 5th grade array master only in the Qi Condensation Stage. Any of the seven houses would invite such a person to be a Venerable.

Asking him to join the Veiled Dragon Pavilion was for the clan’s future.

Zhuo Fan sipped tea with a smile.

He knew of Long Jiu’s intention even before he came. Who wouldn’t fight and seize a 5th grade array master in such an empire? Even the emperor would have to show him courtesy.

He foresaw this even as he set up the array.

“Brother Zhuo Fan, what do you say?” Long Jiu asked again.

Zhuo Fan grinned, “I have one condition.”

“If it’s in Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s power, you can ask for anything.” Long Jiu expressed his consent.

“Even making her serve me tea, rub my feet, and warm my bed?” Zhuo Fan pointed at Long Kui.

Long Kui’s cheeks flared red with anger, “Keep dreaming.”

Long Jiu had to shake his head in embarrassment, “It’s impossible with little Kui.”

“Ha-ha-ha, it’s just a joke. I already have a young miss so why would I look for another?” Zhuo Fan’s eyes were radiant as he turned serious, “I want the Luo siblings… forever safe.”

Zhuo Fan paused after each word.

Long Jiu showed his admiration. He never expected for Zhuo Fan’s condition to be just this. Such devotion inspired respect from the three around him.

Even the always angry Long Kui looked at him longer.

“I agree. As long as the Veiled Dragon Pavilion exists, the Luo clan, not only this generation but its descendants will also live in peace.”

Smiling, Zhuo Fan sipped his tea again.

“Then from now on, you are Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s Venerable. I will report it to the clan and three days later, I will ask Ah Jie to escort you to the clan estate.”


Zhuo Fan raised his hand, “I didn’t agree.”

“What? But just now…” Long Jiu stood in panic then glared at Zhuo Fan, “Brother Zhuo, were you messing around?”

Zhuo Fan turned serious, “If it were 15 minutes ago, I would’ve agreed without hesitation. But now…”

“What about ‘now’?” Long Jiu’s beard trembled.

Shaking his head, Zhuo Fan let out a mysterious smile as his voice turned cold, “Young miss Long Kui, do you remember what you said?”

Zhuo Fan extended his fist, “Within ten years, I will make the Luo clan stand above the seven houses!”

He down the tea in one gulp and smacked the cup on the table as he left.

Long Kui had a strange feeling watching his back.

It was impossible for a small clan to rise above the Seven Noble Houses in ten years, even if he was a 5th grade array master. The Seven Noble Houses’ reserves weren’t something he alone could overcome.

But Zhuo Fan’s confidence left her without retort.

“Little Kui, what did you say?” Long Jiu turned to the two. From Zhuo Fan’s expression, he knew Zhuo Fan was not lying. So, something must have happened earlier.

Long Kui only stared at Zhuo Fan’s back as Long Jie spoke after hesitating.

Long Jiu shook his head after hearing the story, “I’ve said already not to insult people and cut at their shortcomings. You’ve insulted the Luo clan and they are sure to not take it lying down.”

“But… what he said can’t be achieved.” Long Jie muttered.

Long Jiu stroked his beard, “Luo clan has a 5th grade array master. Even if it won’t rise above the seven houses, it will still be well known in the land. It’s best to get closer to it.

“We were so close to having him as Venerable…” Long Jiu sighed as he fixed his eye on Long Kui.

Regarding Zhuo Fan, he went to Luo Yunchang, his mind going a mile a minute.

He could have completely put his heart demon to rest but chose not to because of Long Kui’s words.

[Pipe dream? If we can’t even dream, our only choice is to leave it up to fate.]

Demonic cultivators walked in defiance of heaven, fighting for their own fates. Zhuo Fan thus hated when someone told him that any goals he had was a pipe dream, that he should feel grateful for his fate.

He had to prove to everyone that even a fallen clan could reach the top one day. He no longer helped the Luo clan just for the sake of his heart demon, but also for his path as a demonic cultivator.

[Nothing in this world is impossible! If Heaven stands in my way, I will kill it. My fate is my own and not Heaven’s.]

The day shall come when he would rebuild this ruined clan to the best the world had ever seen! As long as Demonic Emperor Zhuo Yifan was here, nothing was impossible.


Zhuo Fan slammed the door open full of anger.

Luo Yunhai, Luo Yunchang, and Captain Pang were startled. Luo Yunchang hesitated before building up the courage to speak to him, “Zhuo Fan, what did grandfather Jiu want?”

“He invited me to join Veiled Dragon Pavilion.”

The three’s faces saddened. Despite being downhearted inside, Luo Yunchang strained a smile, “Congratulations, Veiled Dragon Pavilion will offer you a far more glorious future than Luo clan.”

She had a guess Zhuo Fan’s talent as a 5th grade array master would attract the seven houses’ invitation. The Luo clan would find it impossible to hold onto such a man.

Zhuo Fan snorted, “What are you sad about? I declined.”


Shock was seen but happiness was the most obvious emotion, “Why?”

“Just because. I’ll be in my room!” Zhuo Fan left without answering. But just before he was gone, he said coldly, “Young miss, don’t interfere in any future matters of the Luo clan, be it big or small.”


Luo Yunchang nodded absentminded. Wasn’t it like this so far? Why did he bring this up?

Zhuo Fan then seemed to talk to her but also to himself.

“From now on, I am Luo clan’s steward. In ten years, I will raise the Luo clan above the Veiled Dragon Pavilion!”

His figure left with the last word, leaving the three in shock…

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