The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 36: Lone Sentry


The little courtyard’s door was kicked open and Yang Ming and his bandit gang stormed the premises.

“Get the Returning Dragon Palm! And kill the Luo clan!” Yang Ming extended his hand.


A breeze passed, followed by Zhuo Fan landing from the roof and barring their path, “People, the way is closed off. Please go back, for your own sake.”

The bandits stopped in shock. Yang Ming stepped from among them and snickered, “Are you from the Luo clan?”

Zhuo Fan nodded, “I am Luo clan’s steward, Zhuo Fan.”

“Zhuo Fan?” Yang Ming exposed a savage grin, “Here I was wondering where to look for you and yet you were kind enough to jump right in my path.”

“Whoever brings me his head will get a reward.” Yang Ming shouted to the bandits around him.


Under Yang Ming’s enticing offer, the bandits shot for Zhuo Fan like cannonballs.

Zhuo Fan sneered inside, [What could 2nd layer Qi Condensation cultivators possibly do?]

In but a breath, Zhuo Fan’s hand moved like a shadow, touching the head of the first victim that dared to step close and sending out black energy through the use of Demon Transformation Art.

Under the shocked gaze of the rest, the victim turned to dust and was swept away by the wind.

Even Yang Ming was scared, never seeing such a ruthless killing method despite his stay in the Hell Valley which was filled with its fair share of demonic cultivating monsters. If he was scared, the bandits were horrified.

Despite Zhuo Fan having killed a weakling, how he did it drew a far greater reaction out of them.

“T-that’s the best demonic method!”

Yang Ming’s eyes flickered on and off, gone was his disdain for Zhuo Fan, now replaced by endless caution, “Who the hell are you? There’s no way the Luo clan could have someone like you.”

With a sinister smile, Zhuo Fan pretended to caress an imaginary beard while speaking in an aged voice, “Little brother, did you forget? This old man is but a swindler.”

“It’s you!”

Yang Ming realized he was the old guy accompanying Lei Yuting before. Since he was here, that meant…

Killing Intent flashed as Yang Ming spoke, “Where are they?”

Zhuo Fan shook his head, “Are you dumb or what? Since I’m here, of course they’re here with me.”

Yang Ming’s heart tightened. If the old man and Lei Yuting came out, his control over the Blackwind Mountain bandits would crumble.

“I should’ve killed you two from the start.” Yang Ming’s Yuan Qi exploded. His Bone Tempering power caused the bandits to flinch back three steps.

Zhuo Fan only shook his head, “You wouldn’t have attacked, not until you saw Xiao Cui. For you to have hidden for so long in the Blackwind Mountain shows your careful nature, unable to accept the smallest mistake. Until you knew for certain Xiao Cui’s location, you’d never kill her master.”

Yang Ming’s heart was in upheaval.

Never for the likes of him could he imagine a stranger had such a piercing analysis of him, that could see through his every move. He was far more cunning than even the old men in the Hell Valley.

He had to die.

As Zhuo Fan words landed, the bandits began to doubt.

Yang Ming couldn’t drag this any longer, for fear of exposing himself for good and ruining the house’s plan. He chose to attack Zhuo Fan.

Zhuo Fan’s demonic method left him in shock, but as Zhuo Fan was but a 4th layer Qi Condensation cultivator, he could kill him in one blow.

Zhuo Fan was taken aback by Yang Ming’s sudden attack and retreated, “Have you no dignity? How can a Bone Tempering cultivator use all his power against a Qi Condensation cultivator?”

Yang Ming cackled, “You think I’m as dumb as You Quan to be caught off guard by you?”

His finger extended and lightning blossomed, the same move used by the Lei clan, Lightning Finger.

For early Bone Tempering Yang Ming to use a spirit ranked martial art on Zhuo Fan showed the desperation he had in wishing to kill him.

And yet, despite his opponent’s fierce momentum, Zhuo Fan stopped and spread his arms as he welcomed Yang Ming with a mystifying smile.

Yang Ming was unnerved, but not enough to curb his attack.

Zhuo Fan then curled a finger and a yellow light encased him.

Yang Ming collided with the light and bounced off while coughing blood.

“What is that?”

Yang Ming was dumbstruck in the face of such a light. He only felt as if Zhuo Fan’s finger held the power to send him flying.

How did he do it?

[Wasn’t he just a Qi Condensation punk? Didn’t You Quan give him a heavy wound? How is he so strong?]

Zhuo Fan chuckled at Yang Ming’s puzzlement as his hand moved, “You’re a bit stronger than You Quan, but still trash. The only fate of trash… is death!”

Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

A golden dragon burst out of the ground and swooped down on Yang Ming. Its majestic power brought everyone else to their knees.

Yang Ming felt fear and wanted to curse.

[Blast it, the house lied to me!]

[Didn’t they say this punk can only sneak attack? How does he have this much power? If that dragon attacks, not even my bones will remain.]

[Only a Profound Heaven expert has such power!]

The Blackwind Mountain bandits were terrified. Didn’t Hell Valley bait all the experts? Why was one still here? [No one from the seven houses is trustworthy.]


Just when the golden dragon was poised to strike, a shout came. The bandits knew it belonged to their Young miss and hope rose within them.

Zhuo Fan snorted.

Yet the next moment tens of black chains descended from the black cloud above. They not only tied the dragon up but also crushed it.

Zhuo Fan looked with contracted pupils.

The black cloud was the same one the three elders from the Hell Valley relied on before.

“There was another one?” Frowning, Zhuo Fan knew the black cloud hid another elder.


A man descended from the black clouds and landed in front of Yang Ming. Lei Yuting also arrived next to Zhuo Fan and glared, “Didn’t I tell you to stop?”

“Anyone who stands in my way is my enemy. Why should I listen to you?” Zhuo Fan didn’t look at her, only staring at the newcomer.

Lei Yuting snorted.

“Sigh, that old Jian Fan told me to watch over the Blackwind Mountain bandits. I thought it was a waste of time and did not take it seriously.” The man waved, “You Ming, leave!”

“No, Elder Yun. I want to get Zhuo Fan’s head myself, for junior brother You Quan’s revenge.” You Ming glared at Zhuo Fan.


The man gave him an unexpected slap, sending him flying.

“You think you can?”

The man sneered, “You can’t even match his skill, so go back to Hell Valley! This doesn’t concern you anymore.”

“Elder Yun…”

You Ming was distracted seeing the unfeeling gaze in the man’s eyes. He never saw Elder Yun like this. You Ming was among the best in Hell Valley and no elder ever looked at him with such cold eyes.


The man snorted, “Despite your scheming heart, I used to see you as a man of talent, worthy of raising. But now that I met this youngster, I realized you are nothing more than an insect.”

The man then turned to Zhuo Fan with a smile, “Child, you have one chance, join Hell Valley and all our differences shall be made void. Or…”


He swiped and a black chain tightened tens of Blackwind Mountain bandits. He pulled a bit and all that was left were pieces of flesh.

“Or follow in their footsteps.”

Shock spread to those still alive to see this and Lei Yuting glared in rage at him.

Rubbing his chin, Zhuo Fan smiled, “Wasn’t Hell Valley using Blackwind Mountain to save its reputation. Why kill them?”

“With how smart you are, I’m sure you can figure it out.” The man snickered, “Since our plan is out in the open, I would rather avoid raising doubts in them by killing all now.”

“Them? Who’s that?” Zhuo Fan frowned.

The man shook his head, “You will know once you join us.”

Zhuo Fan only laughed, “To me, Hell Valley is the same as he is to you, a mere insect.”

He pointed at You Ming with a taunt.

The man’s ire grew, “Kid, don’t you fear death?”

Zhuo Fan snickered, “Can you deliver it?”

The man jumped and hacked his palm in rage at Zhuo Fan, “Die!”

Zhuo Fan made a gesture and a yellow light blocked the attack.

You Ming saw them clash with jealousy and hatred. He was considered outstanding and was sent on an important mission to Blackwind Mountain. But Zhuo Fan’s sudden appearance ruined everything.

It even caused the elder to abandon him.


“Zhuo Fan, you’ll see.” You Ming wiped the blood from his mouth and fled.

Lei Yuting chased at once and the two were gone moments later.

Zhuo Fan, on the other hand, faced the man with the help of the array. Seeing her go, he sighed, “Foolish girl!” And he sent Blood Infant to follow them in secret…

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