The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 6: Vile Servant Actually

Zhuo Fan carried Luo Yunhai in one hand while the other pulled the tender arm of Luo Yunchang in his mad dash, leaving behind the cries and wails of the guards at their backs.

“Wait, we can’t just leave them.” Luo Yunchang recovered after a while and said anxiously.

Zhuo Fan kept going without paying her any heed.

“Let go!”

Luo Yunchang saw him disobeying her and threw his hand off. Zhuo Fan stopped and stared her down.

“We need to go back. We can’t let the guards throw their life away for us. ”

“Can you beat them?” said Zhuo Fan.

Luo Yunchang sighed with a frown, “The others are bad enough, but they have Steward Sun, in the 6th layer of Qi Condensation while I am only in the 3rd layer and the captain in the 4th. Even if we join forces, we are still no match for him.”

“What’s the point of returning then? Let’s go.”

Zhuo Fan snorted and grabbed her again to dash.

It was now that the child in his other hand squirmed, “Stinky slave, how dare you talk back to your master. Apologize to my sister and I won’t let you butt blossom in pain.”

Zhuo Fan looked in a daze, the pup bearing his fangs in his arm then looked at Luo Yunchang. The young miss was angry. Recalling he was but a mere servant of the Luo clan, only now did his disrespectful words sink in .

But so what? He wasn’t the real Zhuo Fan anyway.

Moreover, they weren’t exactly the same revered Luo clan either. [Your family is on the brink of being exterminated yet you have time to nitpick?]

If not for the heart demon, the majestic Demonic Emperor would have never even minded your trifling matters!

“Brat, think I won’t make your butt blossom?” Zhuo Fan stared at Luo Yunhai.

“You dare, slave!” Luo Yunhai glared back without fear. He grew up in the manor and knew of the gap in their status. How could he ever come to fear a servant’s threat?

Such a pity the one before him wasn’t Luo clan’s servant.

With a grin, Zhuo Fan bent him over the knee, pulled his pants and slapped like no tomorrow.

The sonorous slaps rang in their ears, striking Luo Yunhai and Luo Yunchang dumb. They never dreamed of this ever happening. A servant daring to slap a master’s bum.

To the point even the bratty Luo Yunhai forgot about the pain. But he soon got a taste of the scorching sting on his rear.


Luo Yunchang cried in alarm, wrestling her brother from him and into her embrace, “Zhuo Fan, you dare raise your hand against your master?”

Luo Yunchang was known in the clan for her gentle nature, and warm and refined demeanor, a girl from a wealthy family that never got angry. But Zhuo Fan’s act took the cake and made the rage inside her burn like never before.

Zhuo Fan avoided her eyes as he sneered, “Not as daring as young miss. To the point of wasting time berating others while the enemy is just around the corner.”

The noise behind them was getting weaker. Zhuo Fan and Luo Yunchang were clear the guards couldn’t hold on much longer.

“I only slapped him a few times, but if you do not run, those men will soon take his life.” Zhuo Fan pointed at Luo Yunhai.

Luo Yunhai was still angry but Zhuo Fan’s words struck close to home. Her brother was the only male left in the clan. She could sacrifice herself, but nothing must happen to him.

After some thought, she became serious, “Zhuo Fan, take young master and leave while I stall them.”

“I refuse!” blurted Zhuo Fan, “If you dare leave, I will kill this brat.”


She was at a loss for words. Never would she have imagined her clan would house such an arrogant and impudent servant that would dare threaten their master.

“I’ve lived in the Luo clan for all my life and do not know the surrounding. If you leave, me and the brat won’t make it.” Zhuo Fan continued.

Luo Yunchang nodded in silence, her anger cooling. It made sense. But the next words flamed her anger to new heights, staring daggers at him.

“It won’t mean much even if you die, but try not to take me down with you..”

“You…” Luo Yunchang turned green, but held it in.

He ignored the pair and turned to walk, “Is there any place nearby where we can hide?”

Snorting, Luo Yunchang glared at him while ignoring the insufferable servant.

But she was a young miss after all and even though her anger never waned, she still knew to look past it in this dangerous situation, “There’s only farmland around us for a hundred miles and only the west face of the Blackwind Mountain is the only place few people venture in. It is a forest covered in fog that not even the mountain bandits know in detail.”

“Then, That’s where we’ll go.”

Zhuo Fan nodded, “Carry your brother and lead the way.”


She snorted and walked forward without sparing him another look.

Just how could she stumble upon such bad luck, where the two siblings were now accompanied by an arrogant and rotten slave. She was in front and he was in the back, it was as if the master-servant roles were reversed.

Never had the siblings suffered such humiliation.

[Just you wait. Once we get out of this, I will put you in your place.] Thought Luo Yunchang in anger

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