The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 72: Xue Clan Patriarch

The trio returned to the second area using the same method as before. Then they soon arrived at the first area.

With the first step into safety, their hearts started easing up. Their Thunder Rings flashed with lightning from how close they were.

“All that’s left is to leave Blue Expanse City and we’ll be safe.” Zhuo Fan looked in the city’s direction with a smile.

Although he didn’t obtain the Thunder Skylark, he earned much more, its egg and two dear friends in life and death moments.

Xue Ningxiang however was frowning, worry plaguing her heart, “But we offended the seventh elder. Won’t he set a trap for us?”

“Unlikely.” Zhuo Fan stated, “He must’ve spared our lives because another greater danger was looming overhead forcing him to flee. He must be thinking we’ve died at the hands of that scary thing.”

“Thing, what thing?” Xie Tianyang asked.

Zhuo Fan only shook his head. He was out like a light at that time and was unclear what happened. But when he woke up he saw the destruction around him and came to this conclusion.

As for why they were luckily spared, ask heaven!

“In any case, sneaking out of the city is easy.” Zhuo Fan smiled, “Ning’er, what will you do after we leave?”

“I don’t know.”

Xue Ningxiang turned gloomy, but then she looked up at Zhuo Fan, “Big brother Zhuo, I’ll just go with you.”

Zhuo Fan started while Xie Tianyang became flustered and said, “Ning’er, how about you come with me, to Sword Marquise Abode. Not only will your clansmen not come for you, but even Hell Valley’s people wouldn’t be able to take you from us.”

Xue Ningxiang happily nodded, “Alright. Big brother Zhuo, why don’t you also come? I’ve never seen the strong Seven Noble Houses of the Tianyu Empire.”

Xie Tianyang wasn’t too pleased about it but since Ning’er was happy he also relented, “Zhuo Fan, for Ning’er, I will extend an invitation to visit my house as a guest.”

Zhuo Fan looked at them for a moment and shook his head, “I cannot. I have other places to be. If fortune smiles, we will see each other again.”

The two were startled and hesitant about parting.

Though Xie Tianyang and Zhuo Fan were like fire and water, arguing every day, they went through hell together and came out as brothers.

“Hey, I truly welcome you to my house. Think of your brother, me, and come.”

Zhuo Fan snickered, “I already said, we aren’t brothers!”

“Sigh, how can you…”

As Xie Tianyang was about to laugh it off, a crack was heard and a sudden pressure pushed down on them, “No one is allowed to leave!”


A black figure appeared with long black and white hair. His long goatee fluttered in the wind, and his eyes flashed as they landed on the trio.

Profound Heaven expert!

Zhuo Fan and Xie Tianyang were startled and protected Xue Ningxiang with their bodies.

“Is it an elder from Hell Valley?”

“I’ve never seen him.”

Zhuo Fan and Xie Tianyang whispered. What was certain though, this old man wanted to wring them dry.

But then, Xue Ningxiang jumped out from between them and walked cautiously towards the man, “Grandfather!”

Xie Tianyang was stumped while Zhuo Fan asked with a frown, “You’re Xue clan’s only Profound Heaven expert, Xue clan’s Patriarch, Xue Dingtian?”

Turning a blind eye to the rotten kids in front, Xue Dingtian looked over Xue Ningxiang, “Ning’er, where did you run off these months? I looked all over for you.”

Xue Ningxiang hung her head in guilt and mumbled, “Sorry for worrying you, grandfather.”

Xue Dingtian sighed and tousled his dear grandchild’s hair then spat, “Did any of these runts misbehave?”

Xue Ningxiang knew where this was going and was embarrassed, “Grandpa, what are you saying!”

“Humph, then all is good!”

Xue Dingtian rolled his eyes over Zhuo Fan and Xie Tianyang, “Who was it that hurt my grandson, Xue Gang?”


Xie Tianyang didn’t miss a beat in exposing Zhuo Fan, “I only met Ning’er after. I never saw your grandson.”

Rolling his eyes, Zhuo Fan could only blame his poor luck in friends, “I didn’t know he was Ning’er’s brother, so… please forgive the offense, senior!”

“Then… you eloped with Ning’er?” Xue Dingtian questioned Zhuo Fan.

“What, elope?”

Xie Tianyang cried with a start and grabbed Zhuo Fan by the clothes, “Zhuo Fan, explain it to me! Since when were you so close with Ning’er?”

Xue Dingtian glanced at Xie Tianyang and turned towards his granddaughter. [Who is that kid, to be even more pissed than me?]

Xue Ningxiang glared at her grandpa, then hid her flaming cheeks with her hands.

[Grandpa is getting old, how could he mention something like that out of the blue?] She was complaining inside but her eyes sneaked a peek at Zhuo Fan.

“Wait, don’t misunderstand. I only asked Ning’er to show me the way and nothing else!”

Zhuo Fan gesticulated while shouting. Only then did Xie Tianyang stop.

Xue Dingtian stared down Zhuo Fan but seeing no lies, he spoke, “Good, in that case, I won’t be hard on you on account on your time with my granddaughter.”

“Come, Ning’er, let’s go home.” Xue Dingtian pulled her. But Xue Ningxiang turned to the two behind her. Xie Tianyang was getting anxious, wanting to stop them.

“Wait!” Zhuo Fan shouted.

Xue Dingtian spoke in a cold tone, “Is there something else, runt?”

“You can’t take Ning’er.” said Zhuo Fan with a stony expression, “And I advise you don’t return either.”

Xue Dingtian frowned, “What do you mean by that?”

“I’ll be frank. We offended the seventh elder of Hell Valley and he recognized Ning’er. I can guess he’s now getting rowdy in the Xue clan. If you go back now, you will die.”

Xue Dingtian was startled, then looked to see Xue Ningxiang nodding shyly.

As if thunderstruck, Xue Dingtian trembled and stumbled backward before falling.

Xue Ningxiang started crying and rushed to her grandpa, “Grandfather, forgive me…”

Xue Dingtian tightened his fist as rage swallowed his heart. Then his killing intent filled eyes landed on Zhuo Fan and Xie Tianyang.

“It’s you who brought this disaster upon us. As long as I take you to the seventh elder, he will spare us.”

Saying so, he slapped towards Zhuo Fan.

Zhuo Fan’s foot moved a bit making two of his phantoms appear near him. Then they immediately retreated in different directions. Xue Dingtian scattered the three retreating figures to dust with a wave of his hand but the real one wasn’t among them.

The next moment, Zhuo Fan came from behind Xue Dingtian and attacked with a bloody hand.

Blood Palm!

Startled, Xue Dingtian felt his blood vessels boil. He now felt it on his own skin why his son and grandson had lost.

Zhuo Fan wasn’t only strong enough to skip stages, but also cunning and hard to fathom.

Too bad he wasn’t in the Profound Heaven stage like the old man.

Xue Dingtian vanished before the Blood Palm could hit him, shocking Zhuo Fan.

At the same instant, a powerful strike came from behind, and Zhuo Fan, who was unable to dodge in time, spat blood while flying.

Xue Dingtian was about to pursue when a mystical sword intent came at him. It was Xie Tianyang wielding his Star Sword to strike Xue Dingtian’s chest.

As he looked at the approaching sword, the sky seemed to have calmed and he could only see the glittering sword moving.

Profound ranked martial art?

Xue Dingtian moved his foot slightly and disappeared, only to attack from Xie Tianyang’s side with a palm.

Xie Tianyang spatted blood and flew due to the impact. It was thanks to his spiritual armor that he wasn’t heavily wounded.


Zhuo Fan and Xie Tianyang staggered to their feet. A Profound Heaven expert’s power wasn’t to be taken lightly. Without an array, they had no chance.

That brief exchange from before lasted but a breath and the outcome was a forgone conclusion.

The two couldn’t even touch a Profound Heaven expert.

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