115 Some Illnesses Can’t be Cured by National Doctors

There were living people in the ruins of Kylo, and all the skills of the former commander of the northern army came from the ruins of Kylo.

At that time, Braydon Neal, who was nine years old, was in the ruins of Kylo for three months. Outsiders did not know what he had experienced, but he had obtained the Great Void of Kylo Art.

However, in order to avoid trouble, he changed the name of his cultivation technique to the Art of the God of War.

Very few people knew about this secret.

Therefore, it was not an exaggeration to say that Braydon was the only heir of the Kylo ruins.

After taking a shower, Braydon’s thin body was covered in sweat, which dripped down his shoulder blades.

“Hey, stinky Braydon, where are you?” A soft female voice came from outside the door.

“I’m taking a shower!” Braydon pulled out a white cloak. It looked like it was used to clean his body, but it was embroidered with a golden Qilin.

Everything that Braydon wore and used was specially provided by the northern territory.

After the poisoning incident, the northern territory urgently used supersonic fighter jets to fly three thousand miles at night to deliver Braydon’s daily washing supplies. In addition, Zayn Ziegler had ordered Logan Hall to take care of Braydon every day.

As a martial artist, although Logan’s strength was not great, he could check if the daily supplies had been poisoned.

Logan personally checked in the kitchen the food that Braydon was eating.

Heather Sage’s figure was impressive, and she was dressed in casual clothes, but it could not hide her elegance from being from a wealthy family. Her small fair hands were holding a lunch box with porridge inside.

Logan’s expression changed slightly as he accepted the lunchbox and chuckled, “Miss Heather, you can leave this with me!”


Heather handed over the lunchbox and turned back to take a look. Her face instantly turned red, and she stomped her feet in anger. “Stinky Braydon, why aren’t you wearing any clothes?”

“You called me Braydon the day before yesterday!” Braydon was dressed in a white robe, and his messy hair was dripping with water droplets, giving him a carefree look.

Heather rolled her eyes and wrinkled her nose. She made Braydon sit down and picked up the hair dryer to dry his wet hair.

Logan quietly opened the lunchbox and carried it to the kitchen. He poured out the red bean porridge and personally tasted it with a spoon.

“Logan Hall, you’re not allowed to eat it!” Heather shouted.

Logan was immediately speechless. It was not that he wanted to secretly eat it, but that he was worried the red bean porridge sent by this silly young lady would be poisoned again.

Fortunately, the red bean porridge was not poisonous. Braydon returned to his room and put on a dust-free cotton robe with a gold-stamped small Qilin logo embroidered on the sleeve.

Perhaps only Braydon could wear this dress.

Heather said helplessly, “Do you only have this one piece of clothing? Hurry up and have some porridge. I’ll help you pick out a few sets of clothes later when you go out with me.”

“Miss Heather, if you need anything, just tell me. I’ll do it!” Logan felt a headache coming on. Ever since Heather arrived, she had been continuously giving him difficult questions.

Everything that Braydon wore and used would be provided by the northern territory in secret, which was also the safest.

If he were to buy ordinary clothes on the streets and was poisoned, he, Logan Hall, would not be able to atone for his crime even with a hundred deaths.

Braydon ate his red bean porridge calmly. He did not like to talk much when he was eating.

“When did you people from the Preston team start buying clothes for others?” Heather asked in annoyance.

“This matter concerns the Northern King. It’s no small matter!” Logan faintly reminded Heather not to act willfully.

Braydon put down his bowl and chopsticks. “Don’t worry. You don’t have to be so nervous. Since you don’t have anything to do here, try the method I taught you. It can help you break through to the warrior level.”

“Yes, Sir!” Logan retreated to the side.

As soon as Braydon and Heather went out, they saw Qahira Summer holding little Ginny Neal’s hand.

“Big brother!” Ginny called out sweetly.

“Why aren’t you in class today?” Braydon asked lovingly.

“Ginny is having a fever, so I’m having her rest at home. Where are you and Heather planning to go?” Qahira teased.

She really hoped that Braydon and Heather would get together.

They were a perfect match for each other, and this was a marriage set by their elders. They had known each other since they were young and were definitely childhood besties.

Heather said helplessly, “He’s back in Preston, but he’s always wearing this shirt. I’ll take him to buy a few sets of clothes.”

The two of them chatted for a while. Braydon reached out to pick up his sister and pinched the little girl’s nose. He was very doting and asked casually, “Fourth Aunt, what did the doctor say about Ginny’s illness?”

“The doctor said that she’s caught a cold. She’ll be fine after taking some medicine and resting for a day.”

Qahira did not have any doubts about him.

However, she had neglected the fact that her eldest nephew, Braydon, was a national medical doctor.

Ginny was sick. How could she hide it from Braydon?

Braydon’s bright smile scared Heather so much that her eyelids kept twitching. She shouted, “Stinky Braydon, why are you smiling like that? Don’t scare people like that!”

After having gotten along for a few days, Heather had seen through Braydon. Every time he smiled like this, something big would happen.

Braydon was speechless. He was not ugly. He looked like a seventeen-year-old, and he was quite handsome. Outsiders were used to calling him a young man.

In the end, his bright eyes and bright smile were so terrifying in Heather’s eyes?

“Ginny, go over there with your sister Heather, okay?” Braydon lowered his head.

“Big brother, why are you sending me away?” Ginny might be young, but she was very sensible, and her mind was more mature than children of the same age.

Braydon laughed. “I’m going to talk to your mother about some adult stuff. I can’t let you hear it.”

“Then, can you take me out to play later?” Ginny raised her head, her bright eyes filled with anticipation.

Braydon nodded slightly and agreed to the little girl.

Heather held the little girl’s hand and went to the pond to play.

When they were far away.

“Fourth Aunt, I hope you won’t hide certain things from me!” Braydon said with a serious face.

“Braydon, I…”

Qahira’s eyes were slightly red as she turned around to wipe her tears.

She knew that with her nephew’s ability, he must have seen through the condition Ginny was in, and there was no way to hide it.

Braydon comforted her softly. “Aunt, I only have one sister. No matter what happens in the future, I will protect her at all costs. If I hadn’t discovered the illness Ginny has today, would you still have hidden it from me?”

The illness in Ginny’s little body was not an ordinary cold!

“It was your fourth uncle who told me not to tell any of you. He didn’t want you to worry.

“Your fourth uncle said that your martial arts crowning ceremony is imminent, so we can’t distract you. We’ll talk about it when you’ve hit twenty.”

After he had finished speaking, Braydon’s eyes were filled with anger.

He was treating Braydon as an outsider!

Liam Neal came back from outside, holding a sandalwood box in his arms, and hurried over. “Braydon, why are you here? Where’s Ginny?” he asked.

“Fourth Uncle, how long do you plan to hide Ginny’s illness from me?” Braydon asked.

Liam froze and looked at Qahira, whose eyes were red. He could not bear to blame her and sighed, “You already know, but Braydon, your martial arts crowning ceremony is just around the corner. I don’t want you to be distracted.”

“Fourth Uncle, you’re treating me like an outsider!” Braydon looked at him.

“Braydon, it’s just a misunderstanding,” Liam hurriedly explained. “It would be difficult even for national doctors to cure Ginny. If I were to tell all of you, it would only make everyone feel bad!”

“So what if the national doctors can’t save her? She’s my sister. Even if the ten kings of hell come here in person, I can still protect Ginny!”

Braydon was angry again, showing his domineering nature.

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