116 Summoning the Twelve National Doctors of the North to the Neal Home

He could count the number of relatives he had!

In the third generation of the Neal family, besides Braydon Neal, there was only little Ginny left.

Braydon only had one sister, and he would never let her get into an accident.

There was a brief silence.

“Fourth Aunt, don’t be sad. I’ll find a way to cure Ginny’s illness!” Braydon said calmly.

“Braydon, can you really save him? After all, Ginny is suffering from a terminal illness, I…”

Qahira Summer could not stop crying.

Because of Liam Neal, ever since Ginny Neal was born, she had suffered a lot by their side, making Qahira feel like she owed her daughter.

“Braydon,” Liam sighed, “some illnesses can’t be cured even by national medical doctors!”

“Braydon, I’ve brought Ginny to see famous doctors. They all said that Ginny won’t live past seven.”

Qahira choked on her sobs and could not continue.

When she was pregnant with Ginny, it was a premature birth, which made little Ginny weak and sickly from a young age. When she was diagnosed with ALS, Qahira and Liam lost all hope!

The Lou Gehrig’s disease was a terminal illness that the world had no way of treating. Even traditional medicine could not save her.

Most patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease could only survive for three to five years. About 20% of patients lived for more than five years, 10% lived for ten years, and 5% lived for more than ten years.

The death rate was extremely high, but the survival rate was pitifully low.

Ginny was already ten years old this year.

Some illnesses were really difficult to cure!

However, everyone in the Neal family loved Ginny, including Braydon. He could not bear to see his sister suffer.

Now that Braydon knew everything, how could he sit back and ignore it?

Liam spoke again. “Braydon, Ginny doesn’t know about this. She’s suffering from ALS. Her organs are failing internally. It’s just not obvious from the outside.”

However, the more he spoke, the more Braydon felt sorry for the little girl.

“Logan Hall, with the Northern King’s order, urgently summon the twelve doctors of the north to the capital and gather at the Neal home!”

Braydon stood with his hands behind his back, his white robe fluttering without any wind, and his thin body exuded a terrifying tiger’s might.

Logan instantly leaped into the air and caught the purple-gold token.

This token was the Northern King’s token!

With this token, one could command the ten most ruthless men and the ten legions of the north.

Seeing a token was like seeing the general!

Logan received the token and directly passed through the provincial capital team to report to the central Hansworth main team, sending the Northern King’s order directly to the northern territory!

In the northern desert, a young man in white sitting in a wheelchair received the Northern King’s order and said, ” Yuri, big brother has an urgent order. Lead the twelve national doctors and go there personally!”

“Before big brother left, he gave us a secret order. Other than Danny, the nine of us are forbidden from leaving the country!” A person beside him frowned and reminded.

“Yuri is only responsible for escorting the twelve national doctors to the Neal family,” the young man in the wheelchair said indifferently. “He’ll have to come back after the matter is over. Big brother will understand.”

As soon as he had finished speaking, a twenty-five-year-old young man in a snow-white robe took off the cloak on his shoulder and walked out.

He was Yuri Qualls, one of the ten ruthless men of the north!

White-clothed Qualls’ name had spread across the northern region, standing on the corpses of his enemies from the other eight countries.

He had a chance of becoming a king in this life!

There were no weaklings under the Northern King!

“Wait, Yuri,” the young man in the wheelchair said. “Big brother was severely injured before he left the country. I’m worried. Take the northern imperial guards and go there personally. Clean up the small fries in Preston while you’re there!”

“Alright!” Yuri caught the black iron token.

This token had always been in the hands of the general, and it was a pair with the Northern King’s token.

However, before Braydon left the country, he gave the token to Cripple Carden and let him take charge of the northern imperial guards, which was the important task of taking charge of the northern army.

White-clothed Qualls turned around and walked to the door.

A bald young man walked toward him and brushed past him. His thin lips moved slightly, “From the northern territory, into the central plains, into Preston. Those who are against big brother, kill them all!”

“I know what to do. Second brother Carden has already instructed me!”

This time, they were mobilizing the imperial guards, which meant there were going to be killings!

Only his own family knew how terrifying the northern imperial guards were.

Yuri patted his elder brother’s shoulder. The tip of his foot tapped on the ground lightly, and he jumped up. He stepped on the roof and stood with his hands behind his back. His white clothes fluttered in the wind.

“The northern token is here,” he shouted, holding the black iron token. “Where are the imperial guards?”

“Three thousand men in black, at your command!”

In an instant, three thousand black figures silently appeared.

Every one of them was dressed in a black military uniform with the word “death” draped over their shoulders. Their faces were covered by a black cloth, revealing pairs of tiger-like eyes. They were brimming with spirit, revealing a determined and cold expression.

They were the most terrifying imperial guards of the northern army!

These three thousand people in the northern army had the highest military achievements and were the strongest. They were all loyal to the Northern King!

It was rumored that wherever the imperial guards of the north went, the Northern King, Braydon Neal, would appear!

This was because the imperial guards did not leave Braydon’s side.

However, when Braydon returned home, he left the imperial guards in the North to help Cripple Carden take charge of the ten armies and deal with the strange movements of the eight countries outside the borders.

“Follow me to the central plains. To Preston!” Yuri smiled.

“Yes, Sir!”

The three thousand black-robed men were cold and emotionless. They were the ones who had caused the Ludwig incident.

In contrast, the Neal family manor was peaceful and harmonious.

“Big brother.” Ginny Neal looked up. “You and Mom are still talking?”

“Ginny, big brother has something to do today, so he can’t go out to play. Can we play tomorrow?”

Braydon bent down and picked up the little girl.

Ginny’s eyes dimmed, but she quickly smiled. “Okay, big brother’s matter is important. Take me out tomorrow!”

“Silly girl, I’m not going anywhere today. The only thing I have to do is to recuperate with you. When I’m better tomorrow, I’ll take you out to play. Anywhere is fine!”

Everyone could see how doting Braydon was.

Heather rolled her eyes. They had agreed to go out and buy clothes, but it was not anything urgent, so it would be the same if they bought it tomorrow.

She was not an unruly and overbearing young lady.

Ginny giggled. The little girl was overjoyed. She never thought that Braydon would be able to accompany her for the whole day.

In fact, in the Neal family’s manor, everyone in the Neal family knew how much Braydon doted on his sister.

No one dared to neglect this little princess.

As a result, Ginny had no playmates at home. The only people she was familiar with were her parents and her big brother, Braydon.

Braydon was about to go back to his villa with the little girl in his arms.

“Greetings, Northern King! Steve Xavier from the Preston team is here to visit.”

“I’ve told you before, just call me by my name.”

Braydon did not like this form of address. It would destroy the warmth of being at home.

However, Steve did not dare to call the Northern King by his name. He said, “Young Master Neal, you had Logan issue the Northern King’s order to urgently summon the twelve national doctors of the north. If there’s anything you need, the Preston team will do our best!”

With that, Luca brought a jade box over, which contained a hundred-year-old wild ginseng.

However, this wild ginseng was no longer as simple as an old herb.

Instead, it was emitting spiritual energy, which was perfectly sealed inside the jade box, without any leakage.

This was a half-spiritual herb!

It was a pity that it was picked too early. If they had waited another thirty years, this half-spiritual mountain ginseng would have grown into a true spiritual herb.

“Team leader Steve, this thing is too precious. Our Neal family can’t take it!”

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