The Unknown Goddess: A Naruto FanFic

The Unknown Goddess: A Naruto FanFic

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The Unknown Goddess: A Naruto FanFic,

Life is unexpected after all. Unexpected and mysterious. You never know what could happen. Even so people have certain expectations. Things in the line of reality. Things that could actually happen. Simple things. Like being a doctor when you grow up. Or winning the lottery. Becoming the president. These are all things that are within the line of reality. What isn't in that line is waking up in a forest in the middle of nowhere with short term memory loss. Even more impossible is finding out that you went from 15 years old to 5 years old. The impossibilities keep on going. Not only did she wake up in a forest, find out she was five and suffered from short term memory loss,she somehow stumbled upon the gate to the leaf village.

The line of reality had completely shattered

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