When she said it was a pillow, she thought of a common square or round shape, but the design was unexpected and she couldn’t predict how to use it.

It looked as if someone had eaten only a side of a ring-shaped donut that had been divided into five pieces.

“Your Highness, would you like to try it too? It’s made of fine silk, so even if it touches the nape of your neck, it will be soft.”

Ninaina, who accidentally received the neck pillow Emir gave her, looked at the neck pillow and asked cautiously.

“How…… Do you use it?”

“Oops! I haven’t told you how to use it yet. That’s it, like this! Put it around your neck.”


Emir reached up to a tiptoe and placed the neck pillow directly around Ninaina’s neck.

Ninaina was startled by the soft, fluffy feel on the neck.

“You wore it like a necklace?”

“A necklace……. That’s not wrong at all. Because this neck pillow is more comfortable to use when you are sitting and reading a book, or when you have to travel long distances in a carriage, rather than using it in bed when you sleep.”

Ninaina was amazed when she learned of the unexpected good use of this object.

“Oh…….Is that so? Well, sometimes when I read a book in the study for a long time, I tilted my head too long, so sometimes my shoulders and neck got stiff.”

In addition, there was a lot of inconvenience when there was an occasional trip to a distant place by carriage.

Lying down on the seat was a no-brainer, as she had to keep the dignity of the imperial family even if no one was watching, and it was uncomfortable and difficult to sleep whenever she had to straighten her back.

“With this neck pillow, I can sleep comfortably while riding in a carriage.”

Ninaina smiled and praised her.

Emir then scratched her cheek and smiled.

“Actually, I was a little worried while making this. Since it’s an unfamiliar item, I wanted customers to like it. However, since Your Highness liked it, I think it could be said that it was half successful.”

“Yes. I’m sure it will work out. I have never seen such a comfortable yet portable pillow.”

Ninaina nodded.

“Can I reserve an order for ten of these neck pillows? I want to give it to my ladies-in-waiting and escort knights. Together with Father, Mother, and Brother.”

“Oh, of course. Of course you can. So Your Highness is my first customer.”

“So it is.”

“I’ll pay special attention to Your Highness’s, make a separate better design and send it to you.”

Emir, who had been saying that just in time, clapped her hands and turned her back as if he remembered something.

“Come to think of it, there is one more thing I made to give to Your Highness when you come. Would you like to take a look?”

“What? You made it for me?”

“Yes. Right. It’s a ribbon. I made it to the right length so that it can be decorated on both hair and clothes.”

Emir handed Ninaina a colored ribbon.

Ninaina picked up the ribbon, red like the sun that stands out among them.

“I want to try this now. Can you give me a mirror?”

“Here is a mirror.”

Ninaina moved her hand eagerly as she wanted to gather her luxuriant black hair and tie the ribbon.

However, without the help of a maid, she was unable to tie her hair with a ribbon on her own.

Eventually, Emir, who had been watching the scene, stepped out.

“Let me help you.”

“Thank you.”

Emir tied the ribbon around Ninaina’s hair with a swift touch.

Her fine black hair glided like silk at her fingertips.

“It’s all done. What do you think?”

Emir used two mirrors to show Ninaina her back.

With a satisfied smile, Ninaina replied.

“It’s the best. I like it very much.”

“That’s a relief. Thank you for the compliment.”

“By the way, don’t you have yours? Emir, you often tie a ribbon in your hair.”

“Ah, if it’s mine, it’s here…….”

Emir pointed to the ribbon lying on one side of the desk.

Then Ninaina happily picked up the ribbon and said,

“Let’s tie the same ribbon. What do you think? If our ribbons are rumored to be made by you in the social world, they will surely sell like hot cakes. I’ll tie it up for you.”

“What? Your Highness yourself?”

“Why are you not trusting my skills? Don’t worry. Even if it’s not as good as you, it’s pretty good.”

Before long, Ninaina decorated Emir’s hair with the same ribbon.

Only then did she nod her head with a satisfied face.

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