Does your foot get chopped by the ax you trusted in? (1) – unedited

“What are you?”

Evan, who seemed like he would not let go of the spoon until the color faded, pushed aside his huge appetite for a moment and came out in front of the table where the food was set and paid attention to Merson.


I followed Merson with a swollen face without even washing my face, so it was hard to understand what Evan was asking. It seemed that if I just closed my eyes and counted five seconds, I could fall asleep right away.


Sitting across from him, Evan’s face blurs and my vision grows darker. The moment when my head was about to fall down helplessly.


Evan slammed the spoon hard on the table. Oh, what is that?

I rubbed my face with my hand with the sleep that was not going away. If I had known this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have chatted with Merson all night, but I was just overdoing it.

Right after the fight, there was so much to say, so I finally fell asleep after feeling the bright energy of the rising sun.

“Have you been bitten by a dog?”

What are you talking about?

Evan then pointed at my neck. What’s with my neck? I subconsciously touched my right neck that Evan pointed at.

“Ah, it hurts.”

As soon as my fingers touched it, a tingling pain pierced his body. Yesterday, Merson had bitten and sucked so persistently that I knew it would hurt. I grabbed Merson’s shoulder and turned it towards me, and he too had an odd red mark.

I guess so too…….

I thought so, but after hearing Evan’s words, I realized that it was a thoughtless idea.

“Apart from Merson, Erina, you were bitten very well.”

Evan turned over the spoon he was holding and held it out. I slightly tilted my head so that it could reflect my neck, and looked at the spoon as a mirror…….


What’s this?! Red and blue and yellow, I was filled with bruises as if I had been completely abused.

Oh, I’m wide awake now! The bruise was harsh enough to look painful, and the area was wide enough to cover one side of the neck.

I threw the spoon on the table, grabbed Merson, who was sitting quietly next to me, by the collar, and shook him back and forth violently.

“Hey, you son of a bitch, the main culprit of domestic violence.”

Evan was surprised and jumped up from his seat.

“Is that Merson?! Hey, Erina, you better get a divorce right away. I didn’t see this bastard like that, but turns out he was a complete scumbag!”

“Hiick! Evan, Merson isn’t a scumba…….”

“Erina! Wake up.”

“Do I look like a victim who can’t get out of the bondage of domestic violence? Oh my God.”

“Merson, you scumbag!”

“Still, scumbag is a little… no no. How could you make me look like this?!”

The surroundings became noisy. I was busy shaking Merson, while Evan pointed at Merson, raising his voice and cursing at him. Naturally, people’s eyes turned to us.

“Erina, why did you not run away until you were beaten like this? Didn’t it hurt?!”

Evan, who was shouting with excitement, asked me in a pity for me.

“Well, it didn’t hurt!”


“It stung, but it didn’t hurt!”

Evan’s eyes bulge and his nostrils turn red.

“How many times had that happened, how could you not have felt it even though it had reached this point… Huhu.”

Huh? That’s not it. I quickly corrected Evan’s words.

“This is the first time he has done this.”

“Then why don’t you know it hurts?”


I stopped shaking Merson and looked at him. A straight forehead, a high nose bridge that runs smoothly, and terribly erotic lips that tormented me all night.

Two reasons came to my mind for not feeling the pain in my neck. One reason was that it was really tolerable. Two because the stimulation that pushed into me without hesitation was greater than the pain.

“Erina, why is your face red?”

…I can’t say ‘I didn’t even have time to feel it because I was struggling with pleasure!’ Merson’s hand approaches me, who is frozen for a moment. Soft, warm fingers caressed my neck.

“Does it hurt a lot?”

The low-pitched sweet voice wetted my ears. At the same time, groans echoed from everyone in the inn.

“Wow—he must have learned it while rehearsing for a play.”

“Isn’t he too handsome?”

“That man is really sweet…….”

It was the moment when the perspective changed from the incident to the character.

I removed Merson’s hand and examined his neck again. It’s only slightly reddened, but there are no bruises like mine.

Why am I the only one like this? Merson sucked it persistently, but not as hard as I did…….

Couldn’t it be that he’s a Demon King so he can stand it? While I was in a position to get attacked(?) by the Demon King. Besides, I tend to bruise easily, too.

“Are you okay?”

Evan pokes me in the back. My surprised mind subsides calmly, and I feel ashamed when I realize that the violence did not happen contrary to what I feared.

I straightened Merson’s crump;ed clothes with my hand. Then Evan is surprised and grabs my wrist.

“What are you doing?”

I ignored Evan and harshly warned Merson.

“It’s not right making it this bad. If you do this again next time, you will die, really.”

“Yes, sorry. Everything’s my responsibility.”

In fact, this was what he had been saying all night. Even back then, like now, he said ‘I’ll take responsibility’ several times.

I felt apologetic because I felt like I was nagging Merson again as I was surprised by my bruises.

“Is the case closed?”


Evan did not hide his absurdity at the sudden development of the situation, but rather raised his voice.

“Hey, you shouldn’t be so complacent. This is almost at the level of mercilessly punching the neck with a fist!”

That’s because I didn’t know that the Demon King’s slight bite would have such a ripple effect. But as I couldn’t explain the story to Evan, I decided to sacrifice myself.

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