Today I Am a Hostage Again

Today I Am a Hostage Again


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Aizawa was detected as a personality at the age of four, the space department.
It’s rare, but it doesn’t seem to fit the personality of a hero.
“Give me the money, or I will kill him!” An ordinary prisoner who failed to break through the empty door to take a hostage.
The quality is empty: “…………”
“Those heroes are really annoying, kill someone to warn them.”
Aizawa was attacked inexplicably while walking on the road: “…”
It seems that since the age of four, prisoners and enemies have emerged every day.
Sora Aizawa felt that perhaps his personality was diagnosed wrongly. It was not the space system, but 100% of the enemy came to the door, that is, the so-called Conan physique?
Of course, there are also benefits.
For example, even the one in his family who doesn’t go to the office every day can catch all kinds of criminals, and the arrest rate ranks No.1 among all heroes…

Current progress——
Volume 1: Weak, poor and helpless (primary school, mainly pupils of death) √
Paper 2: The weak and innocent want to save themselves (junior high school, mainly with baby teacher and UA episode one, two and three)√
Volume 3: Slim body, soft and special ability (high school, UA period) in progress…
Volume 4: The hero who is always held hostage (career, to be determined, not necessarily written)

CP has been identified as Kajiang. The early stage plot is the main story, and the emotional line will be far, far, far later…

PS: Everything in the novel serves the development of the plot. Don’t fall into reality, don’t fall into reality, don’t fall into reality!

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One sentence introduction: I’m tired of being held hostage every day, so let’s change someone

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