Type Month; My fiancée is a politician

Type Month; My fiancée is a politician


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With the fantasy system, Motoyanagiin can make himself stronger every time he changes the original history of the type moon world.

“The butterfly effect? Fortuity? Behavior patterns? Just by superimposing it, plus psychology, probability, micro-expressions and statistics on human behavior patterns, I can make the impossible possible. ”

In Camelot’s time, he taught King Arthur to practice the true way of kings and received the Sword of Oath Victory.

During the Macedonian era, he helped conquer the king to dominate the Greco-Persian Republic and gain the power of the king.

During the Uruk era, he helped both Niangshanshan and Enchi defeat the gods, obtaining the King’s Treasure, the Sword of Obedience, and the Lock of Heaven.

And at the beginning of it all, it was because he wanted to fulfill one of his greatest dreams. That is, let his fiancée …. The people and wisdom of the people who win the government and dance unite the real country and become the real world!

Feilu Fiction Network exclusive signed novel: “Type Moon; My fiancée is a politician; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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