Takane no hana. A Flowers at the top of a tall mountain. A Japanese idiom used when referring to something that is unattainable, out of reach, most of the time the love of a woman out of one's league.

For a man, one of the worst things to go through is being in the presence of an attractive woman yet having no chance to do anything to her. Nothing unusual about wanting to bed beautiful women, that's just how men are. But when such a desire is blocked one can only suffer in silence, unable to satisfy the urges raging inside.

One unfortunate man found himself in such position on a daily basis. His name was Sam Sanderson, a twenty six years old brilliant scientist, one of the few left on earth. Though he had great intellect beyond what a normal human is capable of, luck had it so that he'd be stuck doing a low level job in a small nearly abandoned military base. And as if that wasn't the worst of it, what this job entails made his life a nightmare.

"Hey, are we done here?"

A female voice shook him out of his daze. Closing his eyes Sam let out a long sigh before looking up to find a pair of golden eyes glaring at him.

Standing in front of him was a girl that looked like she barely hit fifteen, though looks were deceiving since she's much, much younger than that. She was 4.6 feet tall, her long brown hair extending all the way to the back of her knees. Her spotless skin had an almond color, a tan she'd obtained after spending too much time under the sun.

"Now now, no need to be rude to the doctor." Said another from beside her.

Compared to the first this one looked much older, an adult in her mid twenties despite the age gap between the two being only a couple of years. The second one was two heads taller. Her form was much thicker and well endowed. No, that would be an understatement. Her breasts, for example, were so huge one could only wonder how she's able to stand. She'd a beautiful face with green sparkling eyes and a sweet smile that never disappeared. Her golden hair was long as well, though unlike the other one she it only went down to her plump ass.

Looking at the two Sam couldn't help but sigh. His eyes then went to third one standing nearby. She was a bit taller than the other two. Her most noticable feature would be the long raven hair tied into a ponytail. Her body was more normal compared the the other one, with full breasts and meaty ass. Adding to that her beautiful face, silent demeanor and the strong vibes she gave, she was the very picture of a super model who'd make regular appearances on some fashion magazines.

"The examination is already done." Said the first, her arms crossed as she continued to glare. "He's wasting our time daydreaming like that."

"I'm sure the doctor has a lot on his mind." Said the second with a wry smile.

"Do I care? I just want to go swimming already! These examinations are a waste anyways, not like we're doing much here."

"Don't say that. Making regular reports is part of our duties, you know."
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Scene like this had became a regular occurrence, and to the one forced to watch them it was nothing short of psychological torture.

Three beautiful women stood in front of him, all dressed in a leotard like tight suits that left very little to the imagination. Everything about them seemed designed to bring out the worst in any man's heart. When faced with such outstanding beauties even the gayest man would turn straight.

However there lays the problem. No matter how much one desired any of them, no one was allowed a single touch. It wasn't a matter of them being too good for anyone, or them being too prideful. It's simply that they are too valuable to let any man use them as an outlet for his natural desires.

"Alright." Taking his eyes off the three Sam looked down at the tablet in his hands. "As usual, nothing out of the ordinary. You're free to go."

"Finally!" The first raised her arms in celebration.

"Ah, Zero Three, the HQ sent a word back after the last report." He said, pouring cold water on her excitement. "They said to use the outdoor pool less often."

"EEEEEH!! But I don't want to!"

"Well, I'm only the messenger."

"As for you, Nine. Refrain from consuming junk food as much as possible." He said, turning his sight to the blond one."

"Eh!? But why!? It's not like I'll get fat or-" Coming to a sudden stop, the blond one blushed and lowered her gaze.

"Um… well, I'll try…"

"The only one to cause no trouble is Zero Five, huh." Sam said, turning to the last of the three. "You two should learn a little from her. Anyways, you're dismissed."

"You can keep your advice to yourself, old man." The first to go was the tanned one, Zero Three. Though she didn't like being compared to the much more disciplined Zero Five, her mood has gone much worse after she was ordered to stay away from the outdoor pool.

"Doctor, thank you for the hard work." The one he referred to as Nine bowed politely before taking her leave as well.
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The only one remaining in the room were Sam and Zero Five. Expecting her to follow without saying a word as she usually does he turned his chair and went on with his work.

A minute passed as he typed his report and she had yet to leave. Another minute followed and he was starting to get worried.


Sam was startled when she suddenly spoke. Turning around he put his glasses back with shaking hands and smiled nervously.

"It's unusual for you to speak without being addressed. Is something amiss, Zero Five?"

"No… well, yes…"

Sam noticed the conflicted expression she showed as she pondered her answer. It was the first time her mask had fallen, he was sure he never saw her like this.

After a moment of hesitation the girl took a deep breath. She tried to compose herself but failed in the end. The nervousness she showed was unusual as well. Not only was the way she acted out of character, to Sam who's tasked with observing and keeping a close eye on her she seemed strangely… human.

The results of the examination showed nothing… he thought to himself, eyes still on the girl. Why is she acting so… strange?

A few seconds passed before she spoke again. With each word she word that came out of her mouth the strange feeling Sam got grew stronger.

"Doctor, there is a question that has been on my mind for sometime now." She said, her eyes going down.

"Ask away. It's part of my job to answer any questions you might have."

Looking relieved for a moment, Zero Five raised her head and met Sam's eyes. He had many speculations in his mind, however never did he begin to imagine what she was about to say.

"Doctor, do you see me as a human?"

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