Sam rammed his rock hard rod deep into Alice's vagina, however a moment later his whole body went stiff forcing him to realize that doing so might've been a mistake.

Alice's flesh hole was way too tight. Though his thing had slid in without a problem her vaginal walls were pressing on it with such a force that it felt like they were intent on crushing him.

Every muscle in Sam's body contracted as he did his best to not ejaculate right then and there. Fearing that his efforts might be in vain he slowly pulled back until most of his rod was out, he then thrust it in with the same force once again.


Sam repeated the process, going slow at first then gradually increasing his speed. He leaned with all his weight on Alice mercilessly pounding his hips against her as she yelped coquettish moans while digging her nails into his back.

"Ahh~?!! Hahh, ahh…. S…. Sam…. Gen…. tle….. ple….ase…. Slow….. hyaaaahnn~?!!!!"

She tried pleading with him to go easy on her, however the intense pleasure they were experiencing prevented Alice from forming coherent words and Sam from focusing on anything beside stopping his dick from exploding.

"Ahh, ah….. huaahh…. Mnn… haahnn~?!!"

Alice's inside felt different from that of any woman he had slept with before. It was especially tight and densely covered in flesh bumps in all directions to the point that he could even tell with his meat rod. They stimulated him by rubbing the glans and stroking the shaft pushing him toward the bring of ejaculation each time he moved.

"Haahh, ah…. S-Sam…. I'm… nghnn….."

Feeling her vaginal walls pressing on him even stronger than before Sam realized that Alice was about to orgasm. Thrusting his cock into her deepest part he released his restraints and a violent torrent flooded out into Alice.


As the burning hot semen filled her inside, Alice body twitched while hugging Sam tightly.

"It's… haah…. Sam's…. Seed…. Hahh…. Is filling me…. Hahhnn~?"

"Haaahhh" Sam exhaled in satisfaction. Strength left his body for a few seconds leaving him unable to move and laying on top of Alice.

It was the first time he had experienced such a feeling. It was stronger and much more intense making even the time he lost his virginity seem like nothing in comparison.

As their breathing became steady again Sam slowly lifted himself up. He looked down at Alice who had been drowned in pleasure she had never experienced before. The white haired beauty gazed up at him, her red eyes filled with affection, and as if invited by them Sam went down and kissed her lips.

"Jeez, Sam…" Alice spoke, still gasping for air. "Don't you… haah… know how…. Haahh…. To be gentle….?"

"Sorry…" as he spoke, Sam moved some of the white strands aside before slowly caressing her cheek. "Alice is just way too beautiful. And your pussy feels extremely good."

"I-idiot! D-don't say it like that!" Shifting her gaze away from embarrassment, Alice then added. "And take it out already. You… you released way too much…"

"Ah, sorry about that."
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Doing as she said, Sam pulled his meat pillar which had shrunken back to its normal size. With the only thing blocking the entrance removed, white fluid began oozing out of Alice's womanly hole. Seeing it caused her to shudder in fear and she turned to the one responsible and complained.

"Look at what you did! You know how dangerous this is, right!? What will you do if I get pregnant!!?"

Sam was dumbfounded, staring at Alice with wide open eyes. Regaining his calm a moment later he shut her up with a kiss and didn't let go until she stopped resisting.

"Didn't I make myself clear, Alice?" Sam said, his face still close to hers. "I'll make you mine and impregnate you with my child."

"B-but… we can't…." Alice looked away shyly, unable to look him in the eyes. "I have responsibilities, and... the Calamities are still around."

"I don't care." Sam replied insanely.


"I want a daughter, Alice." Stopping for a moment, he shook his head once and followed. "No, one wouldn't be enough. Three? Or maybe five? The sooner we start the more we can make."

For a moment Alice thought he was joking, however looking at his expression she understood that he was being completely serious.

"You… you want them all to be girls?" She asked, deciding to play along with what he's saying. "Aren't you supposed to want more boys?"

The impression that men always want their kids to be boys was deeply ingrained in society, however while there were reasons behind it in the past they had changed at some point in the recent few decades. Raising a girl became more difficult and a father had a lot to fear seeing how wretched society had became, and that's without counting the disasters brought forth by the Calamities. One would be much more at ease if they had a son instead, or so Alice thought, however Sam's goals were beyond her understanding.

"Our daughters will definitely be as cute as you were back then." Sam said with a smile. "Isn't that enough of a reason to want them to be girls?"

Hearing him call her cute, Alice's heart throbbed harder. She knew he was referring to when they were little, however that didn't stop her from getting bashful about it.

"E-even if you say so… we can't just start making babies, you know." Alice said. "We… we have to be responsible about it. And we can't let it get in the way of our work."

Seeing how she's still being reluctant, Sam let out a sigh. He reached for the drawer beside the bed he took some tissue from the box that was on top then proceeded to wipe the sticky fluids staining Alice's nether.

"Alice… could it be that you don't want to have my child?" Sam asked, his voice sounding a bit down.

"N-no! That's not what I- aah!!" Alice tried to respond, however she released a sweet moan despite herself sensing her honey pot getting rubbed.

"Then…" looking up at her, Sam asked with a serious expression. "Didn't you enjoy doing it with me?"

Alice's eyes went wide for a moment, the words getting stuck in her throat. Thinking about it for a moment she then arrived at her answer, and the second she did her hands moved to cover her face as she felt it heating up even more.

"I…" finally getting the courage to speak she uncovered her eyes but still couldn't look at him while saying it. "I really…. I really enjoyed it…"

"... is that so?" Hearing her answe, Sam let a smile play on his face. "Did my cock make you feel good?"

"D-don't you know a better way to say such things?" Alice said in protest, but then she added in a hushed voice. "It felt… really good…"
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"I see…"

Done cleaning the mess he made, Sam tossed away the tissue then looked up at Alice. Knowing what's coming she moved her hands and closed her eyes, the next second she felt the now familiar sensation of his lips touching hers. Separating a few seconds later Sam made her turn around and lay on her stomach. He brushed the long white hair aside revealing her beautiful back, he then went on to massage her ass for a while, placing his now fully erect meat pillar between the plump cheeks.

"I will make you feel even better, Alice." Sam leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"Please, be a little gentle." Even though she said those words, Alice was sticking her hips out a little as if to invite him.

Sam grabbed his meat and placed it at her entrance, then, while still leaning over her body, he slowly pushed inside.

"Nnuuunnhh, uuh. Uhh kuuuuuh…. Ahh… ukuuuuuuuhhh…."

Alice hugged one of the pillows, burying her face into it in an attempt to muffle her moans, however that proved futile with her coquettish voice leaking as the thick rod made its way to her deepest parts.

Sam had a better time withstanding the stimulation from Alice's tight pussy, still it took all of his concentration to not start pumping his hips roughly like he did before.

He slowly slid back and forth, the warm slimy vaginal walls squashing his dick inviting it all the way inside. Alice's soft buns flattened each time Sam's body pressed against them and sensing their bounciness he began to have the urge to speed things up.

"How do you feel, Alice?" Sam leaned down to ask.

"Ah, ahh…. Good…. It feels… haahh~?" Alice said, glancing behind her before adding. "You….. hah…. You can… go faster….. haahh, ahh….. I'm fine…. Hahhh…. You don't…. You don't have to worry…. Hahh….."

Alice contradicted her earlier statement, seeking the strong stimulation she felt from getting pounded roughly even though she asked him to be gentle this time.

"Alright..." Sam said, pushing himself up with both arms. As he prepared to go on with the act he remembered something important and stopped to contemplate it.

Wondering why he wasn't moving Alice was about to turn around and ask but then she heard his voice close to her ear.

"Alice…" Sam said in a whisper. "I love you."

The moment those words reached her Alice's heart almost stopped before beginning to throb like never before. An inexplicable sense of happiness filled her chest and tears of joy gathered in her eyes.

"Me too…" she said, her lips drawing the most beautiful smile. "I love you too, Sam."

As if that was his signal, Sam thrust his hips with everything he got.


His movements resumed, loud clapping sounds filling the room as he hit her deepest parts as fast as he could possibly go.

"Nnuu, ah, aanh~?, Sam….. Sam~?….. I... ah~?, I love you….. ahhn~?….. Sam~?….. ah, ahh….. I love you….. I love you…. I….. I….."

With one final thrust, Sam's rod kissed Alice's cervix before unloading his thick semen into her for the second time.


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