Alice and Shizuru seemed to get pretty well. Too well in fact. Sam felt it was wierd; wouldn't it make more sense for them to be at odds with each other considering that they have feelings for the same man?

They talked, shared stories and even drank a little. Alcohol has the power to bring someone's true honest self out, however neither of them showed any displeasure at the agreement they had arrived to. In fact they seemed to grow closer the more drunk they got.

'Is this reality?' Sam thought watching as the two leaned against each other, laughing with cans of beer in their hands. 'Will everything really be ok?'

As midnight approached Shizuru said it was time for her to leave. Saying he will be walking her back Sam stood up as well. Alice sent them off with a smile, although she looked a bit lonely as they left.

As expected, the walk back was awkward and silent. Sam said nothing, staying a few steps behind Shizuru. He wanted to apologize. He wanted to tell her that he's sorry for hurting her, however he couldn't bring himself to talk.


As he stressed over what to say to her, Shizuru came to a stop.


Turning around, she flashed him her usual smile and said.

"Would it be alright if I come over to your place?"



Having no excuse Sam was unable to refuse. Once he agreed to her request the two silently walked over to his chamber and soon enough they were behind closed doors.

'Calm down, idiot.' Sam told himself, taking a deep breath. 'She most likely wants to go somewhere private to tell you how she really feels. Now that we are alone she doesn't need to hold back.'

Turning to the Asian girl, Sam noticed that she's looking away from him, an unmistakable red color tinged her ear.

"Um... is... is it alright if I use your shower?" Shizuru spoke, her voice showing how embarrassed she was.

Realizing his prediction was wrong Sam froze in his place.

"S-sure!" He said, lifting his shaking hand and pointing at another door. "The bathroom is there."

"Okay... I will be quick..."

"T-take your time."

Sam remained in his place watching as Shizuru disappeared behind the bathroom door. He took his shoes off and sat on the bed side, his nervousness skyrocketing when he heard the sound of water.
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'Wait... are we really going to do it? After all of that?' He couldn't help but think. However the more he did the less excited he got. Soon enough he began to feel a different kind of nervousness, one brought upon him by the horrible things he had done to his girlfriend.

A few minutes later he heard the bathroom door open so his eyes immediately turned in its direction. A moment later they went wide as his heart skipped a beat from what he saw.

Standing there was Shizuru, her clothes were gone with only a bath towel wrapped around her. When their eyes met she bashfully averted her gaze. Her glasses were gone making her feel like a different person.

Sam gulped audibly, unable to take his eyes off her. Shizuru looked many times cuter than usual and that caused his beast to awaken.

"Don't... don't stare so much..." Shizuru spoke in an adorably bashful tone.

"S-sorry..." Though he averted his gaze, Sam couldn't stop his excitement from growing. "It's just... you look so cute I couldn't help it..."

"... i-is that so..."

Silence returned for a few seconds. Sam continued to steal glances all the while. Her flushed skin, her slightly damp hair, long eyelashes, glittering eyes. It wasn't just his imagination. Sam was hit with a realization; Shizuru is way more beautiful than he had previously thought.

She was just done washing and had no makeup on. This was her natural look and it was levels above what he's used to.

Having gathered her courage Shizuru walked over with slow steps. Sam moved making some space for her beside him. The silence went on even after she sat down, however Sam knew he couldn't let it continue like that.

"Shizuru, let me ask you once more." Sam said, doing his best to remain calm. "Are you sure about this? The polygamy thing, I mean."

"... Do i have a choice?" Shizuru asked after a short pause. "You would've left me if I didn't accept it."

"That's..." Sam couldn't deny it, and that only served to hurt him more.

"Alice sure is beautiful. It's almost as if she's one of the Valkyries." Shizuru spoke. "Compared to her I'm just an average woman."

"No, Shizuru is beautiful as well."

"I'm not an idiot, Sam. I know where I stand in comparison to other women." Shizuru said. "I can never win against someone like Alice. I can't even begin to compare."

"No." Unable to bear with it anymore, Sam turned to face the Asian girl. "Appearance has nothing to do with it, Shizuru. It's just... I have been in love with Alice since I was a child. My feelings for her refused to die, that's all."

"So you're saying that things would've been different if you had met me first?"

"Definitely." Sam said resolutely. "Shizuru, I was telling the truth when I said that my feelings for you are honest. I believe that you deserve someone better than a cheating bastard like me. That's why I revealed the truth to you before going further."

"So? Do you still have feelings for me?" She asked. Though she tried her best to smile, her eyes had a hint of sadness in them. "I love you, Sam. I want to be with you..."

"Shizuru... I..."

Seeing the tears that began to gather in her eyes, the horrible sense of guilt he felt weighed on him even more. He didn't know what to do. He feared that anything he does would end with him hurting her even more.
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Shizuru said it herself. She said that she's in love with him. Whether he broke up with her or went along with the polygamous relationship, he felt that nothing he does could lead to a happy ending.

'Shit... is there nothing I can do?'

It was all his fault. He dug the hole on his own and now he's unable to get himself out of it. Shizuru didn't deserve any this. She should be with someone who would cherish her, not a two timing scumbag like him.

'No...' as the horrible feeling continued, Sam's emotions began to flare. The more he thought about it the more he realized, he could never stand it. The idea of her being with another man filled him with anger and that anger soon swallowed the guilt, though it didn't end the torment.

"Shizuru..." reaching out with his right hand, Sam slowly caressed her cheek. "I know I have no right to say it, but..." bringing his face closer, he looked her in the eyes. "I love you too."

Without hesitation he placed his lips on hers. Shizuru was surprised for a moment but then she closed her eyes. After a while ther lips separated, however they went back together before long.

"Shizuru, I've been thinking that you deserve a better man." Sam said, undoing his necktie. "But... I don't think I can stand it."

Shizuru said nothing, continuing to look at him with dreamy eyes.

"Is it okay for me to be a little selfish?" He said, placing his hand on her waist, slowly pulling her into his embrace. "If it okay for me to keep you for myself?"

"... yes..."

Giving him her answer, Shizuru closed her eyes and perked her lips. Sam took her invitation for a kiss, completely removing the restraints that kept him from accepting the strange nature of their relationship.

Two beautiful women have confessed their love to him, and even if he found it hard he had no choice but to accept that he was in love with both of them.

He had nothing to complain about. He didn't have to choose and could be with both of them at the same time. All he has to do is to make suretho cherish both of them, to spare no effort to make them happy. It was a really big challenge, however Sam was willing to take it.

A few seconds in and the kissing became more intense.


Shizuru was taken by surprise when Sam pushed her down all of a sudden, but her mouth was sealed soon enough.


From her lips to her cheeks then to her neck, Sam continued to kiss her. Noticing the towel covering her chest he backed away for a moment, taking his shirt off before proceeding to strip her naked.

"Wait!" Shizuru said, covering the lower half of her face as she looked away bashfully. "At least... turn the lights off first..."

"No." Sam said, his expression completely serious. "I want to see Shizuru's beautiful figure."

Ignoring her embarrassment Sam continued to look her up and down. Shizuru was a normal woman so her proportions weren't exaggerated like those of the Valkyries. As a soldier her body was toned through training with very little fat left behind. Her chest was medium sized, though that didn't stop him from reaching out with his hands and massaging it.

"Ah! Ahh... S-Sam!.... Hahh... ahn~a??!!!"

Hearing the moans filled with sensuality Sam continued working his hands trying to get even stronger reactions, however soon enough his desire for her lips overcome him and he dived down once more going for a deep kiss that lasted for a long while.

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