When zero Five brought up the topic Sam realized that he hadn't been giving her much attention lately. The most he did was hug her a little after she recovered from her injuries that one time.

"Do you want to continue the experiment, Five?"

Five had asked him if he sees her as a human. Using that question as the starting point, Sam convinced the Valkyrie to participate in some lewd acts under the guise of learning about how much the weapons resemble normal humans.

"No, it's just…" fidgeting a little, Five looked at him with upturned eyes and said. "I want to spend some time with Doctor, that's all."

"... I see…"

Sam couldn't help but think how adorable she is. Five was one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen, if he considers Valkyries as humans of course.

As his wood began to rise and his desire for her awakened, Sam remembered his promise to Shizuru. She made it clear that Alice would be the only exception so if it gets out that he's doing the Valkyries in secret one could easily guess what her reaction would be.

'Well, Shizuru would be the last of my worries if I get discovered…' Sam thought, smiling to himself.

If word about his relationship with the weapons gets out his life would be done. And he's already past the point of no return so there is nothing he could do.

'So… what now?'

Sam began to think of what he should do with Zero Five. Normally he wouldn't hesitate much however this time he had to consider whether it was worth pausing his research or not. Thankfully he wasn't that sexually frustrated so he didn't feel the need to jump at the opportunity.

'She wants to spend time with me, huh…'

Sam was Zero Five's master now. Her lover, in other words. Being lovers wasn't limited to only sex. There are many things a couple could do that didn't involve anything sexual.

'Come to think of it…'

Remembering something he had planned on doing a while ago, Sam turned to the Valkyrie and smiled.


"Alright then!" Sam exclaimed, stretching his arms as he entered the gym in the Valkyries' quarters.

Five was already there, waiting for him with a smile on her face. Suggesting that they spend the evening exercising Sam quickly went back to his chamber to grab his tracksuit, going back to the lab to change before following after the Valkyrie.

Five had changed as well, wearing a tight fitting spats and a sports bra leaving her midriff exposed.

Seeing her like that caused Sam's beast to awaken, however he suppressed the urge focusing on what he came for today.
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"Let's start with some warmups." He said, walking over to the treadmills.

"Yes!" Five said, following behind him with a smile.

Being the lab dweller he is, it has been quite a while since the last time Sam had done any kind of physical activity and because of that he knew it would be for the best if he took things slowly at first.

For the first ten minutes he went on walking speed only. After that he increased the pace to jogging speed, however to his surprise he began to show signs of tiredness after ten minutes.

"Strange…" he said, gasping on the floor. "Is this all I'm capable of?"

He didn't exercise much in the past few months, sure, but is that really enough to degrade his body to the point that he would get exhausted after twenty minutes of speed walking?

"Um… Doctor… would you like to rest?"

As a Valkyrie it was obvious that Zero Five wouldn't even break a sweat from something like that. In fact no amount of physical activity would cause her to sweat, that much was written in the Freyja files. That said, Sam couldn't help but feel pathetic when she looked down at him as he lay on the floor soaked in a pool of his own sweat with.

"No…" he said, forcing himself to stand. "Let's keep going."

The two proceeded to do some stretching exercises, which brought to Sam's attention how stiff his body has grown. He could barely do a set of fifty squats, forty pushups were a struggle and his stamina ran out before an hour passed.

"To… think… to think I've degraded… this much…" laying on the floor once more Sam spoke his frustration as panted for air.

"So if they don't exercise on a regular basis, humans lose physical strength and stamina." Zero Five noted, sitting on the bench beside him with a water bottle in hand. "Now I understand."

"Hm?" Sam turned to her with a raised eyebrow.

"Huh? Wasn't this the conclusion you wanted me to arrive at?" She asked. "We Valkyrie have no need for exercise. Our strength and stamina won't increase or decrease based on the amount of physical activities we perform. Even if we stay inactive for years we would still be able to be able to perform to the best of our abilities."

"Y-yes! Exactly…" though it wasn't his intentions, everything Five said was exactly true.

"So this is another part that distinguishes us from humans…" Five muttered.

"Well, I'm sure there are many who wish they could exchange their bodies for one like yours." Sam said.

"Really? Why?" Five asked.

"You've said it yourself just now." Sitting on the bench beside her, Sam went on. "You don't need to exercise to be in your best shape. You're able to perform feats unimaginable to humans and most importantly you dont get sick."

A Valkyrie's body is immune to any and all diseases humans might suffer from. That alone was enough to make one wish to be one of them.

"Not to mention, your just too beautiful." Sam said, placing his hand on her waist and pulling her toward him. "Many would want to be as irresistible as you."
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When she turned to face him Five was taken by surprise as Sam stole her lips, however she ddidn't resist, closing her eyes and accepting the kiss.

Sam was at his limit. Watching Five this entire time has caused his arousal to peak and with how much he had sweated today he decided it was time to treat himsel a little.

Grabbing the bottom of her sports bra he lifted it up and freed her breast then began playing with them while enjoying her lips.

Though they were much smaller than Nine's, Sam still enjoyed the softness end elasticity of Five's breasts, squeezing then again and again before going on to pinch her hardened nipples.

"Ah! D-Doctor!... ahhn!!!"

Sam joined their lips once more, invading her mouth with his tongue and tasting her saliva. Doing so made his feel a sudden thirst and with it came another kind of desire.

"Five, come here for a moment." Sam said, pulling the Valkyrie by the arm.

He made her sit on his lap, lifting her a little so her chest would be on the same hight as his face. What he planned to do was obvious and he wasted no time before starting.


He began licking the left breast, moving his tongue around the areola before putting the nipple in his mouth and nibbling on it.

"Ahh! Doctor! I…. Ahh~?"

As he sucked, Sam's mouth was soon filled with the rich flavor of the Valkyries artificial breast milk. He continued drinking until he had his fill before looking up at at five whose face was a blushing mess.

"You're so cute, Five." He said before kissing her.

He felt his stiffness rubbing against her crotch as if asking him to involve it into the action. He remembered his night with Shizuru and realized that Five has yet to have her first time as well. That is unless Odin had already tried the goods before handing them to the Resistance.

"Five, how about we continue with the exercises?"

When she heard him the ponytailed Valkyrie furrowed her brows in disappointment, however when he made her lie down on the bench she realized they weren't done yet.

He sat down on his knees with her between his legs. He then took out his fully erect penis and placed it between wer soft marshmallows.

"Five, hold them together like this." Sam said, teaching her how to apply pressure on his rod. He then took her water container and spilled a little over her chest while slowly moving his hips.

"This should do." Sam said with a smile.

Five felt a little wierd being in such a position, however she didn't mind it at all. If fact seeing that Sam was having a good time filled her with excitement as well and looking for a way to make him feel even better she began squeezing her breasts against his rod while moving them in contrast to the movement to his hips.

"Five… your breasts… feel so good…"

Sam's began thrusting faster and faster, placing his hands over Fives to hold the soft hills in place. His penis twitched repeatedly signaling that he was at his limit and with a final thrust his back arched as he shot his load.

Once the rush from ejaculating faded he relaxed his body and took a deep breath. Looking down at Five he saw her shocked expression as his white fluid stained her face and for some reason he couldn't stop himself from smiling.

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