The frontline will be redrawn and forty sixth base will be disassembled. Sam was shocked to hear the news, so was the base's commander. It was the first time something like this has happened. So far the Resistance made it their goal to reclaim more territory, but now they're just giving it up.

"The process will gradually take place over the next two months." Wolf said after taking a sip from his cup. "In the meantime there is something else I would like you to take care of."

He was looking in Sam's direction, confusing the Doctor for a moment.

"You need something from me, general Schneider?"

"Yes. As I said before I've went through the research papers you submitted and I have to say I'm quite impressed."

The last research Sam submitted for review were about nano machines capable, at least theoretically, of performing tasks at the atomic level. The technology could be revolutionary if they manage to make it a reality. With it no disease would be incurable, still there is no telling what it could be used for as well so the Resistance was reluctant to give him permission to do any kind of trials.

"Nana." Wolf said, looking at one of the Valkyries he brought with him.

She had proportions closer to Zero Five than the others, with a voluptuous body and a chest that still looked natural despite being bigger than the average. Her hair was a shining silver that almost reached down to her shoulders. Her expression was calm, although the sharpness of her eyes threatened to cut anyone she looked at.

The silver haired Valkyrie came forward, in her hand was a metallic suitcase Sam had failed to notice before now. She placed it on the table and entered a six digit combination to unlock it. Once done she turned around and returned to her spot.

"Sergeant Sanderson, do you know what this is?" Wolf said, opening the suitcase and showing them its contents.

"That's…" Sam was in a bigger shock than he was when he heard the news a minute ago. "It can't be…"

"From your reaction I can guess that you're already familiar with it. Well, I would be disappointed if you didn't." Wolf smiled. Noticing the confusion on his daughter's face he decided to explain anyways, after all it wasnt something most people would be interested in. "This is the heart of a Valkyrie, the component responsible for creating and maintaining their force field."

Inside the case, was a spherical object that looked rather similar to the model Sam made by following the blue prints. It was spotless with no scratch on its surface as if it was just brought out of he factory.

"This is one of the parts we managed to retrieve from the Valkyries we lost in the recent battles." Wolf said, his red eyes turning to Sam as he he lifted the small sphere. "Your job will be to take it apart and reverse engineer it. If you manage to do it I'd be willing to let you have a go at the other parts."

'Bingo' Sam thought, pumping an imaginary fist.

"General Schneider, I'm sure you're well aware that this is outside my area of expertise, right?"

Not rushing to accept the task, Sam pretended to be bothered by the offer using the fact that he specializes in medical applications as an excuse. Since he has the the blue prints memorized it would be a walk in the park for him, however he couldn't be hasty. Suddenly becoming too good at something will definitely end up hurting him.

"To be honest, we have already tried doing it ourselves. Three attempts that ended with the thing blowing up in our faces."

'Well, obviously…' Sam thought.
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"Apparently Odin was serious in wanting to keep the technology a secret, so much that he prepared several traps in case anyone tries to study the weapons."

Though his intentions were directed at something else the mad scientist still created the most powerful weapons in human history and he understood what that implies. To make sure the technology isn't misused, which is something humans are too good at, Odin placed several traps in the main components of the Valkyries which would erase anyone who tries to take them apart along with everything around them.

It's still a mystery how he was able to get away with it. Technically he was one of the top guys at the Resistance, but to be able to go against the rest of the organization just like that shows how much power the man had.

Letting out a long sigh, Wolf continued his explanation.

"I was wondering if we could alter your nano machines and use them this time. Since it's something you came up with yourself I decided it would only be right for you to be the first one to try it."

"I see…" Sam said, looking at the floor and pretending to contemplate the matter a little before saying "I'm thankful for the opportunity and I'll do my best."

"Good." Nodding once, the general closed the case and pushed it toward Sam. "The rest of the equipment will be unloaded and delivered to your lab in a few minutes. In the meantime why don't you show Ms. Braiens around the base."


Suppressing an annoyed sigh, Sam picked up the suitcase and turned around. He glanced at Elina who had a broad smile on then walked to the door. Though things seemed to be going well for him so far, in the end his day wouldn't be so peaceful after all.


"I like this place." Elina said, looking around from side to side.

"I know you don't so stop it." Sam said, no longer bothering to hide his annoyance.

"To think you have survived a nuclear disaster without a single loss. Pretty impressive."

"Yeah, impressive, alright."

"Why are you being so cold to me, Sam. It's been almost a year, you know." Quickening her pace to catch up to him, Elina looked up at Sam with a bright smile. "Didn't you miss me at all?"

"Nope." Sam replied coldly.

"How cruel!" Elina exclaimed. "I couldn't eat for an entire week! How can you move on so fast after what you've done to me!?"

"Drop the act. Skipping meals isn't something new for you." Sam sighed. "Besides, it's not like our relationship was that deep. You didn't care much when I decided to leave."

Elina was Sam's ex. The two used to date before he came to the forty sixth base and broke up for obvious reasons.

She was a brilliant young scientist who specialized in the same field as Sam. At first they started out as research partners, but the girl ended up falling for him and after hooking up a few times their romance bloomed only to be burned to ash when Sam recieved Alice's invitation to come work for her.
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"I see that you work for Mr. Schneider now." Sam remarked.

"Yes. Normally that seat would've gone for you. Sadly you decided that simping is more important." Elina said with a smile. "But thanks to you I now have my own lab and am allowed to do my own research. And without a boyfriend I can fully concentrate on my work."

"I see." Sam said.

"So? What about you?" She asked. "Are things going well with your childhood crush? Did you confess to her yet?"

"Nope." Sam said.

He obviously had no intention on telling anyone about his relationship with Alice, especially not someone who works directly under her father.

"Eeeeh!? Then why did you come all the way here?"

"Who said I did so just to try and get together with her?" Sam grimaced. "I already told you, I owed her a lot, that's why-"

"Yes yes, I get it already."

Feeling his irritation growing, Sam decided to use another one of his cards.

"Just so you know, I'm already seeing someone right now."

Hearing that sentence, Elina froze in her place. Sam walked a few steps then turned to look behind him. Seeing her shocked face brought some piece to his mind.

"Y-y-you're seeing someone?" She stuttered. "As in… you have a new girlfriend?"

"Yes." Sam answered. Turning around and continuing his walk toward his lab. "She is a cute Asian woman from the monitoring department. We only got together recently but it has been going well since then."

"No way…" Elina said, her body slightly trembling. "But… my plan…"

"Hm?" Stopping once more, Sam turned around only to find the tired woman tearing up.

"I thought that…" looking down at the ground, she allowed the waterworks to start. "I thought I might still have a chance… now that you'll be coming back to the HQ."

"Um… uh…"

"It's your fault!" She suddenly began to shout. "How could you dump me like that! Because of you… because of you…"

Sam noticed that her outburst has drawn quite a few eyes and began to panic. Sadly he was a second too late in stopping her.

"Because of you I can't enjoy sex anymore!!!"

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