Sam pushed the blond Valkyrie against the wall then made her stick her ass out.


Once she was in that position, Nine got excited thinking they were finally going to do it. But then Sam took a bottle of soap and began pouring it on her back, specifically the two soft hills in front of him.

He began massaging her back then settled on her ass, squeezing each of her cheeks with one hand.


Not only did she have the largest breasts, Nine also had the fatest ass among the women he had gotten close to so far. He moved his hands in a circular motion enjoying the softness, aided by the viscous substance which made the surface a bit too slippery.

When he let go for a moment Sam noticed something interesting. Raising his hand he gave Nine's soft behind a weak slap.

"Aahhh~?!!!" The Valkyrie let out a surprised cry. "D-Doctor!!?"

Her protesting glare got ignored as the man was too busy watching the scene in front of him with great interest. He spanked her once more, his eyes going wide even more.

"Doctor! What are… ahhn~?!!!"

Nine's ass jiggled every time he spanked her. The bounciness was incredible prompting him to continue as he watched attentively. Nine was angry at first but then she found herself turned on soon enough. Her rough breaths didn't go unnoticed by Sam and he smiled as he moved on to the next step.

"I see you like being spanked, huh, Nine?" Sam said, putting a little more strength in the next hit.

"Ahh~?!" Letting out a coquettish moan, Nine looked back at him with a smile. "I don't… ha~h… I don't know why… but when Doctor did it… ha~h… I suddenly got excited… AHH~?!!!"

Spanking her once more, Sam spoke with a sadistic smile.

"So it feels good, huh?"

"Yes~?!!! Ahh~?!!!"

"Then I will make you feel even better."

Sam had his eyes on another place he wanted to tease for a while. He slipped his hand between her legs, caressing her inner thighs as he went upwards. In a second he reached his destination and used his middle and ring finger to gently brush Nine's secret slit.


Her whole body shuddered at the sensation. As he rubbed her honey pot with his fingers, Sam continued to spank her ass again and again listening to her sensual moans.

"Ahh!! Do- hyaahh~?! Hnnaahh~?! Ahh! Haah.. ahhnn~?…"
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Wanting some of the fun for himself, Sam grabbed his rod and inserted it into her thigh gap, pushing her legs together sandwiching it between those thick thighs of hers.


He held on to her waist with one hand and spanked her with the other. He then began moving his hips causing his rock hard cock to rub against her vagina.

Feeling the heat coming from it, Sam's excitement spiked and so did Nine's. He began thrusting with everything he got, all while fighting the urge to invade her insides.

"Haahh~?… Ahhn… D-Doctor!! Ahh… I'm… I'm… aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh~?!!!"

Nine went stiff, her love juices flowing out as she climaxed. Noticing that Sam released his hold as well, his white stuff shooting out and staining Nine's giant breasts which hung in the way as she leaned down.

"Haa~h~?…. Doctor~?"

Seeing her smile at him, Sam leaned in and kissed the blond Valkyrie. He hugged her from behind, groping her breasts before fondling them in a milking motion.


He pressed on her nipples and pinched them, causing the Valkyrie to gasp from the stimulation. Their saliva mixed as he entwined his tongue around hers, which was sticking out as she struggled to catch her breath.

A couple of minutes later Sam felt that his rod, which was still between Nine's thighs, was hardening once more as if to say it was time for another round.

Kissing the Valkyrie one more time he let go of her breasts and straightened himself. He reached for the shower hand and opened the water washing away all the foam. He then stopped to gaze at the scene before him, a smile slowly forming on his face.

Nine's beautiful ass was red from all the spanking. A few months ago he would've never dreamed of seeing this with his own eyes. Now he was here, the gorgeous Valkyrie is in front of him bent down with her ass out.

'I guess it's time…'

Thinking that to himself, Sam leaned in and kissed Nine once more.

"Nine, I will make you mine now." he whispered in her ear before backing away.

The Valkyrie didn't understand what he meant, looking back at him with confused eyes. But then she saw him place his meat pillar at her entrance and everything became clear.


"Hm? This is what you wanted, right?" Sam said, noticing the surprised look she had.

"Y-yes!" As the red color spread from her cheeks all the way to her ears, Nine's smiled deepened as she showed genuine happiness at his decision. "I want to do it! I want Doctor's penis inside me! Please make me yours! I want to be Doctor's Valkyrie!"

Seeing how enthusiastic she was put a smile on Sam's face. She asked him to make her his Valkyrie, so without wasting any more time he began to press forward.

"I'm going in, Nine!"
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His cock spread her slit open and slowly made it's way deeper into her love tunnel, tearing the thin layer of protection as it claimed first place.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Nine let out a once in a lifetime cry feeling Sam's cock penetrate her deepest parts.

Sam was astonished. The sensation was much similar to when he took Shizuru's virginity, but maybe because she isn't human there was no deflowering blood leaking out even though he was sure he tore her hymen a moment ago.

'Ah.. maybe this is… a bit much…'

A moment after he stopped pushing Sam felt like his rod was being crushed by an incredible force, so much that he was unable to move fearing that he would lose his thing if he tried to pull it out.

"N-Nine! Can you… relax… a little…"

Sadly the Valkyrie had no idea what he was talking about.

"Doc.. tor…. Hahh~?… Doctor's… penis… Doctor's penis… hahh… is… is inside me~?"

As she gazed at him from over her shoulders, Sam realized that something was off about the Valkyrie. Nine looked a little dazed. Her dark blue eyes had small pink hearts in them, as if she was a cartoon character looking at something she loved way too much.

Before he could think of anything, his mind was was shocked by the sensation coming from his crutch. Her vaginal walls began undulating all of a sudden as if they were trying to suck him inside. The stimulation was too sudden freezing him in place, so to make up for it the Valkyrie began to move instead.

She pushed her hips forward just a little, then, without giving him a warning, she thrust them back with enough force to cause a clapping sound.

That was enough to bring Sam to the verge of ejaculation, even though he already came three times just a few minutes ago. He was expecting a Valkyrie's pussy to be something special, however the stimulation was just way too strong. It was as if the hole was trying to suck the semen right out of his balls causing him to feel pleasure he hand never experienced before.


Nine tried thrusting her hips back once more, the wet clapping sound echoing through the large bath. Her expression had changed to that of pure ecstasy, each time she felt the thick rod slid into her she would release moans full of sensuality.

When she tried to move for the third time, Sam grabbed her waist and held her in place. His body was trembling as he pulled his rod, but before it was all out he thrust it in once more putting in everything he got pushing Nine's entire body until her breasts were squeezed flat against the wall.

"Aaahhh~?! Ahh…. Ahhn~?… hhaahnn~?… nhaahh~?… ahhn~?"

Sam pumped his hips like there is no tomorrow. He never had sex this good before. It made him wish he had made his move much earlier. He apologized in his heart to Alice and Shizuru, but no matter how much he tries he could never deny that Nine's hole was the best place he had ever put his cock inside.

"Ahh~?…. Doctor~?… Docror~?… ahhh~?… ha~hh~?…. Ahh… aaaahaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHH~?!!!!!!"

Unable to hold it in anymore, Sam thrust his hips as he climaxed at the same time as Nine. His seed began flowing, mixing with her overflowing love juices quickly filling her artificial womb. Her vaginal walls contracted applying even more pressure on the rod as if to make sure it doesn't escape even after the last drop was squeezed out.

Having released his load, Sam allowed his body to relax again Nine's as he gasped from the intensity of what he had just experience.

"Nine… ha~h… that was… incredible…" he said, feeling his penis shrinking back to its normal size allowing him to pull it out.

"Doctor…" with the pink hearts still in her eyes, the Valkyrie gave Sam a heated look as she turned around to face him. "One more time." She said, slowly pressing her chest against his. "I want to feel it one more time."

With no hesitation the blond Valkyrie stole a kiss from him. As the two began making out Sam had a feeling that their fun had only just started.

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