Wearing Pheromone As a Faint King

Wearing Pheromone As a Faint King


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Wei Yansi is an S-level alpha.
One day, she wore this alpha physique and became the background emperor in a “non-ABO” novel.
Dog Emperor vs Bai Yueguang
5.11 into v
Lightning rod
1. Women disguise themselves as men, with a joyful writing style
2. Shuangjie, 1v1, he
3. The harem is full of cannon fodder, don’t care
4. Kill each other in the early stage, love each other in the later stage, only sweet but not abuse
5. Overhead, a hodgepodge of institutional etiquette

Weibo name: @无呀无呀无呀Content tags: Palace Marquis A special fondness for Gong Dou Chuanshu
Search keywords: protagonist: Wei Yansi, Qu Jinying Supporting role: many, many others: daily change
Brief introduction: I am the only alpha
Conception: Know the white and guard the black, be with the light and dust

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