Who do you think I am? Bring the boat over!

Who do you think I am? Bring the boat over!


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After crossing the pirates, relying on his excellent deception skills, Lin Yang successfully defrauded him to Yamato and eloped with him, and was later chased and killed by Kaido.

Just when he thought he would be like this in his life, the system awakened!

Warring States: As we all know, Lin Yang is a boatman who has eaten the fruits of the boat!

Jack: Actually, I am highly myopic. I didn’t realize who was on the boat until I got close, but it was too late to turn around!

Kaido: Go and get Lin Yang back to me, I will be the drought disaster and he will be the fourth emperor!

Lin Yang: An old man, an old woman and a blind man, who do you think I am, pull the boat over! Tie Wang, I’m sure!

Fujitora: I was terrified at the time!


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