Yun Family's Little Nine is Super Mischievous

Chapter 10880: If you see it for the first time (the finale)

In the process, most of the divided souls were strangled, and only two strands of divided souls were successfully reincarnated.

One of the divided souls became the Emperor Yun and founded the Yun Family of the Holy Mountain.

The other strand is to enter the three thousand small world, become an orphan, and meet the reincarnated Emperor Beiming.

Emperor Beiming was forced to return to the Demon Temple, but Yun Chujiu accidentally hit and ran into Lan Luochen's reincarnation-Sea God.

When the catastrophe occurred, Yun Chujiu was teleported to safety by Poseidon.

Yun Chujiu had only two thoughts in his mind, one was to find a way to avenge the Seagod, and the other was to avenge the guilty man.

Because Poseidon told her that Mozun likes men, she disguised herself as a man to hook up Emperor Beiming.

When the Emperor Beiming became tempted, the goods ran away again.

As a result, the two began a long chase.

Emperor Beiming had the chance to synthesize the holy sovereign of the Tie clan, Yun Chujiu created a demon realm and a ghost realm in order to be evenly matched with him and in order to avenge the sea **** in the future.

In the process, Yun Chujiu tortured the emperor Beiming.

For example, the scene in the memory of Emperor Beiming:

[The woman carried a giant axe glowing with red light in her hand, and the woman cut off a lock of hair with the giant axe, and said decisively:

"Di Beiming, from today onwards, you and I will be cut off, and we will never see each other for generations to come."]

In fact, it was Yun Chujiu who deliberately angered him that way. When this guy said this, his right hand kept drawing a cross behind him, and what he cut was not his own hair, but a pony tail that was glued in advance.

A few years later, Yun Chujiu still forgave Emperor Beiming, after all, he had no choice but to leave without saying goodbye.

Just when they were about to get married, the imprint of Emperor Beiming's Cold Curse broke out, and a killer who claimed to be the Temple of Gods and Demons appeared out of thin air.

They have isolated the rescue channel of the Ting Clan and the Guizu, and they are extremely powerful, even if Yun Chujiu tried his best, they were not their opponents.

In order to protect Yun Chujiu, the Yaozu suffered heavy deaths and injuries, and Yun Chujiu's heart ached.

She put the souls of the dead monster race into the Demon Ancestor Cave, and then cast a blood curse on the entrance to write "Retreat to live, advance to die".

Although these souls cannot escape into reincarnation, they can be transformed into souls and see the sun in another way.

She originally planned to die with the people in the Hall of Gods and Demons, but she did not expect to accidentally break part of the seal in her body and kill all the assassins.

It was precisely because of the release of the seal that she recovered most of her memories.

She knew that Tiandao would send them into reincarnation again soon, and if she didn't do something, they would be teased by Tiandao endlessly until they died.

Therefore, she made a bold decision. She stripped off her own soul, one of which was only the shell of the soul, and she was dull by nature.

The other is her true soul.

Just when Tiandao sent them into reincarnation again, Yun Chujiu used the last bit of strength to send the real soul into another world...

Yun Chujiu had just regained consciousness from the memory, and the familiar sound of footsteps came from the door.

Yun Chujiu looked towards the door, and it was Emperor Beiming who came in.

As if feeling something, the two smiled at each other.

She was slouched in red, and he was in white, as if she had seen it for the first time.

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