However, Wu Xiaoyin's head, who was held by Lei Lu in his arms, only reached Lei Lu's eyes. The whole thing was the sight of an adult holding a child, and Wu Xiaoyin didn't have much confidence to refute the female's words.

Feeling the little depression in his arms, Lei Lu lowered his head and asked, "What's wrong?"

Wu Xiaoyin returned sullenly: "It's nothing, have you finished talking?"

Lei Lu saw Xiaoxiao's pouting mouth and puffed cheeks. He didn't know how cute he was, so he silently pressed his little head on his shoulder and said, "We're done talking, let's go." Said After finishing, I want to take Xiaoxiao to other places for a stroll.

However, this female from the Giant Wolf Tribe followed Leilu and kept asking, "What's your name? How young are you? How old are you? 15 years old?"

Hearing this, Wu Xiaoyin expressed that he couldn't bear it anymore, and said, "I'm already 20 years old, okay?" He rolled his eyes, thinking: This person really has no eyesight.

The female opened her mouth in surprise when she heard this, and said, "How is it possible, you are so small."

Wu Xiaoyin felt that his head was full of black lines, so he simply stopped talking.

However, the female still said persistently: "Then what's your name? My name is Ah Lu."

Wu Xiaoyin heard the female's question, but still replied: "My name is Wu Xiaoyin."

When Ah Lu heard Wu Xiaoyin's reply, he seemed very happy and said, "Xiao Xiao, it's nice to meet you, can I play with you?"

Although Wu Xiaoyin was a little depressed when Ah Lu called herself "little" when he opened his mouth, but seeing Ah Lu's sincere eyes, he replied, "Yes, come and play with us when you are free."

When Ah Lu got the answer he wanted, he returned to the camp of the giant wolf tribe, watching Wu Xiaoyin and Lei Lu walk away slowly.

When Wu Xiaoyin passed the camp of the Giant Tiger Tribe, he found that it was surrounded by orcs from other tribes, and most of the orcs who went out to trade, including Xiao Kai and Bin, had already returned to the camp. Wu Xiaoyin looked at Lei Lu, expressing doubts.

Lei Lu knew what was going on, so he carried Xiao Xiao into the camp, and asked Feng who was maintaining order, "Did everyone know about the pickled meat?"

Feng was so busy that he was sweating profusely. When he heard Lei Lu's question, he said without raising his head: "Yes, so the people who exchanged all flocked here at once."

Wu Xiaoyin heard Feng's words, and hurriedly interrupted: "Didn't you say this is a secret of the tribe? How could it be known by others?"

When Lei Lu heard Xiao Xiao's question, he touched Xiao Xiao's face, and Xiao Xiao gave him a sideways glance. Of course, in Lei Lu's eyes, it was almost the same as a wink. Soft tofu, while saying: "Of course the method of making it is a secret, but the excess animal meat can be replaced with warm fur and precious herbs. Otherwise, why would we bring so much pickled animal meat this time?"

Hearing Lei Lu's explanation, Wu Xiaoyin suddenly understood, and asked, "Then why didn't you bring some animal meat in exchange when we came here?"

Of course Leilu would not tell Xiaoxiao that he could never bear the fur of other orcs on Xiaoxiao's body, so he said: "We don't need it at home, think about the fur and herbs in the corner, Isn't it?"

Wu Xiaoyin thought about it too. Seeing Leilu's eyes secretly begging for praise and caressing, he pulled Laleilu's stubble hair and said, "Leilu, you are really great, you are a good hunter! Are you satisfied?"

Lei Lu cleared his throat embarrassingly, and said, "Xiao Xiao, let's see if there is anything that needs our help."

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