After hearing Lei Lu's explanation, Wu Xiaoyin no longer worried that the secret of marinating animal meat would be known by other tribes, but watched Feng, Kos and others with great interest.

At this time, after seeing Wu Xiaoyin, the sharp-eyed Xiaokai ignored the crowd of females, pushed aside the females, and hurriedly jumped to Wu Xiaoyin's side, yelling at Wu Xiaoyin: "Xiaoxiao, look at us! The animal meat is so popular! It can not only meet the requirements of preservation in the cold season, but also supplement the essential salt in the body of females and cubs. Also, Bin and I have only been back for a while, and there are already many, many There are animal skins, including giant deer skins and giant gopher skins that are more difficult to tan!"

Wu Xiaoyin looked over with Xiaokai's fingers, and there was indeed a thick pile of animal skins behind Feng, Bin and others. The furs of various colors were brightly presented in front of Wu Xiaoyin's eyes. The exchange day is a bumper harvest!

However, the joy in his heart didn’t last long, and the voice of destroying people’s mood appeared. What Wu Xiaoyin saw was the argument between the orcs of the Giant Snake Tribe and Kos. Both of them were agitated. Rolling up their sleeves without saying a word, they rushed directly to the "battlefield", without even understanding why the two were arguing.

As for why Wu Xiaoyin knew at a glance that they were the orcs of the Giant Snake Tribe, it was because the orcs of the Giant Snake Tribe had more beautiful looks, even the male orcs were no exception. This is not the appearance that can attract females in the Beastman Continent, and even pursues them. Otherwise, Qi from the Giant Snake Tribe would not have married Mu, a warrior from the Giant Tiger Tribe.

After seeing the flash of interest in the little eyes, Lei Lu's blue eyes couldn't help but darken, but he felt a little relieved when he thought that the males of the Giant Snake Tribe have never been loved by females. After all, from a male's point of view, The males of the Giant Snake Tribe are not very capable, and the overly bright colors are not easy to hide when hunting, and when they transform into human form, their appearance is almost the same as that of females, which makes Lei Lu feel that they don't have the aura of male orcs at all. Therefore, Lei Lu hugged Xiaoxiao and approached the encirclement of the incident, so that the small Xiaoxiao didn't have to stretch his neck to watch.

When Lei Lu and Wu Xiaoyin came within the encirclement, the main force of the "battlefield" became Xiao Kai and the leader of the Giant Snake Tribe, and Xiao Kai's voice clearly and surely reached the ears of all the orcs present: " The exchange of animal meat in our tribe is entirely for all the orcs in the Orc Continent to better survive this cold season. We did not exchange a bucket of animal meat for a lot of animal skins and herbs. As far as animal skins alone are concerned, we It’s just five giant bull hides in exchange for a bucket of animal meat, you know, this bucket of animal meat can fully support a family’s food intake for three days in the cold season, what else do you want to say about us?”

After swallowing a mouthful of saliva and moisturizing his throat, Xiao Kai continued to exert his fighting power, "You giant snake tribe are very greedy, and it really fits the characteristics of your beast type. A bucket of coarse salt costs ten giant bull beasts. In terms of skin, we are already very cheap, okay?"

The leader of the younger generation of the Giant Snake Tribe, Qi's nephew Ken, was so angry that the animal patterns on his face appeared from time to time. The treacherous and insidious Giant Snake Tribe, Ken's brains are obviously sharper than his mouth. Ken's purpose in coming to the camp of the Giant Tiger Tribe is nothing more than knowing the value of beast meat and wanting to exchange for more beasts at a cheaper price. Meat, even through trading in exchange for this kind of orc production method that can preserve the entire cold season, but obviously met Xiao Kai who is powerful in combat, and seemed a little anxious!

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