Wu Xiaoyin silently felt sorry for the extra animal skins that needed to be added, and said that he would not be looted and took away one more animal skin in front of his eyes, so he said to Lin with his arms crossed: "As far as I know, the Juhu tribe is in the current state. The orc continent is the most southerly, and the plants grow the most luxuriantly and hugely, so it can be explained that in addition to an area for picking herbs, you must have different herb collection points, which is rare in the tribe from what the female said. Precious herbs can be known, and the females in your tribe must have collected them in different areas, otherwise it would be impossible for there to be herbs that others do not have."

Hearing Wu Xiaoyin's words, Lin put down his arms around his chest, and once again glanced at the underage teaching girl who had been staying in Lei Lu's arms. She kept silent and thought it was just an ordinary little girl. He even judged the situation of his tribe from Lian's words. After thinking for a moment, Lin came back: "It was collected by Lian herself in other areas, not the herbs collected by the females in the tribe. This is also possible. Yes, of course, it is true."

Wu Xiaoyin couldn't help laughing when he heard this, and said, "You don't blush when you lie, and it's really okay to say it without turning your head."

Although Lin couldn't understand what the little female said, but when he heard the female's laughter, he knew that he was laughing at himself, so he raised his voice and said, "Female, do you have any opinions on what I said?"

Wu Xiaoyin cleared his voice, and said: "I don't need to say it myself, you can see the herbs in your tribe for yourself, and you can know that even if it is the same herb, different plants will have different characteristics, just like the giant root behind you Grass, as the most common herb in all tribes, has large leaves, hollow rhizomes, and well-developed root systems. These are just general characteristics, but from these appearances, you can know the inside, which shows that this herb likes light and humidity, and the giant roots of your tribe However, some of the leaves of the grass are particularly fat, and some roots are particularly developed, which shows that these giant root grasses do not grow in the same area."

After listening to Wu Xiaoyin's words, Lin knew that Wu Xiaoyin's analysis was correct. In fact, the giant root grass was not collected in the same area, because there were indeed several collection areas of the giant fox tribe, and the environment between them was different. There was a certain gap, so Lin didn't need to go back and check in detail to know what Wu Xiaoyin said was true.

At this time, Lin couldn't help admiring the female's observation ability. After all, she was able to examine the giant root grass so carefully in such a short period of time, and at a certain distance. Thinking of this, she couldn't help staring at the little female.

When Lei Lu noticed that Lin's eyes fell into his arms, he knew that his little friend had been found out by an orc again, so he hugged him tighter, and put his little head on his shoulder , trying to hide Xiaoxiao better in his arms, and at the same time, he turned sideways to block Lin's sight.

Lei Lu said: "Now your herbal medicine deal should still be six giant bull beast skins?"

Lin thought for a while and said, "For your giant tiger tribe, this year's trade can be six giant bull beast skins, but this does not mean that other tribes are included. What do you think?"

Hearing Lin's question, Lei Lu returned without thinking: "It's impossible, you should know, this thing is impossible, this should be the same price for all tribes, shouldn't you be Do you want to stir up the hostility of other tribes towards the Juhu tribe?"

Just as Lin was about to refute, Lei Lu blocked Lin's words, and continued: "Also, such a transaction is unfair to all tribes. Unify the price and explain the reason, then our Juhu tribe will tell all the tribes the real reason."

Lin became anxious when he heard this, and said: "Understood, we will tell all tribes that the herbal medicines of the Giant Fox Tribe are not less than in previous years, but the price of our herbal medicines is still one more giant cow skin than last year. The same goes for the Giant Tiger Tribe, how about it?"

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