Lei Lu was really happy when he heard Xiaoxiao's question, and there were bits and pieces of light in his eyes, and he replied in a low voice: "Don't worry, Xiaoxiao, I have already asked Hu Yi Hu Er to rush back to the tribe first. , the orc turned into a beast and flew very fast. He could return to the tribe this evening, and then he could come here tomorrow afternoon.

Therefore, we don't need to pick giant rice on a large scale now, we only need to pick part of it. After all, we have so many herbs and animal skins with us, and the beasts who come over will be the main force for picking and transporting giant rice. "

After hearing Lei Lu's words, Wu Xiaoyin nodded reassuringly, and then asked: "Then we wait for the clansmen who come tomorrow to finish picking and go together?"

Lei Lu glanced at the small and thin body, and replied: "No, the weather will soon become cold in the next few days, and the small body will not be able to bear it, so let's wait for Kos and Feng to collect some giant rice After that, hurry back to the tribe first."

Wu Xiaoyin had no objection to Lei Lu's arrangement. After all, besides his own body, Lei Lu also knew very well that this scumbag body couldn't stand the sharp drop in temperature.

After a while, Kos and Feng and other orcs came back carrying a big wicker box full of giant rice, and Xiao Kai and Bin also carried a wicker box on their backs, containing some fruits and giant cabbage leaves .

Seeing Wu Xiaoyin, Xiao Kai immediately pulled Bin to Wu Xiaoyin's side, and said, "Xiao Xiao, let's try to see if we can cook with giant rice today?"

Seeing Xiaokai Qiyi's gaze, Wu Xiaoyin nodded and said, "Of course there is no problem, but giant rice is used as a staple food, and it must be eaten together with our usual dishes. It just so happens that you picked giant rice. Cabbage and fruit, we'll just make a cabbage broth, cabbage and fruit salad, honey kebab."

Xiaokai heard the cabbage fruit salad and honey barbecue that he had never eaten before, and hurriedly dragged Wu Xiaoyin's hand to the fire, wishing that Wu Xiaoyin would start immediately, Wu Xiaoyin could only touch his forehead and sigh: "Xiaokai, I just Just finished breakfast, it's still so early, can you still hold something in your stomach?"

After Xiaokai heard Xiaoxiao's words, he touched his stomach subconsciously and said, "Xiaoxiao, I'm hungry. I've had breakfast for a long time. You got up too late, okay?"

When Wu Xiaoyin heard Xiaokai say that she got up late, she touched her nose in embarrassment, coughed and said, "I'm not too late, okay, since you're hungry, let's start, eat early Start back to the tribe as soon as you finish."

Hand over the cabbage broth to Bin to make. After all, Bin has been very proficient in all kinds of broth since he was a child. As for the cabbage and fruit salad, Xiao Kai will handle it, which is to simply wash the cabbage and fruit, tear the cabbage into pieces Small slices, fruit cut into chunks, simply drizzled with honey and done.

As for Wu Xiaoyin, he makes honey barbecue and boils giant rice. The honey barbecue is very simple, and the specific operator is actually Lei Lu. After all, Wu Xiaoyin can't turn the whole giant bull beast and giant pig beast. Therefore, Wu Xiaoyin just needs to brush various The seasoning was dispatched, and after brushing the honey water twice at intervals, the honey barbecue was quickly completed.

During this period, I encountered a problem, that is, the size of the giant rice is too large. The size of a grain of rice is equivalent to the size of a plum on the earth. How big will it be after cooking!

Fortunately, Leilu Children's Shoes provided friendly help. After half-crushing the giant rice by hand, it was broken into small particles. Leilu Children's Shoes said that this was the result of using very little effort, so the giant rice was boiled With a pot of thick rice porridge, Wu Xiaoyin said that it was a bit of a failure, but Lei Lu and others were very supportive.

After having a lively brunch like this, a group of people quickly flew towards the location of the Juhu Tribe.

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