The heating was turned on in the living room, but it was not as hot as Jiang Yan's arms.

Jiang Yan pulled Mu Yao into his arms, seeing her bright eyes, couldn't help pinching her smooth face, "I'm drunk, what do you want?"

The muscles in the man's thighs were strong and tense, and it was uncomfortable to sit upright.

Mu Yao moved a bit, she bent her eyes, and stroked Jiang Yan's head with a little complacency, "Ginger."

Jiang Yan raised his eyebrows, his dark eyes stared straight at the drunken girl in his arms, he didn't understand why she called Jiang to him.


Mu Yao continued to pat Jiang Yan's head, and shouted again.

Jiang Yan looked at her.

"Why didn't you call?" Mu Yao frowned, her rouge-dyed snow cheeks slightly bulging.

"What do you want me to call you?" Jiang Yan kissed her delicate chin, with a good interest on her handsome face.

Curly eyelashes blinked, and Mu Yao obediently answered every question, "Ginger, student Jiang Ming."

She remembered that Jiang Yan was drunk and could bark like a dog, and she wanted to verify whether he was ginger.

His dark eyes darkened, and Jiang Yan narrowed his long and narrow eyes half-closed. He moved closer to Mu Yao, and said in a deep and seductive voice, "My dear Yaoyao, why should I bark like that dog?"

Mu Yao's bright eyes blinked, and the corners of her eyes turned up playfully, and she replied obediently: "I was wondering if you were wearing **** at night."

Hearing the girl's words, Jiang Yan was taken aback.

The girl in front of her had a slight blush on her white face, her eyes were watery, and she said something that shocked him.

Subconsciously tightening her arms, Jiang Yan hugged him even closer. When did she have such a guess?

Jiang Yan's eyes darkened, and he remembered his coma.

Was it because he fell into a coma for no reason and woke up at the same time as the dog to attract her attention?

Jiang Yan never doubted Mu Yao's cleverness, so she wanted to get him drunk because she wanted to trick him?

"But you didn't bark." Mu Yao put her hands on both sides of Jiang Yan's face again, "Are you ginger?"

Jiang Yan hooked his lips. He held the girl's fingertips, licked them, and licked her chin. He didn't let go of her face or the tip of her nose.

It was wet and greasy, and Mu Yao felt uncomfortable. She wrinkled her nose in disgust, and pushed Jiang Yan's face away, "Don't lick it."

Jiang Yan stopped, his thin lips moved to the girl's ear, and he said in a hoarse voice, "Do you want me to be?"

There was a bit of bewilderment in her dark eyes, Mu Yao's head was dizzy, she couldn't think clearly.

The next second, Jiang Yan's thin lips touched the girl's round and small ears, and he called out softly: "Wow!"

Mu Yao's eyes widened, and her usually clear eyes were a little dull at this moment.

Thin lips curled up, Jiang Yan kissed her cute little earballs, and called again in a vague voice, "Woof."

Turning her eyes, Mu Yao belatedly smiled, her beautiful red lips curled up, "I guessed it right."


Jiang Yan clasped her slender waist, moved his thin lips from the ear side to her lips, and his broad **** were close to her. His low voice was full of magnetism, and he praised, "Yaoyao is so smart." He heard Looking at the girl's sweet breath, he said, "You guessed right, I should give you a reward."

Mu Yao's eyes lit up again.

Bright light came in from the window, reflecting her face, which became whiter and tenderer. She looked at Jiang Yan obediently and expectantly.

Tsk, just being watched by the girl, Jiang Yan felt that his heart was getting restless.

The lip marks fell on the girl's soft mouth, and he tasted it. The slightly astringent wine became sweet in the girl's mouth, and the aroma was alluring.

Suddenly, Jiang Yan's whole body trembled, and the hand on the girl's waist tightened even more. The girl swallowed inadvertently, until his tailbone was numb, and his whole body trembled with pleasure. He closed his eyes in disbelief, just wanting to swallow people up.

At night, Mu Yao woke up after nine o'clock, and she slept for most of the day.

My head hurts a bit.

Mu Yao sat up, she remembered that at noon she had prepared wine to make Jiang Yan drunk, but she inadvertently drank too much.

What happened after that, she had already forgotten, and there was annoyance in her eyes, and she didn't know if she talked nonsense to Jiang Yan after she was drunk.

Pushing open the door, Mu Yao found that the light outside the living room was on, so she went out.

Mu Yao found that Jiang Yan was still there.

Turning her black eyes, Mu Yao immediately slowed down her steps. She walked carefully behind Jiang Yan, stretched out her hands and covered Jiang Yan's eyes, trying to scare him.

"woke up?"

The man's voice was low and calm, without any sense of surprise.

Mu Yao was discouraged, "Wake up."

Without letting go, she still covered Jiang Yan's eyes, and leaned into Jiang Yan's ear and asked, "Did I say anything when I was drunk?"

Jiang Yan leaned on the back of the sofa and let her cover her eyes so she couldn't see. His sense of smell became a little sharper. He smelled the girl's sweet and fruity fragrance and said with a smile: "You talked a lot."

Mu Yao was taken aback, "What did I say?"

"I want to know, how about Yaoyao kissing me?" Jiang Yan said shamelessly.

The slightly curled eyelashes trembled slightly, and a cunning flashed in her eyes. Mu Yao lowered her head and approached Jiang Yan's neck. The next second, she opened her mouth and took a bite directly on the back of his neck.

Jiang Yan's whole body froze. He tightened his grip on the notebook. The girl's bite was not hard, like the strength of a kitten scratching someone. It didn't hurt at all. Instead, the warm breath sprayed on his neck. It was crisp, as if a numbness spread all over his body, making his heart tremble.

Jiang Yan's low voice was hoarse, but her tone was indulgent, "Yaoyao, don't make trouble."

Who wanted to kiss just now?

Mu Yao snorted lightly, and her teeth lightly ground the place where she was biting.

The next second, she heard Jiang Yan gasp, and before she had time to feel complacent, Mu Yao heard Jiang Hao's voice in the notebook, "Boss Jiang, I've finished my report."

Mu Yao was stunned for a moment, Jiang Yan was in a video call with his assistant?

Her face was hot for a while, she let go of her mouth, then pretended to be dead, gradually squatted down from behind Jiang Yan, and hid behind the sofa.

On the other side of the video, as calm as Jiang Hao, he was still shocked that Mr. Jiang, who has always been cold and dignified, would have such a doting expression. Jiang Hao didn't dare to look too much, so he could only quietly pretend to be dead.

Jiang Yan withdrew from the video.

He put the notebook on the coffee table, and touched the back of his neck with his hand. There were teeth marks bitten by a **** it.

Thin lips curled up.

He got up and walked behind the sofa, and hugged the girl with a red face and moist eyes, hiding like an ostrich, "It's okay, Jiang Hao can't see it."

When he mentioned it, Mu Yao glanced at him and didn't want to speak.

Jiang Yan hugged her and sat on the sofa, said with a smile: "Didn't you want to ask me what you said when you were drunk?"

Only then did Mu Yao look up at him.

Jiang Yan hugged her, held her slender fingers in his big hand, and squeezed and played with them again and again, "Ask me if it's on your dog."

Subconsciously, Mu Yao bit her lip.

Did she slip up to Jiang Yan?

Jiang Yan looked at the girl's dazed look, and laughed in a low voice, "Yaoyao is so smart, you discovered it."

Jiang Yan looked at him in shock.

He pinched the tip of the girl's upturned little nose, "Didn't you already guess it?"

It's one thing for her to have such a guess, but it's another thing for Jiang Yan to admit it personally. Will he really wear it on Jiang's body?

Jiang Yan told Mu Yao, "I didn't tell you before, because the time I wear on that dog is constantly shortening, and now it's only an hour. Besides, I want to save face. Dressing like a dog is not a good thing."

Except being close to her.

"Scared?" he asked.

Mu Yao returned to her senses in a daze, she shook her head, "I'm not afraid."

He wasn't afraid of the fact that she wasn't the original owner, so how could she be afraid of Jiang Yan?

But looking at the cold and tall man in front of her, it was really difficult for her to connect him with the ugly and cute ginger.

Suddenly, Mu Yao thought that when she was kidnapped that day, she thought it was Jiang who saved her without risking his own life, but now it seems that Jiang Yan was the one who saved her.

The tip of my heart trembled.

Mu Yao thought of how Jiang Yan was bleeding when he was kicked that day, so she kissed him heartily. If she hadn't found out that he was dressed as ginger, she would not have known that he was so desperate to save her.

"Good Yaoyao, give me another kiss." Jiang Yan paused as he rubbed the girl's little hand, staring at her with dark eyes.

Mu Yao kissed again.

"One more time..."

Jiang stayed in the hospital for more than a week before being discharged. Its injuries have not fully recovered, and the dog is still wrapped in white gauze.

Knowing that during the period from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, the inner core of the dog is Jiang Yan, not ginger, Mu Yao is more or less uncomfortable.

She placed the food on the dining table, then picked up the dog and put it on the high chair where it usually eats, and then petted its dog's head habitually, "I want to eat all the food."

Usually, she is the character who is hugged, stroked, and teased by Jiang Yan. Now that she knows that Jiang Yan will dress up as ginger, she enjoys this opportunity to tease him from time to time.

Jiang Yan raised his round dog eyes to look at her, and licked her thin white fingertips holding the small bowl. Seeing her blushing, a smile flashed across his dog eyes.

In terms of shamelessness, Jiang Yan beat Mu Yao too much.

Years later, before the start of school, news spread among the wealthy families in city b that someone heard that the head of the Mu family was coming back.

Now the Mu family in city b is just a side branch. The real Mu family is a century-old family. Even the Jiang family, which rose to prominence later and became the number one wealthy family, can only rank second compared with the Mu family.

But later, the Mu family didn't know what happened inside. The head of the Mu family disappeared. Later, all the properties of the Mu family moved out of the country.

As a side branch of the Mu family, with the deterrent power of the Mu family, it is enough for Mu Wanhai to gain a foothold in city b, not to mention, Mu Wanhai even married the daughter of the Ye family.

Now that there is news that the real Mu family is coming back, the other rich and powerful people in city b have more or less scruples and considerations.

Years later, Mu Yao was busy with setting up a company, and she suddenly received a call from Jiang Yan, saying that he wanted to introduce someone to her.

Not long after, she saw Jiang Yan coming, and beside him was a man who was not tall and had a slightly fat body.

"This is Jiang Hao's cousin. His name is Jiang Zhihui. He can serve as your assistant in the future. You can ask him to handle anything." Jiang Yan said to Mu Yao.

"Ms. Mu, hello." Compared with Jiang Hao's elite appearance, Jiang Zhizhi's appearance is not outstanding, and his smile is a bit silly.

But Mu Yao knew that the person Jiang Yan introduced to her must have his formidable or good abilities, so she smiled politely at him, "Hello."

Jiang Zhihui found that the beautiful girl in front of him did not show contempt for him because of his appearance. He remembered what his cousin Jiang Hao said to him. It would be worse than being with Mr. Jiang.

He immediately woke up, restraining the trace of reluctance in his heart.

Mu Yao said: "This is the plan I made. You can take it back and have a look. If there are any problems, you can point them out to me at any time. Now the company is short of people, so you need to help me recruit a group of people." Employees, requirements and salaries are all written in the proposal."

"Yes, Miss Mu." Jiang Zhihui responded immediately.

Jiang Yan didn't expect that the girl would just trust the person he chose for her without asking anything, but he couldn't restrain the corners of his lips from curling up. He looked down at her and said with a smile: "There is a banquet next week, you Come with me?"

The old man is inconvenient, and now he basically attends the banquets for the old man.

"What banquet?"

Jiang Yan put the broken hair on the side of her face behind her ears, and he told her: "The people in charge of the Mu family will tell all the families that the Mu family is back."

"Mu family?" What Mu family?

Jiang Yan didn't know much about the Mu family's affairs, and only heard it from Mr. Jiang before, "Well, your father Mu Wanhai is just a side branch of the Mu family, and the real Mu family moved out of the country more than 20 years ago. "

Mu Yao was surprised for a while, the Mu family actually has a real master, and Mu Wanhai is just a side branch?

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