The surrounding light is a bit dim, there is no door light installed in front of the small building, only the yellow light from the lamp post in the distance.

Jiang Yan was kicked and fell to the ground. The pain made him unable to stand up at all.

Originally, Ginger was only three months old. Although it was fat, it was a small one. When kicked hard by the hard-soled leather shoes worn by the servant, it couldn't bear it, and the dog's body flew out at once.

"Why didn't you move? Dead?" The servant stepped forward and touched Jiang Yan with his toe.

Jiang Yan suddenly raised his dog's head, his round dog eyes stared fiercely at the servant in front of him.

"So it's not dead. Why, you still want to kill me?" The servant curled his lips and kicked the dog, and the anger in his heart subsided a lot. She bent down to pick up the litter scattered on the ground.

After tidying up, she turned her head to look at Jiang Yan, and saw that it was still lying on its stomach. Could it be that the dog was injured by her kick?

The servant looked nervously at the small building. If the bumpkin knew about it, he probably wouldn't let her go according to his arrogant personality.

The servant thought about it, and she simply walked over and picked up the dog lying on the ground.

There is a drainage channel in the back garden next to the kitchen, and a large stone slab on the drainage channel is cracked, revealing that the drain inside is black and smelly. She knew that Butler Li would send someone to repair it the day after tomorrow.

Jiang Yan's neck was carried by a servant, he glanced around quietly, and understood what this woman was going to do, he suddenly struggled.


Her hand hurt, and the servant saw that the back of her hand was scratched by the dog's paw. She trembled with anger and threw the dog into the ditch. Even if that country bumpkin finds the dog and finds it injured, he will only think that this stupid dog fell into it for fun.

The dog's body was wetted by the black and foul-smelling sewage, and Jiang Yan fell into the ditch. Looking at the back of the servant leaving, his round dog eyes were dark.

When Mu Yao came out of the bathroom, she took a dry towel beside her and wiped her hair, "Why isn't the door closed?"

Thinking of something, Mu Yao hurried to the small balcony, "Ginger?"

Sure enough, there was no dog shadow of the little thing.

During this period of time, it always wanted to run out, and now that the door is open, it must have run out.

Mu Yao didn't bother to dry her hair either, so she threw down the towel and ran downstairs to find the dog.

With the previous experience, this time Mu Yao followed the road and went straight to the gate. Thinking of the last time Ginger was stuck by the big iron gate, she wasn't worried that it would run outside.

"Ginger, ginger..."

Mu Yao searched all the way, until she came to the gate, but she still didn't see the little thing.

Where did it go?

In the ditch, Jiang Yan wrinkled his head and struggled to climb up to the ground. He shook the dog's body, shaking off a lot of sewage. There was severe pain from the place kicked by the maid, and Jiang Yan knew that this time, he still couldn't escape.

The foul-smelling sewage dripped from Jiang Yan's dog's body to the ground, and he staggered along.

Mu Yao couldn't find **** at the gate, so she turned back and went to the villa.

"Has any of you seen my dog?" Mu Yao asked one by one.

"Second Miss, I didn't see it."

"Second Miss, I have been helping in the kitchen just now, and I didn't pay attention to your dog."

"Second Miss, I just came down from the second floor, and I didn't see it either."

"It's just that native dog you raised, it's gone?" Mu Wanhai was drinking tea, and seeing Mu Yao's anxious expression, he couldn't help snorting. After all, Xiaojiazi didn't see a dog, it was just a matter of proportion.

"Will you run out to play?" He Xiumei had a gentle face.

"No, it can't get out of the gate." Mu Yao was sure that Jiang was still in Mu's house, but she didn't know where the little thing was hidden.

"Then you all go and help Second Miss look for it." He Xiumei ordered.

"Yes, ma'am."

Mu Wanhai looked displeased, "Nonsense, if you lose that kind of dog, you will lose it. Another day, I will ask Butler Li to choose a good breed for you."

"No, I only like this one." Mu Yao didn't find **** in the villa, so she went out to look for it again.

Mu Wanhai felt that this daughter always liked to play against him recently, "It's not decent at all."

"Don't be angry, this child is not raised by your side after all, it's normal to be a little rebellious." He Xiumei doesn't mind Mu Yao's willfulness at all, such a brainless person is easy to control.

Jiang Yan walked out of the backyard with difficulty, dragging his body in sewage.

"Miss, this is Miss Second's dog." Li Guan saw the dirty dog ​​at a glance.

Mu Xiaoxue just came back from filming. She is in a good mood today. Although she only plays a supporting role this time, the director said that the second female role in the next film is very suitable for her, and asked her if she would like to try it.

She never thought that not only would she look pretty and have a good family background after wearing it, she would even have a koi system, which would allow her to quickly rise to the top in the entertainment industry. Compared with before crossing over, she had struggled to climb up the entertainment circle, and was still an unknown little actor, she was so much happier.

Mu Xiaoxue casually glanced at the dirty and foul-smelling dog in front of her, and frowned delicately, "Butler Li, let's go in." Saying this, she spared the dog from a distance and walked towards the villa. Go, it doesn't mean to care at all.

When Jiang Yan saw Mu Xiaoxue passing by, he didn't react at all. He continued to walk slowly towards the small building. He guessed that the ribs in his body were broken by the servant's kick, which is why he was in severe pain.

The moonlight on a summer night was particularly bright, and when a cool breeze blew occasionally, Jiang Yan could clearly smell the stench on his body, and the eyes of the dog darkened a bit.


Mu Yao searched around the backyard, but she didn't expect to see something small in the garden.

She approached quickly, only to see the yellow light from the nearby lamppost cast down, Jiang's body was pitch black, dirty, and smelly.

"Ginger, where did you go? How did you get so dirty?"

Jiang Yan lowered his dog's head and continued walking, don't think that a woman like Mu Yao would think he stinks after all.

In the next second, his dog's body was picked up and fell into a soft embrace.

Jiang Yan looked up at Mu Yao in disbelief, only to see that she was hugging him, a lot of her clothes were blackened, but there was no disgust or anger on her face.

"Ginger, you stink."

Mu Yao was disgusted, but she held it tightly in her hands, she said to its right ear angrily, "I'll go back and give you a bath, if you run around again next time, I'll break your dog legs. "

His body stinks and is extremely dirty, and anyone with eyes can see that his body is covered with foul-smelling dirty water.

She didn't dislike Mu Yao? Do you mind?

The bosom was very warm and soft, with a sweet, faint fruity aroma, which smelled very good, even the stench on his body was somewhat covered up.

The breeze blows gently.

Jiang Yan's doggy face was itched by Mu Yao's hanging hair.

He turned his face away uncomfortably.

In the bathroom.

This time, Mu Yao found that Ginger is so good that she doesn't need to force it to take a bath. Does this little thing know that she stinks?

She adjusted the moderately warm water and rinsed the little thing, and the water that fell on the ground turned black and smelly.

"Don't think that I won't be angry if you're acting good now. You don't have ham for breakfast tomorrow." Mu Yao squeezed the shower gel on the side and rubbed it on Ginger's body.

Jiang Yan lowered his dog's head and didn't scoff like usual.


Jiang Yan raised one front leg cooperatively, and Mu Yao rubbed the white foam on his little feet.

She kneaded it very carefully, her little foot was short and fleshy, she couldn't help pinching it, and then said nonchalantly: "The other one."

Jiang Yan gave her a doggy look, and finally raised the other dog's paw.

"Why did your leg get scratched?" Mu Yao was surprised to see that there was a red mark on Jiang's foot, and even the skin was broken.

Jiang Yan looked down and remembered that he was scratched when he climbed up from the ditch.

Mu Yao observed it, but luckily the wound was not deep. She avoided the wound and rubbed the rest gently.

After washing the little feet, Mu Yao began to rub the dog's body with ginger, and when her hand reached its stomach, she felt the little thing's body tremble and froze.

Mu Yao quickly stopped, "Ginger, what's wrong?"

She seems to hurt it?

Jiang Yan lay down on the ground, turned over, and exposed the pink puppy belly. He was worried that he would return to adulthood tomorrow, this ugly dog ​​was too stupid to tell Mu Yao that it had a physical problem.

"What's wrong with Ginger's belly?" Mu Yao stretched out her hand again, and felt a bulging, hard piece on its left belly.

She was shocked, is this a rib? Ginger has a broken rib?


"Does the **** hurt here?" Mu Yao gently touched it.

Jiang Yan hummed.

Mu Yao frowned, how could ginger's ribs be broken? She didn't dare to touch its belly anymore, but quickly washed off the foam on its body.

She wants to take it to the pet hospital for examination.

After the filming, the veterinarian said to Mu Yao: "It has a broken rib, and the stubble is very close to the lung, so it needs to be operated on immediately."

"Surgery?" Mu Yao didn't expect Jiang to be injured so badly.

"Yes, why don't you go back and discuss it with your family?" The cost of the operation is not low, and many people are unwilling to spend so much on a dog. The little girl in front of her obviously can't make the decision.

"Doctor, how much will it cost?"

"The cost of the film examination plus the operation fee is about 10,000."

"Ten thousand?"

Mu Yao frowned tightly. She remembered that she only had a few hundred yuan on her body, and she couldn't afford the surgery fee at all. "Okay, I see. Please arrange the surgery. I'll pay the fee now."

"Ginger, lie here obediently, I'll be back soon." Mu Yao smiled and patted its head, then went out.

Jiang Yan noticed Mu Yao's expression just now.

All this time, he didn't care or pay attention to Mu Yao's situation in Mu's family. But remembering that Mu Yao didn't live with the Mu family, but lived in another small building, obviously the situation in the Mu family was not very good.

He doesn't take 10,000 yuan seriously, but it may be more difficult for Mu Yao who came out of the mountains and is not welcomed by the Mu family.

The round dog eyes were dark, and Jiang Yan quickly suppressed the feeling of strangeness in his heart.

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