After Wearing the Book, I Was Played By Black Lotus

After Wearing the Book, I Was Played By Black Lotus


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Lin Xingzhu passed through the book.
She became the cannon fodder for the coveted protagonist in a love action novel.
In the original text, after the main character’s courtship was rejected, he drugged the main character in an attempt to force her to submit, but was ruined by the main character’s suitors in the end.
At this time, Lin Xingzhu looked at the weak and flushed protagonist, and thought of the tragic ending of the original body in the future, and fell into deep thought.
A sentence flashed in my memory – you may not be a human being, but you cannot be a pervert.
Therefore, based on the concept of not being a pervert, Lin Xingzhu embarked on helping the protagonist avoid all kinds of plot checkpoints that are full of tricks and can reach the world and enter the sea.
Just when Lin Xingzhu thought that the rescue was successful and she could retire, she found that the protagonist Xiao Baihua was looking at her with strange eyes…
The woman’s bright red lips curled up, her slender fingers brushed her slender neck, causing tremors: “Since you’re here, stay with me forever.”

#save! It turns out that the weak little white rabbit I always thought turned out to be the black lotus with outstanding acting skills#

After revealing his true colors——

“Don’t you want to get to know me?” The woman pressed her every step of the way, with a treacherous and ambiguous smile.
Lin Xingzhu: “!!”
Help! ! It turns out that the black lotus doesn’t need me to rescue at all, it turns out that I climbed high qaq

Bai Xiying held the apple in her hand, played with the fruit knife in her right hand, and said inexplicably, “Didn’t you come here for me?”
Lin Xingzhu looked at the reflective arc, and his heart trembled.
“as you wish.”
The corners of the woman’s lips raised slightly, and said meaningfully.
As the cold color approached, Lin Xingzhu subconsciously closed his eyes.
In the next second, an apple-flavored sweet kiss overflowed between the lips and teeth.
“Are the apples delicious?”
The woman’s sticky voice rang in his ears.
Lin Xingzhu was dizzy and nodded hastily.
“There are more here.” The woman pushed open the door of the storage room behind her, and said in a provocative voice, “You can also try the cherry flavor and peach flavor…”
Lin Xingzhu swept across the room, his pupils trembled, and the corners of his mouth were stiff: Shocked.jpg The pervert is by my side!

#save! So the black lotus has been playing me, right?##If this is the case, then I won’t be sleepy##足球向试.jpg#

①Double c, unique to each other.


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