Beauty Man: The girl next door is Spider Gwen

Beauty Man: The girl next door is Spider Gwen


153 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Ye Li travels through the world of comics, and discovers that his childhood sweetheart next door is Gwen Stacy, the “ghost spider”, and his adopted sister is Jessica Jones, the “knight”.

So he loaded the [Extraordinary Relationship Account System] to be the man behind the hero!

Encourage Spider-Gwen to get the Spider-Man template!

Warm shock wave girl Skye replicates the shock wave ability!

Feed Ganata, the daughter of Star Tun, and get a cosmic Uncle Tun template! !

And Wanda, Felicia the Black Cat, Polaris, Susan the Invisible Woman…

Gu Yi: Ye Li is a good guy, he is half of the credit for saving the world.

Heroines: It doesn’t matter what it is to save the world, the most important thing is to protect the best Ye Li!

Ye Li: Why am I invincible when I’m just a group favorite?


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