Bound To The Divorce System

Chapter 42: signature

"I know it's not easy. I have to feed it once in the afternoon. During the day, the ducks go out and the duck house has to be cleaned. At night, the ducks are returned to the cage and the yard has to be cleaned. There is no time to rest every day. If I am exhausted, you will be happy. It's okay, isn't it?"

When Zhang De heard this, he quickly shook his head, "That won't work, you're exhausted, who will raise the ducks."

No one raises ducks, where does Zhang De's family get their income?

Listening to Zhang De's straightforward words, Bai Ertang rolled his eyes, but relaxed a little bit. Looking at Zhang De's IQ, it was not difficult to deal with.

"You can find another 18-year-old girl and let her feed the ducks for you."

Zhang De is not stupid. It is difficult for young people to find wives now. There are few girls in the village. A girl will start at 200,000 for a glorious gift, and she has to buy jewelry and banquets. You have to make offerings, otherwise people will run away when they get angry, get divorced, and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars!

So if you marry a young girl, how can she be allowed to work hard to feed the ducks in the village by herself?

"How did that happen, Caihua, don't say that, you have to live well."

"Live to be a slave to your family for life?"

Bai Ertang looked at Zhang De coldly, "That's impossible. From now on, we will each pay half of the money for selling ducks. If it doesn't work, I won't feed the ducks. I'll go to the city to work and wash dishes for a month. There are also three thousand dollars."

"You want half the money?!"

Zhang De was shocked. In the past, Zhang De only gave Wang Caihua the money to buy feed and necessary tools. If he needed extra money, Wang Caihua would call Zhang Dena.

"Yes. You agree. I will feed the duck in the future. If you disagree, I will pack up and leave today." Bai Ertang took a tough attitude.

"I, I didn't say I disagree, I think about it."

As soon as Zhang De heard it, he was unwilling to give half of the money to Wang Caihua. Even though Wang Caihua took care of all the ducks, in Zhang De's heart, these ducks belonged to him.

However, if he refuses now, Wang Caihua will run away. Who will he find to feed the ducks? He doesn't want to come to work in such a poor village. There is no water heater, no toilet, no air conditioner, no TV, no refrigerator... Can't go to eat or drink, Can't play mahjong, is this a human life?

He refused to come. His parents are used to living a good life now. How could they come to feed the ducks? The ten acres of land in their own family were all planted by relatives.

Find someone to help, how much will you pay for that month?

"Agree or disagree, nothing to think about."

"...Well, that's fine." Zhang De reluctantly agreed. Promise first, think about it later. Zhang De thought to himself.

"Sure, I'm going to write a written agreement, and we'll sign it." Bai Ertang found a piece of yellowed letter paper, pulled out another pen, and began to write the agreement.

This time, Zhang De was completely dumbfounded.

"Do you want to write an agreement?"

"Of course, otherwise what will you do if you regret it in a few days?"

"Caihua, how could I go back on it? We are a family, so there's no need to do this."

"Brothers settle accounts, let alone husbands and wives? Why don't you want to write an agreement? Are you making up your mind to go back on it?"

"...No, I didn't."

"Then what are you afraid of?"

Fortunately, Wang Caihua also graduated from elementary school and knew a few words, and Bai Ertang just flicked the past. She quickly wrote an agreement, the content of which was the agreement, and she was responsible for taking care of the ducks in the future, but the family sold the ducks and earned Wang Caihua and Zhang De alone. half.

Then Wang Caihua and Zhang De signed respectively.

"It's done. That's it. Go back. I have to clean the duck house, or you'll come with me?" Bai Ertang looked at Zhang De's upset, and quickly told him to get out.

Since Zhang De saw Wang Caihua, the whole person was in a state of confusion, and now he finally came back to his senses, he didn't come to Wang Caihua for nothing.

"Look, I forgot, I have something to tell you."

"Say something."

"Mom said, you have to give birth to a son for our Zhang family. This little treasure is almost six years old, and you are not too young. If you don't give birth again, my mother said that if you can't give birth, our Zhang family will be broken."

Speaking of which, Zhang Caihua got married at the age of 20, and is not yet 30 years old now. Why can't it be born? Isn't that the reality that Bai Ertang is 30 years old and has no object?

Zhang Dehua completely angered Bai Ertang, Bai Ertang stood up abruptly, glared at Zhang De angrily, and picked up a broom, "What did you say? Tell me again?!"

[Miss, mighty, mighty! 】

Zhang De was also frightened, "Then, isn't it necessary to have a son? People in our village who don't have a son are laughed at? How can there be no son? If you don't have a son, you will never be the next generation! If you don't have a son, you can I'm sorry for our Zhang family!"

"Isn't Xiaobao the queen of your family? If you don't have a son, you will die, and I will be sorry for your family? My mother won't give birth, and I will only have a child in my life!"

Wang Caihua gave birth to Xiaobao, and worked hard while taking Xiaobao to kindergarten. The Zhang family felt that it was easy for the child to go to kindergarten. Wang Caihua misses her daughter every day, but she spends less time with her daughter, and Xiaobao is about to break up with Wang Caihua.

This is fatal to Wang Caihua. She can actually endure the hardships of life, but every day she wants to cry when she thinks of her child, so this time, Bai Ertang must win the custody of Baoer.

"You must give birth to a son for my family, otherwise..." Zhang De remembered his parents' explanation, "otherwise my mother said it would be useless to ask you."

"Success, divorce. The child belongs to me."

Bai Di Tang immediately said.

"...Li, divorce?" Zhang De said that just to scare Bai Ertang. Who in this remote mountain village would dare to divorce at will? How to be a man after a divorce? I've never heard of anyone getting a divorce.

He didn't believe that the cowardly Wang Caihua dared to divorce, so he scared her so much, but she didn't expect her to agree.

"Your family treats me as a slave, and you still want me to have a son. I'll just get a divorce. I'll take Xiaobao to work in the city, so as not to be bullied by your family."

"...Caihua, me, how can my family treat you so badly?"

"Okay? Then why don't you and your parents come to feed the ducks? Why don't you come to live in this old shabby house?"


Zhang De was naturally speechless. When it came to dealing with Wang Caihua, the whole family knew that they were bullying her, and the villagers were watching.

I just didn't expect that Wang Caihua, who was accustomed to swallowing his voice, would have a day of resistance.

"Don't be impulsive, let's not talk about anything else, just talk about the son. Think about it, if you don't have a son, you will be gossiped by the villagers, and you will be helpless when you get old."

"I don't worry about this, I have Xiaobao when I get old."

"Xiaobao wants to get married. If you marry someone, you won't be the Zhang family." Zhang De hurriedly said, "In the future, we can only ask for a betrothal gift, but we can't rely on her for the old age. We still have to rely on our son for the old age."

This remark made Bai Ertang angry. Xiaobao was only six years old, and Zhang De was thinking about the betrothal gift.

"You get out now, I won't talk to the pig." She said, picked up her stick, and started chasing Zhang De. Zhang De saw that Wang Caihua was unreasonable, so he hurriedly got into his minivan and ran away in a hurry.

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