As soon as the words came out, those people all turned to look at her. Yu Mian faced several searching gazes, and said calmly: "I am Yu Mian, what can you do for me?"

At this time, she almost recognized who these people were in front of her. Unlike her classmates who had no impression at all, these girls still had a little sense of existence in her mind. She rummaged around and was surprised to find these people It could even be called Yuan Bo's friend.

If they can become friends with the original Yu Mian, then they must have some similarities.

And obviously, these girls are Chu Yan's fans just like the original body, Yu Mianmian.

The original body only started to follow Chu Yan two months ago, and when he was still a new fan with no qualifications, these people were all old fans of Chu Yan. She wanted to break into Chu Yan's fans and become a fan with the right to speak, so as to increase the chances of getting close to idols, so she specifically wanted to establish a good relationship with them.

There is also a chain of contempt in the fan circle, especially for young fans, and the weird logic is even more unflattering.

The original body approached her to get close, but these girls didn't think much of her. They thought that old fans were more experienced than her, so they took it for granted that they bossed the original body around. She took them to various places to catch up with Chu Yan's schedule to see idols, and occasionally teased her intentionally or unintentionally.

Yu Mianmian's mind is filled with idols and she is stupid, but as an outsider, Yu Mian can see clearly.

Those people who Yu Mianmian regards as friends are all using her with ill intentions.

Spending Yuanshen's money with peace of mind, relying on Yuanshen's family background to pursue stars, secretly full of jealousy, instilling some bad thoughts in her.

The original body hated Lin Jianshen extremely, and was subtly influenced by them. These people spoke ill of Lin Jianshen in front of her, and by the way, from time to time mentioned how difficult it was for her brother to be bullied in the entertainment industry. Yuan was young and paranoid, so it was easy to feel disgusted with Lin Jianshen.

Moreover, since she was taken home from the countryside and saw the wealth and luxury of the upper class, she became unbalanced and became inferior and conceited.

Most of the daughters in the same circle look down on upstarts, and Yu Mianmian's temperament doesn't seem good to others. She feels that her identity is different from before, and she doesn't want to associate with ordinary people's children anymore, so that I haven't made any friends for many years.

After finally making some like-minded friends, Yuanshen trusts and values ​​them very much, even if these friends make excessive demands, he will try his best to meet them.

They said she was fat, and Yu Mianmian foolishly believed their words, and ended up losing too much weight and tossing herself to death.

Yu Mian thought a lot in her mind, and it took only a blink of an eye to figure out the origins of these people in front of her.

She has always been mild-tempered and doesn't care about anything. She seldom gets angry, and she doesn't like to have conflicts with others. She doesn't take small things to heart, but she doesn't have the temperament to let others bully her.

There is a good saying that those who don't like to be angry are really terrible once they get angry.

Yu Mian kept a straight face, her calm gaze gradually turned sharp, and she looked coldly at the girls in front of her.

It took a full three seconds after she finished speaking, as if they had just realized it, they all exclaimed in surprise: "Yu Mian?!"

"You are Yu Mian?! How is it possible!"

"How could Yu Mian be like this?!"

"Why is it impossible?" Yu Mian saw the disbelief on their faces, as well as a flash of jealousy and unwillingness, and said, "I'm not like this, so what should I be like?"

The anger in her heart kept gushing out, and she couldn't help saying deliberately: "Tang Yao, didn't you say that I am fat? I went to lose weight, do you think I look a lot better now? Thank you for reminding me. I I also found that I look more beautiful without makeup, have you noticed?"

The girl named Tang Yao is the most outstanding among these people. She is from the dance academy next door. She has studied ballet since childhood. She has a slender figure and slender bones. She has a charming face. Like a noble and elegant white swan.

But Yu Mian knew that she was actually just a child from an ordinary family, but her temperament always made people mistakenly think that she was some kind of rich lady.

Due to her outstanding appearance and temperament, Tang Yao has many suitors in Shengming University, among them there are many wealthy second generations with good conditions. But she looks down on them, her goals and ambitions are too big, in order to better create the illusion of a wealthy family, and to maintain her proud and noble reputation, she never accepts gifts from suitors.

The more lofty and aloof she is, and the more honest she is to her suitors, the more others think that she is born in a famous family and has a talent above the top, so her popularity increases.

But to make people believe that she is Bai Fumei, her clothes should not be too bad, she will not accept gifts from suitors, and she doesn't have much money, so she needs to find another way. .

Yu Mianmian bought Tang Yao's cosmetics, clothes, and bags for her, and they called them girlfriends' clothes. She also often followed Yu Mianmian to high-end places and met many people from the upper class.

After getting acquainted with Yuanshen, Tang Yao, who is self-reliant on her beauty, may have discovered that Yuanshen's appearance was better than hers hidden under the exaggerated makeup, and suddenly felt a sense of crisis. On the surface, she and Yuanshen were intimate Sisters, while secretly taking advantage of the original body, they spared no effort to cheat her.

Tang Yao told Yu Mianmian that Chu Yan liked girls in **** dresses, so she put on heavy makeup and strange and revealing clothes.

Tang Yao said that Yu Mianmian was too fat, and Chu Yan didn't like girls who were too fat, so Yuanshen lost weight until he almost went on a hunger strike, and starved himself into the hospital.

Seeing that Tang Yao was so angry that her face turned pale, but she still managed to show a fake smile, Yu Mian suddenly felt that the anger in her heart was slightly calmed down.

"Mianmian, didn't I say that Chu Yan likes **** girls, although you have lost weight now, but your style just happens to be what Chu Yan hates the most." Obviously Tang Yao has a better psychological endurance and reacts It was also much faster than the others. After a while, he concealed his strangeness, walked over affectionately and took Yu Mian's arm, and gently persuaded: "I think you are still as good as before. I almost felt like seeing you today. Didn't recognize it."

Yu Mian couldn't learn her acting skills, so she took a step back and pulled out her hand, and said coldly, "Sorry, I think I'm fine like this."

Tang Yao finally found out something was wrong. She was already very scheming, that is, she didn't pay much attention to Yu Mian, so she didn't notice the change in Yu Mian immediately.

Yu Mian didn't hide anything, so Tang Yao soon discovered that her face, which was full of enthusiasm when she saw her, suddenly became indifferent and distant, and the eyes of the other party, looking at them was like looking at strangers.

No, it's worse than strangers, it's just a look of dismissiveness.

"Mianmian, what's the matter with you?" Tang Yao tentatively asked, "Are you not feeling well? I heard that you were sick, and I came to you when I found out you were back today..."

Yu Mian pursed her lips. She used to have many friends who treated her sincerely. At her funeral, when her classmates mourned her portrait, everyone's sadness and nostalgia were so real.

So it was easy for her to see how hypocritical the concern on the face of this pure and beautiful girl in front of her was.

"Please call me Yu Mian, only my family can call Mian Mian." Yu Mian took another step back, she didn't want to get entangled with these people, Yu Mian didn't know people clearly, but now she became Yu Mian If you sleep, you will not continue to be deceived.

"Tang Yao, and Qin Lili, Xu Mengtao, and Chen Ziteng, we are no longer friends from today, don't look for me again."

After speaking, Yu Mian turned around and left without even looking at them.

It was Tang Yao who was held back within two steps.

"Yu Mian, what happened? Aren't we good friends? I feel very sad when you say that..."

Yu Mian pushed her hand away, and said seriously: "We were friends before, but we won't be anymore."

Tang Yao's eyes were red, and her clear and beautiful face was snow-white. She fell to the side as if she couldn't stand still when she pulled her away, and was immediately supported by the other girls.

"Yu Mian, you are too much, Yaoyao treats you so well and you treat her like this! It's a shame we still treat you as a friend, I'm sorry!"

"She's just an unfamiliar dog, Yaoyao, don't be sad, we don't care about being friends with her at all!"

"Go as long as you want, don't beg us to come back in the future!"

They didn't realize the seriousness of this matter, and they said harsh words every sentence. Only Tang Yao knew the importance of Yu Mian in this small group.

"Yu Mian, don't you like Chu Yan the most? I have a way, I can bring you to meet him!" Tang Yao threw out her hole card, and a weak but sure victory smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

Although she doesn't know why Yu Mian has changed so much, she is sure that as soon as Chu Yan is mentioned, Yu Mian will obediently let her drive her around again.

But the world is so impermanent, the next second Yu Mian's voice came: "Sorry, I'm off the fan."

The smile froze on her face, forming a twisted and weird expression, destroying the delicate temperament on her body.

Tang Yao was completely flustered, she instantly thought of the future, if there was no Yu Mian, her brand-name bags and clothes, high-end cosmetics that cannot be afforded for a month's living expenses, and people she knew in five-star restaurants and clubs Several business executives... these are going to be ruined!

But facing the indignant expressions of the sisters around her and the scrutiny of the classmates who hadn't completely left in the corridor, she clenched her fingers tightly, suppressing the panic in her heart, and maintained her usual proud posture.

It's just that the red corners of her eyes and the forced smile on her mouth made it obvious at a glance that she was only showing strength, but was actually very sad behind her back.

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