There was a lot of noise around, many people were talking loudly, Yu Mian heard someone whispering in her ear: "Little sister, don't move, your leg is broken, do you know that?"

Yu Mian nodded in a daze, feeling that the person on her body was carried away, his hand left her palm, and she was also carefully put on the stretcher. She tried her best to look for Lin Jianshen with her eyes wide open, and found him lying next to her, his face was as pale as paper, like porcelain that would shatter when touched.

"Don't cry, don't cry little sister, it's okay, you'll be fine." A nurse in white took out a tissue to wipe her face, and said softly to Yu Mian.

Maybe it was because she was too tired, or maybe her tense nerves were relaxed, Yu Mian suddenly felt an unspeakable drowsiness, which dragged her into a deep sleep.

120 ambulance sent the injured to the nearest hospital. The truck that caused the accident escaped after the accident. The police issued a notice to search the city.

Fortunately, it was discovered in time, and because Lin Jianshen's vehicle had been modified, the injuries of the two injured people were not too serious, especially Yu Mian, who was protected, except for some skin trauma and a broken leg. , and no other damage.

Lin Jianshen was relatively serious, with three fractures in his lower limbs, two ribs, a slight concussion in his brain, dislocation of one shoulder joint, and glass stab wounds in others.

His injuries sound serious, but they all belong to the category that only needs to be raised, so the two of them are not ordinary lucky.

While they were being treated in the hospital, a keyword quietly appeared in the hot search on Weibo, and it reached the top of the hot search at a rocket speed.

#Lin Jianshen Car Accident#

This hot search name is even hotter than the last love search, and almost everyone who knows Lin Jianshen will subconsciously click in to have a look.

A blogger who claimed to be a medical staff posted a Weibo saying that he had just received a pair of car accident injuries. One of them was Lin Jianshen, who was injured in many places and was being rescued. He heard from a colleague at the emergency scene that Lin Jianshen It was to save his girlfriend that he was seriously injured.

There are also a few sneak photos attached to the Weibo. The man is lying silently on the hospital bed, his profile is pale, and beside him are doctors and nurses in white.

The photo does not seem to be fake, and the faces inside are also very clear. It can be confirmed that it is indeed Lin Jianshen.

Netizens were shocked. Lin Jianshen's fans were crying, and the news of their idol's car accident made them feel like they were struck by lightning. Due to the suddenness of the incident, there were many witnesses when Lin Jianshen was sent to the hospital, and more and more people participated in breaking the news.

After capturing some information, out of worry and anxiety about their idols, Mori fans lost their minds and directed their anger towards the "girlfriend" who was protected by Lin Jianshen.

If it wasn't for protecting her, Lin Jianshen wouldn't have suffered such a serious injury!

They abused that "girlfriend" crazily on the Internet. Someone on the Internet took the opportunity to expose the private Weibo of "girlfriend". The original Weibo of Yu Mian was found, and countless people flocked to her. home page.

Someone found out that Yu Mian was a fan of Chu Yan in the past, and had posted dirty information about Lin Jianshen. Now Yu Mian caused public outrage and almost became a public enemy of the entire Internet.

Everything on the Internet has not yet affected the reality. In the hospital, Yu Mian and Lin Jianshen are still in the operating room, the whole family of Yu’s family has arrived, Yu’s mother is wiping tears at Yu’s father, and Yu Xing is calling to arrange for someone to transfer them .

Lin Jianshen has a special status and is not suitable to live in this hospital. Yu Xing also found out that the car accident was somewhat suspicious, so it is better to arrange people under the nose.

As Lin Jianshen's emergency contact, Dai Zhong rushed over as soon as he received the notification.

Hearing that Lin Jianshen was fine, Dai Zhong heaved a sigh of relief, and then urgently notified the studio staff.

At this time, no matter how anxious he is, it won't help. All he can do is to control the public opinion on the Internet, and let him not worry too much when Lin Jianshen wakes up.

"Brother Dai, there is a commotion on the Internet, and they are all scolding sister-in-law. What do you think?"

Dai Zhong pinched his phone and frowned. He was always paying attention to the trends on the Internet, and he naturally saw the attacks on Yu Mian by those angry fans.

"Has the record from the driving recorder been exported? Send it out, and then issue an official statement, saying that Lin Jianshen's injury is not serious, so calm down the fans and don't let them mess around. If Jianshen wakes up and sees that he is desperate The person who protects is scolded like this, and it will be us who will suffer."

"Okay, Brother Dai, I'll go right away. I'm afraid they won't be able to swear anymore when the video is sent out. To be honest, I'm so envious when I see it. When will I meet such a love. "

Even with a heavy heart, Dai Zhong couldn't help laughing when he heard this.

"We can only envy when we can't ask for it."

It's not just him, anyone who has seen that video, who can say that he is not envious? At that time, after the police checked the records, all the people around fell silent, and no one spoke.

Dai Zhong had never been able to believe that Lin Jianshen really liked Yu Mian, but after watching the video on the dash cam, he no longer doubted it.

Lin Jianshen really loved her, and Yu Mian also loved him deeply.

In this world, how rare it is to meet a lover who can give his life for you. The two of them met each other and fell in love with each other deeply, without reservation.

The moment Yu Mian pounced on her, everyone was shocked. When they saw Lin Jianshen hugging her and pressing her down to protect her, everyone was speechless. The emotional woman had tears in her eyes. Mother Yu I couldn't even cry.

In the video, Yu Mian burst into tears and kept talking in Lin Jianshen's ear, just to keep him from falling asleep. The driving recorder didn't record the sound, and they couldn't hear what she was saying, but everyone could deeply feel that her feelings for him were so strong and fiery.

Dai Zhong is a big man, almost crying, let alone other people.

Especially later, a nurse said that Yu Mian hadn't realized that she had broken a bone. coma.

In modern society, people are becoming more and more indifferent to each other, and more and more people do not believe in love, and feel that marriage is a grave and a shackle.

But looking at these two people, Dai Zhong felt that he believed in love again.

Just because you haven't seen love doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Pure love is always there, it's just that many people don't have the luck to get its favor.

Yu Mian was pushed out of the operating room first. She was given anesthesia and had to sleep for four hours before waking up. Lin Jianshen was two hours late for her, and was also in a deep sleep after anesthesia when she came out.

Yu Xing immediately arranged for the two to be transferred to a private hospital in a wealthy area.

He has a lot of things to do, and he is very busy all day, dealing with car accidents, some matters in the company, and appeasing his parents' emotions, Yu Mian also needs to ask for leave from school.

The Lin family didn't know how they got the news. Lin Jiahua brought his wife to the hospital to visit Lin Jianshen in person. Since Lin Jianshen was still awake, he was received by Yu's father and Yu's mother.

The Yu family knew about the relationship between the Lin family and Lin Jianshen, and Yu's mother knew it very well. She hated the behavior of the Lin family from the bottom of her heart. So Lin Jiahua was shut out, didn't even enter the ward, and no one saw it, and was run away by Yu's mother, overtly and covertly.

"Mr. Lin, walk slowly. When Shen Shen wakes up, I will definitely ask him to come to the door to thank him personally. Thank you for coming to see him."

Mother Yu stood at the door and waved her hands, as if she was Lin Jianshen's elder, as if Lin Jiahua was the real guest, and she really made Lin Jiahua very angry.

Dai Zhong watched from the side, feeling admiration and refreshment, as expected of the Yu family who started from scratch and now became a wealthy businessman, what a wonderful family. I didn't understand why Lin Jianshen chose Yu's family before, but now I realize that he really has vision.

On this day, Dai Zhong was tired of talking about the word envy.

At the same time, there was another wave of overwhelming heat on the Internet, the source of which came from the official statement issued by Lin Jianshen's studio.

This official statement is different from other stars, it is very similar to Lin Jianshen's style, very succinctly stated that Lin Jianshen is fine, and asked fans not to get excited, and then uploaded a video that was less than ten minutes long.

People who were worried about Lin Jianshen finally waited for the official response, and rushed forward one after another. Knowing that his brother's injury was not serious, most of them let go of their worries.

Naturally, people also noticed the attached video. At first glance, it was shot by a driving recorder. It was a black and white picture taken from above.

I have never seen a star who has a car accident and uploads the dashcam video. Whether it is a Sen fan, a passer-by fan or a melon-eating crowd, they all clicked in at this moment out of curiosity.

The video lasted eight minutes and thirty-two seconds. The first person who clicked in watched it, and left a comment after coming out.

Where is not the distance: I said I cried, does anyone believe it?

Within a few minutes, her comment received hundreds of likes, and the number of likes continued to rise. The comment area under Weibo was instantly flooded by a wave of unknown remarks.

Like sleeping and deep: the moment I saw the two of them pounce on each other, tears burst out of my eyes, really, it’s not an exaggeration at all, I’m still crying out of breath, it’s so rare, This kind of relationship is so rare and precious, I feel that I will never have it in my life, so if anyone dares to say that they are wrong in the future, I will be the first to rush up and scold them!

Minnie's little tail: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I burst into tears! I can't stop crying! ! It feels like watching a real idol drama, so touching! !

Anonymous Qian: Damn, I can't even speak, I'm really so **** envious! !

Little Lu'er's Mommy: Lock them up! Locked know! ! I will not allow anyone to destroy this relationship! !

Sweetheart Pai Daxing: Mom, I see love, woo woo woo woo woo woo

Sweet Peach Flavor: I apologize. I just scolded Ms. Yu Mian. I regret that I was wrong. I shouldn’t have guessed without knowing the truth. Ms. Yu Mian is very good. She is very, very good with Shen Shen , They are a natural pair! I want them both to be together forever! Please!

Bing Lemon Shen Shen: My mother was shocked when I cried, I swear that I will be Miss Yu Mian and Lin Jianshen's number one CP fan in the future, I will love them for the rest of my life! !

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