Empire Marriage

Empire Marriage


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An “alpha” female admiral who was dreaded by the empire, and an heir known as the least likely to win the throne.

Everyone can’t tell for three days, they must be divorced!

However, half a month has passed… why are you still staying?

One month passed…

Two months passed…

Ouchao, the admiral is pregnant!

Everyone: Your Excellency, aren’t you alpha?

On the wedding night, Sano was mentally prepared to be knocked unconscious, disabled, and killed by his new wife Li Shui’an.

The moment she stepped into the new house, she was [email protected]@this, this…what’s the matter with this rich omega estrus pheromone!

Sino: Daughter-in-law, aren’t you alpha?

Li Shui’an: Ha ha…

Sino: Wife, they are all looking forward to our divorce! In four words, you will never leave! .

In addition, the women in this article are all normal women, no jj…no…no…no

(Author’s grievances) The other name is probably: the marriage that the whole empire looks at. ). Sano attack x admiral will suffer. Have children…

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