I, Ark of Tomorrow, Chen’s Son-in-law

I, Ark of Tomorrow, Chen’s Son-in-law


200 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Lin Yi will never forget the day he fell into trouble, he wore a red groom costume and got into the wedding car, thinking that from now on he would marry and teach his children in the future, make tea and cook, and be a door-to-door son-in-law in peace.
But on the way to church, a gunshot rang out, and the bullet mercilessly broke the tire of the car. 1 b6 {3 f, P! z5 A1 e The
white-faced owl blocks the middle of the road with a crescent staff in his hand.
The white-haired Carters covered the road with 100 meters of frost, and the killer whale girl cut off the ground with a sword.
The black-clad Sakaz woman drew the blade of her sword in her sheath and cut off day and night.
A heat wave that erupted from Genneng swept through the wedding convoy, and the black monster lifted the hood with its claws. 7 r1 |4 a” p; ?, X7 I, ‘ A
solemn wedding was ruined. # B! V. W, q’ J* C
“What are you doing?”
“Let’s grab a kiss!” 6 


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